Timeshare fraud

Timeshare Relief company "Transfer America" has taken $2225 to transfer my name off of timeshare title to Kuhio Banyon, Hawaii. They were paid 3/8/2011. My name is still on the title. They have been slow to pay the maintenance fees during the title transfer process, and now I am paying the maintenance fees directly to the Resort to avoid being sent to collections, and my credit ruined. They make vague promises like: The paper-work has been received by the transfer company and it should only take a little longer to get the documents filed. They will stop taking your calls and send you to voice mail if you try and press them to speak to a supervisor. Don't do business with these crooks.
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map-marker Pune, Maharashtra

Agarwal packers cheated with me

Why we go with reputed packers and movers instead of cheap government transport that we can get our essentials to out destination quickly and in good shape. But last year I parceled my bike with Agwarwal packers and moves from Pune to New Delhi. My bike was received 3 days later to my destination and it was damaged badly. Handle was totally bent. Scratches on fuel tank and front lights. I asked to get it repair but no body (not from the insurance desk) helped me. Later I got it repaired of my own. They mother *** was treating me like ***. Please never go with them.
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WHOA! Don't jump into bed with these folks. We attended a sales seminar in May 2010 and 23 months later we still have not rid ourselves of our timeshare. We paid almost $4,000.00 up front to get the job done. Transfer America (TA) promised to have the property out of our names within 150 days maximum, but after a lot of promises to date nothing has been done. They TA are very good sales people and come across as caring credible individuuals, but their message is always urgent. We have done everything TA has requested and I am sure we have truly been scammed. I wish I had read entries on this site before jumping into this joke. Beware, beware.
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Simon S Wet
map-marker Orlando, Florida

Transfer America time share relief scam

Updated by user Aug 14, 2012

Sorry I put it as a comment, but please read it as an update to this situation.

Original review Jul 14, 2012
We have signed with Transfer America in November 2010. Now 18 months later our time share is still on our name. They have changed the title company several times and every requested bunch of documents. They have not paid maintenance fee and now, the y claim they are ready to transfer out time share if we pay it. They clearly state on the contract and their web. site, that they are responsible for all fees without exceptions as a marketing tool, and do not stand to the promises. I was recommended to write to Attorney General and Congressman, and will do so. it is a complete scam, be aware of it!!!.
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Simon S Wet

:) An update! After complaining about Transfer America to BBB, CA Attorney General, LA County Department of Consumer Affairs, CA Department of Real Estate, my local FL Attorney General and finally Federal Trade Commission, after writing a letter to President of Transfer America with no response by the way, I have received a call and later e-mail from Customer Service Manager of Transfer America advising me that my maintenance fee with all late and other charges had been paid.

The timeshare is still not transferred but I intend to follow it through.

Dana a Fte
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

What the heck is going on its been 17 months and nothing?

Updated by user Apr 26, 2012

Recently found out the CEO and President of American Resort Development Association is Howard Nusbaum 202-371-**** email hnausbaum@***.org

I think I need to call him and let him on this transaction. Or lack of a transaction....

Original review Apr 26, 2012
We signed in to Transfer on the Spot,Transfer America in Nov 2010, now its late April 2012 and I still own the timeshare and the taxs have not been paid for the year. When I call I get the run around not they tell me the resort wouldn't ok the transfer. NOW what hows tending the bar and whats in the future? Will this sale and transfer ever happen? There are alot of unanswerd questions and alot of people on he other end of the phone with no anwers. I have been consulting lawyers for next best action to resolve this. All of them sugested to contact the Attorney General. Working on that also. Hope to see an end to this some day. April 26,2012 Dana
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Simon S Wet

Have you contacted the American resort Association, Howard Nusbaum?

I did get response from California Attorney General Office, they are collecting complaints on Transfer America, so if you have not done, please do it ASAP

Simon S Wet

They have been transferring my timeshare for 18 months now. They did not pay maintenance fee as per agreement.

They are a SCAM.

I have written to Attorney General, California State. Suggest to do the same.

Anthoney Rns
reply icon Replying to comment of Simon S Wet

Signed "Agreement" with TA on 10/25/2010 for $5,500 and have paid receipt to show it. To date no results for TA's Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution.

Transfer has been assigned twice. Once to Elite Resorts Transfers and second time to Pacific Property Transfer. Maintenance fees have not been paid by TA per Agreement and now have been turned over to credit company. Continually contact all 3 but get run around.

Leave messages for return call but it never comes. Have been hung up on several times. Emails never get answered.

TA is a scam company and most likely a shell company. These peole should be class action sued, make remediation and put in jail.

