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While out in the Dominican Republic, we were lured into attending a 90 minute presentation on how to save money while vacationing.After 3 hours and lots of mimosas and mamajuana shots, we were talked into purchasing a travel smart membership. It all sounded so great and too good to pass up. Feeling overwhelmed and a bit pressured, my husband and I agreed and joined (only after the representatives kept going back and forth with the negotiations)....
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Anonymous wow! We were in the situation while we were in DR last year. I would file a dispute with the credit card. I got all my money back too. I hope these people would stop!


TravelSmartVIP Hi Gina,
Following your update that you have been with our team, should there be anything further that we can assist you with at any time, Please do not hesitate to reach o...

I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • Difficulty canceling membership
  • Way they dont care about the customer
(since January of this year???) I believe the sales reps put this in the system, knowing it wasn't in the contract and that it would get "corrected" by the TSVIP travel reps later in the year. Needless to say, we are very disappointed in how these promises were empty. I believe these misrepresentations were solely made by the sales reps. They want you to sign. When dealing with Travelsmart (booking trips, asking questions) I have been extremely...
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TravelSmartVIP Dear Member,
First and foremost, we truly appreciate the time taken to share such detailed feedback regarding your membership. All comments, both positive and negative, pro...

My wife and I were duped into this scam.They promised vacations at a fraction of the normal price for our membership. We were given a free week and 3 bonus weeks. When we tried to book the free week, we were told that we had already booked it. When I denied this I was told I could not speak with a supervisor but had to send an email to travel smart. After doing do, I was contacted by someone alleging he made the reservation and sent us an email....
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Saynototravelsmart16 We have been attempting to deal with the quality control department at travel smart since the summer. We feel your pain. The quality control department has given us quite a ru...


roxyagnes I have contacted and successfully negotiated with TSV. Send me an email with your issues and I will forward to my TSV contact.

I didn't like
  • Didnt tell you the truth