It’s my 2nd trading broker in my trading career. Actually, I had many problem into my 1st broker , like delay withdrawing service, high trading spread and restricted trading environment. That’s way, I lest this broker and then I joined into TradingBanks. Now, I am free from those problems and I see this is very honest broker about their live trading facilities. Thank you TradingBanks, for this type of friendly behavior! I addition, I know to be...
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Anonymous Okay, thank you very much for your opinion, because now I am looking for a reliable trading platform. I already pass my demo trading by learning so, now I want to invest my re...

I was started trading on Aug 28 2015 with 1k then I made some profit and again my broker asked me to deposit 2k. Then after 1 day the open trades are in minus (-) and again he asked me to deposit more money to recover the minus and take more profits. I told him I don't want more profit, just $100 per day is enough for me and told him not to ask me again and again. I told him that I will WD my money, then he said you can't WD now because open...
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Old fox I posted my previous comment before reading the other users' reviews which are valuable evidences from.victims showing that these men are effectively dangerous CHEATS -SCAMS...


Anonymous u got scammed. u should not of kept giving him money. find a good lawyer

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