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Philip Ahj
map-marker Vancouver, British Columbia

Great North Transfer, offered a way out of my timeshare

They want me to attend a presentation to get out of my timeshare. Any advice about them would be greatly appreciated. I am in Canada. I have signed up for a presentation In Victoria so they can tell me how they will get rid of my timeshare. There is no cost involved for the presentation, but am I looking at huge costs to get the job done. Is this a ligitimate company or are they just some more scam artists from the long list of timeshare relief scammers. Can someone who has dealt with this com[pany or any of their affiliates enlighten me here. Every site I seem to check out is actually hosted by the company.
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Don't bother with them - it's been almost 6 years and no satisfaction for our timeshare - scammers


Do Not get involved with this company. In 2011 we signed with them.

They have not been able to take title of our timeshare and are telling us that they will not pay the maintenance fee because our documents were not received by them within the specified two week period. BEWARE!!!


They took up big time also. Paid them thousands and now they put our account in default as of last week for no reason and will not pay the maintenance feesand refuse to transfer. Asked us several times if we want to cancel the agreement.


Simon S Wet

It is a scam. They have been transferring my timeshare for 18 months now. They did not pay maintenance fee as promised in the agreement.

Be aware!!!


Total scam! They want a ridiculous amount of money up front. Very nice on the phone until you say "no", then they turn ugly!


I am not sure if they can get you out your time share contract or not, but it is very pricey! I listened to a 45 minute video presentation that scared the *&%$# out of me.

Then they will follow up with a high pressure phone call. They seem all nice a friendly to begin with, but they quickly turn on you when you say "no thank you". I was told it would cost be about $3200 to get out of my contract. This was a one time offer only - no time to think about it.

If I said no that day, I would have to pay about $4400 in the future. When I said "No", because it was too much, they offered the service for $2200, then asked me what I would be willing to pay. If you do decide to go with them, don't jump at the first number they give you. Definitely hold out!

I would not deal with them.

The guy got nasty when he realized he wasn't making a deal. So not the way to do business!


My husband and I think it is a scam. This company also called us.

We didn't want to talk to them as we are not interested in selling out timeshare. They told us that our timeshare company is about go bankrupt (a scare tactic they use to get your attention).

We went on the conference call and after listening to their presentation, I call our timeshare company (RCI/vacation village and we were told that there is no such thing happening with our timeshare company. I would not put any money down with this company unless they can first get rid of your timeshare and then you pay them once they have done what they promise

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Transfer A
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

SCAM ALERT!! Transfer America is a total scam.

SCAM ALERT!! Transfer America charged us $2500 and did not do anything. It has been over a month. They basically just ignore our calls and emails. John R. Herrera and Sharon Reynolds were the sales person we spoke to. Once they charged on our credit card, they disappeared. We had called and left messages numbers of time. They do not response. They are liars!!! They failed to transfer our timeshare, when we asked for a refund. They became so rude and tried to arguing with us. Make sure you read all the reviews the internet. There are many complains about Transfer America. BEWARE Transfer America is a scam!!!
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Simon S Wet

They are absolutely a scam. They have been transferring my timeshare for 18 months now and they do not pay maintenance fee as promised in agreement.

Be Aware!!!

albert F Ifn
map-marker Denver, Colorado

Transfer America Timeshare SCAM / RIP-OFF!

Transfer America AKA Timeshare Relief AKA Transfer Smart is a complete and total scam. First of all its a shell company for timeshare relief who bilks people out of up to $4000 to "get rid of" their timeshare. Yeah they CHARGE people to take their timeshare. David MacMillan owns this company as well as 3 or 4 other brands that all do the exact same thing. They run them out a crummy little office in Torrance california. They need all the brands to hide who they are because once people have heard of one of their companies they want nothing to do with them and the complaints and ripoffs get reported online so they just keeping making up more brands. They make it unfair to the consumer to even research if they are reputable or not as they put badges on their site saying they are in INC 500 but if you check INC 500 they aren't listed. Same with saying they are listed with D&B and LAs top 100. Shell game scams designed to trick you into handing over your hard earned money and your timeshare! They pay huge sums to the BBB to keep their ratings up. If you look at their primary brand they have over 60 complaints and the attorney general of Vermont just fined them big time for defrauding people into believing they could get a huge tax right-off if they paid them to take their timeshare. BEWARE Transfer America is a scam to take your money and your timeshare!
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We will Cancel Your Timeshare Guaranteed with a Proven Timeshare Cancellation Plan! Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC is a consumer rights group that focuses solely on canceling timeshare contracts within the timeshare industry because of blatant fraud, misrepresentation, and lies that often pressure consumers into unnecessarily purchasing an expensive timeshare contract.

