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Left a huge mess on the pool deck and then left a pile of old gutters beside the house. The also left screws and bolts all over the place. Im very unhappy with this service. I have called several times and he promised to come pick up but never did. Now Im stuck. I understand now why he gave a discount if I paid Cash. He knew any credit card charge would be disputed. Do not use this company. Terrible service and broken promises. Very...
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I used this company thru an ad they had in a Boynton Beach consumer magazine under the company name Budget Seamless Gutters, what a mistake, I used them on two properties, one rental, & my own home, the job that was done on my home was nothing like the rental property, I must have gotten a decent crew to do my house, the rental property, no so much, the gutters were bowed in several places & the downspouts are not sealed properly. On a day...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service and poor installation
All these statements are true.As a previous insider, I know that this company should not be in business. The company changed names to avoid all the bad reviews. Now called Budget gutter.The office is given little to no information regarding how things work. One girl answers phones just to collect info and text to whom ever it deals with. Owner does not care about repairs as they dont charge for those. They push free estimates, collect (even...
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Anonymous Looks like a disgruntled prior employee that knows very little about the business...ratings are used to those. BTW as I recall all estimates from all companies are free...hhm...