I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription

Ive been trying to cancel since they started taking money out of my account and want it to stop and want all my money back!!! I never use this service at all at anytime so please respond!!! I called and cant get threw to nobody!!! Thank you
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Fort Worth, Texas

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I just want my money back

I never used the service and you people have been billing me for a while and I just want all my money back and thank u
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Houston, Texas
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Full refund

Support is Pathetic

As a new user and a total NEWBIE to using an autoresponder, I am and was extremely disappointed in their tech support and their responding to support tickets in a timely manner. The responses when received were very vague and did not make any attempt to either resolve the problem or help to fix it. The videos were hard to see the text and the person doing the video spoke rather fast, so it was hard to understand what was being said.

User's recommendation: There are better choices, especially if you need relaible tech support.

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I have had the same problems even when I thoroughly explain my issue.

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Lenexa, Kansas
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Resolved: Non payment of commission.

Update by user Nov 25, 2019

The check finally arrived and the date on the check was November 13, 2019. This is how I know he lied because if it was supposedly mailed on Sept.

17, 2019 the printed date on the check would be Sept. 13, 2019. It's because it was printed on November 13, 2019 and probably mailed on November 14 or 15, 2019. The date it arrived in my mailbox, I'm not sure because I checked my mail on Nov.

25, 2019. I figure it may have arrived one day last week.

This is all over with and I'm glad it's over. I can move on in a positive direction.

Update by user Nov 25, 2019

Finally they paid me my commissions. One point to make here is the check was printed on November 13, 2019.

I have proof now they didn't mailed the check on September 17, 2019 because the printed date would be September 17, 2019 not November 13, 2019. He kept telling me the check was mailed on Sept. 17 and then he told me it was delayed. Now the truth is revealed because the printed date on the check is November 13, 2019.

Also it's not coming from Spring TX anymore, it's coming from Wilmington, DE. Why is it coming from Wilmington DE? I haven't a clue. Anyway I'm glad it's over.

Anyway I didn't expect to get the check because I knew he was lying.

I decided to let it go because of the lies. If he continues to do business this way then he will be out of business real quick.

Update by user Nov 20, 2019

The responses from TrafficWave is over and communications have ceased. They have not paid my commissions and I don't believe they even mailed it.

I decided to close my account and chalk it up as a lost and move on.

They have no integrity and I feel this is not the first time they have did this to people. If they continue doing business this way, they will not be in business for long.

Update by user Oct 22, 2019

He replied to me on October 18, 2019 saying "I recommend looking through your mail, files, etc... for the check that was mailed." Here he said it was mailed.

Sep 23, 2019 Online Payment 867327**** To Terri Pattio 09/23 Bill payment −$27.25If that's the case why haven't I received it. On October 19, 2019 he replied "The check was processed through our online processor.For us to replace the check now will require a stop pay fee. The bank charges for this.The check has not been cashed or deposited.I get that you don't believe me. You've made that exceedingly clear.

Time will, of course, reveal the truth.Brian RooneyNow he's telling me in his replied yesterday on October 21 that's it's delayed. Who or what is delaying?

Update by user Oct 22, 2019

His response on October 21 was "You may want to review our discussions, again.Your accusation is clear.Your accusation us unfounded.Your accusation is completely unnecessary.Your accusation is unwarranted.I am sorry your check has been delayed.It will 100% get worked out, regardless of how many times you accuse me of theft.Brian RooneyI just emailed him again October 22, 2019 for what seems like the 100th time, and I feel like I'm getting nowhere with him. Now he's tell me it's delayed, in the beginning he told it was mailed on September 17, 2019 and now he's saying delayed.

Original review posted by user Oct 21, 2019
I was told my commission payment was mailed on September 17, 2019 and as of today I haven't received it yet. It's coming from Spring TX and I live in San Antonio which is only three hours away. The last commission check I received took only two days to get here. I contacted support on Sept. 23, 2019 and have been going back and forth and getting stupid responses that it's the US postal service fault. I believe he didn't mail it because I haven't gotten it yet. It don't take a whole month for it to get here. He keep telling me these stupid responses like he is not lying. The amount of the check don't matter because it's the principle and he wants me to pay him $35 to stop payment on a check that he never sent and he will reissue the check and that's going to cost me $10 coming out of my commission. I think he plotted this whole scheme. The money will be going straight back into his pocket and I believe he been doing this to people that receive commissions via the mail. Brian Rooney the owner of TrafficWave has devised a scheme to steal commission income from people using his service. First he holds the commissions until it reaches $25 before he will even pay you, and then if he has to mail the commission we have no way of knowing when it's mailed. This is by design, he can tell you he mailed it and we're supposed to believe he did. I believe he didn't mail my commission check at all because he's holding it for whatever reason. The only reason I can think of is he don't want to pay me. It's a shame for someone to do this to people. I think people should not use his service because he will get you if he's has to mail it to you.
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