It does not matter where you purchased, what you own, or how long ago you purchased your timeshare. We can help everyone by providing a free initial consultation of your specific situation. Our customer service reps have decades of timeshare industry experience and understand exactly what you are going through. Call us to find out just what sets us apart from the competition.

Before you potentially spend thousands to a resale company, or a company that claims they can take your deed from you, talk to one of our professionals. TAI helps victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation to legally cancel their timeshare contract. We are timeshare advocates who stand beside and fight for our clients throughout the entire timeshare cancellation process. It is not often an easy task to cancel your timeshare contract, but now it is not something that people like you have to go through alone anymore.

We will guide you and represent you through the entire timeshare cancellation process until your contract is cancelled and you are provided with permanent timeshare relief.

If you feel like you have been the victim of timeshare fraud call today for a free consultation! pissedconsumer@***.com Licensed Texas Realtor Since 1996 Kevin Hanson (Timeshare Advocate) Regional Sales Director Timeshare Advocacy International 713.554.3334 Ext.805 * SIX HOUSTON AREA OFFICE LOCATIONS*or toll free at 855.702.6636 Ext 805


I feel across this website and I did not have the same experience as some of the other people here. The gal I worked with was very nice and my timeshare is gone now.

It did take them about 8 months to finish the transferring of deed but my resort says it's not mine anymore.

Yay:) Just wanted to share my experience also. Y'all take care and good Luck!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-530946

Well unfortunately most consumers automaticly think the timeshare is no lo ger in there name because the resort says so. Which is exactly what companies like these count on to get you past the period of trying to get your money back.

All tbe do is file limited power of attorney with the resort to temporarily transfer it into there name then put it on ebay for 1 dollar if it does'nt sell it never gets recorded at the county recorders office because there is noone to take over your spot o. The deed. The lpoa runs out at the resort itself and guess what? The timeshare is back in your name and a collection agency is after you for backed up maitenance fee.

Every one of these companies that asks for money upfront is a scam. Even the ones that tell you they will donate it to charity. Why would a charitu take a timeshare if there is no market and they can not make a dime off of it to be charitable to anyone and it is only going to cost them money. Hello!!!!!.

Scam. A d if you try to write it off on taxes like they say guess what you get audited cause those companye don't even qualify as charitys . And why i.

Gods name should a consumer have to pay to donate tbere time share. Remember number one fraud in the country right now in the timeshare resale industry so obviohsly these companys are going to come up with new ways to try and scam people and get away witb it.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-632006

We are finding ourselves in this same situation with these people. We signed up in 2012 and we still own the timeshare because the people have not transferred our timeshare over which was suppose to take 6 months.

Should we be consulting a lawyer because our 2013 was paid by them but now they are telling us we have to pay for 2014. We still own timeshare! They are telling us once we pay 2014 mtce fees they will resolve the transfer. We are FURIOUS!!!

and want retribution. Any suggestions out there!

Simon S Wet

This Company is complete SCAM! They have been transferring my timeshare for 18 months now.

They did not pay maintenance fee as promised in agreement.

I have written to California Attorney General and other offices. I suggest everyone to write to California Attorney General, they are now collecting complaints about this company to open a case.


to bpenny: I signed up with Transfer America in February 2011 and paid them to take 2 timeshares of my hands. After 8 months and many attempts to find out about progress of he escrow, I canceled my contract with them because they switched escrow companies three time and still had not contacted the resorts about transfer or had paid no taxes or yearly fees.

The credit card company agreed with me and put my money back on my card. I am still trying to get Transfer America to stop trying to institute a new escrow even though they have no power of attorney to sign for me on any new documents.

Hope all of you are careful of these people. They are not honest!!!


My Mother (77 years old) somehow got us ensnarled in this situation for $6,500 and I do not trust Transfer America will go through with it.

Please email me with any advise



I am not sure why some of my comments showed up underlined twice. U did not underline any of the text.


Gave Transfer America my money Feb 13, 2011. Still no transfer and no return phone calls.

I have left 7 messages this week. Receiving past due bills for the annual fees. My timeshares had a due date of April so they were covered by Transfer America per the contract. I sent a message to "Lucas" on another site the Marketing Officer I will wait to see if there is a response.

Also sent a message to another writer who saiod they completed a transaction in Feb to see if his results are the same as mine. I checked both & transferonthe & the employees are the same when you look under the travel team. Wished I had investigated more before I completed the transaction.

My experience. What was promised has not been delivered.


I am going through their program now, will let you know how it turns out. I have come to the same conclusion as pbenny.

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