I have been using trapline mole traps for about 5 years. Have caught close to 200 moles. Have recommended to several friends who have ordered traps. Great product. Would highly recommend.
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I am the trapper at a 9-hole golf course in southern Washington state. About five years ago I began trying to exterminate the moles on the course. I used everything from highway flares to poison but it wasn't until a neighbor's dog got sick from mouthing a poisoned mole that I began trapping. I used the Victor Out of Sight traps for about 2 years with some success but a lot of frustration from avoided traps. In desperation I went to the...
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Anonymous I've had great success with the Trapline product here in Oregon. One great benefit is they are Stainless Steel.
For a large room I use the Gopher size for moles.

I liked
  • Simple elegance of the trap
I read the review of the man from Tennessee and suggest he get a larger trap, marketed by Trapline, for larger moles and other similar sized pests. Also, Trapline is clear in their instructions to attach a line to the loop at the back of the product and stake it above ground so a wounded mole cannot back into his tunnel taking the product with him. I have purchased the product twice and have had nothing but success. After using the vertical...
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I bought a set of 4 Trapline mole traps which turned out to be rather flimsy wire devices with a spring costing $6 each. I don't know if our moles in Tennessee are bigger than the ones the manufacturer has in California, but there's no way these little devices can kill one of our moles. I wrote to the maker and he said it should work fine. Well our moles figured out a way to spring the traps and bypass them in the tunnel, and also drag...
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Anonymous So you have a gopher problem or mole? Using a mole trap to trap gophers, is like bringing a knife to a gun fight


Anonymous Suggest installing a tether on the mole traps as show in the video. This would keep the mole from hauling it away. Traps are not flimsy and should last a lifetime. The trap...

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