Tracy porter bed spread falling apart after one month...

My husband bought me the 'Willow' Tracy Porter bed spread for my birthday. Had it for 1 month now, been washed once and its falling apart already... Im more than dissapointed...... My beautiful Grand Daughters is named Willow and I thought it was meant to be... Please let me know how we make this right.. And why the @#@$% would I have to have 100 words to complain..... ridiculous now i am just going on just to appease you *** 100 word complaint and for crying out loud this is getting old... ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
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Well grumpy, this isn't the Tracy Porter web site. You are on a general complaint site.

What kind of messy house that do you live in that you would have launder a bedspread after just one month? You should probably worry more about improving your grammar instead of worrying about having a bedspread named after your grandaughter. How many grandaughers do you have that are named Willow anyway.

The way you worded your complaint it sounds like you have more than one. Like I say concentrate more on grammar, punctuation, etc.


Why don't you put your happy pants on.... just because you don't like yourself doesn't give you a license to hate on others. Look in the mirror and say to yourself over and over, "I am worthy of love, I can love others, I can be nice."

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Gosh people?

Hi there - I live in RSA - I found Tracy's books when visiting America (working holiday on ski-resorts) about 15 years ago. I loved everything I saw and started following her from time to time. Last night I thought I will give her (website) a visit and much to my surprise found all of this and the new blog!!!! I never bought anything from her since it is too expensive (and with no shipping to SA) - BUT feel I just need to hop in and say something: Yes this woman and her entire family did bad - but all these complains are so full of bitterness - see what it does to you!!!! You should be aware of the fact that you will not receive any money back, but guys - you leave yourselves bitter and twisted. The money you lost did not leave you without a house - or no food?? We lost money on a property thing in RSA - we lost our house just about - we had to rent out 2 parts of our property in order to cover our bond - converting our garage area as well as my photography studio to live in. My children (2 lovely girls) have narrow little rooms now – in the shape of a horse stables. We lived for months with sheets as ‘pretend walls’ to give shape to a new ‘start’ till we could afford building walls. You have to guard your heart – creating bitterness does nothing positive. Tracy’s BLOG now looks like nothing – it is pretty sad – look at her pictures of herself – not at all what it use to be!!!!! They did very very wrong, but they need to stand in front of God one day and explain – but so must you!!!! All your bitterness takes your freedom of whom you should be. Somebody can take from you, but they can never take your soul. Get rid of this ‘sad’ issue and start using your energy to something positive – go bless a neighbor with some cookies or help an elderly lady with her shopping – that has eternal value!! - Elna
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hey look everyone ^^^ it's Einstein! :eek

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Your non-refunds invested inTracy Porter's new company, PoeticWanderlust

Yes, Tracy Porter is BACK, BABY! with a new company called "Poetic Wanderlust." It's a shame that the Porters mislead loyal customers and kept all that money (mine included) they didn't refund for returned merchandise when their 1st company failed. (John Porter eventually stopped answering my emails after promising me a refund.) On the Poetic Wanderlust website, they've slightly toned down the lavish personal lifestyle that was formerly flaunted in the Tracy Porter catalog, although the new, homemade, batiky-looking products carry some very fancy price tags (for example, check out the Bloomingdales-wide belts you can attach to your cowgirl hat). I imagine they've burned a considerable portion of their client base -- and will eventually have to settle their many debts at the Karma Savings & Loan.
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I too was ripped off by Tracy Porter. I had a credit with them for a significant amount of money.

They disappeared so quickly and all attempts to contact them were fruitless. I just discovered her new presence on the web and am once again going to try to re-coup my loses (although my hopes are obviously not high).

Kudos too all those who were able to get their money back for refunds. My loss is in the form of a credit so I highly doubt I'll get anything.


Wow, I guess I was lucky. I was able to get a refund out of them - while they were still running TP - by sending them a blistergram threatening to contact virtually every web site and consumer protection agency in the universe. Condolences to others who were ripped off by these people.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I FINALLY heard back form someone @ TP... John Porter sent an e-mail detailing that they cannot refund my money blah blah blah -same old *** everyone else has heard.But he was very happy to send me a code to use on any Poetic Wanderlust items @ 50% off.How nice of them to try and get even more money out of me-it appalls me how they still pass the buck...keep calling ad e-mailing folks... you just might get somewhere.Good luck!


Can I have the code? Bahahaha


KARMA, It will come back to ***! Lots of money owed to me from the 1st company.

SO much never refunded to my account.

Can't hold against them! Was

Raised with morals and ethics (obviously they are lacking), will have to move forward and know that what comes around goes around!


Let's hope what goes around comes around with the Porters.

Obviously business ethics isn't a strong suit with them.

Let's also hope those who frequent the Poetic Wanderlust blog and Facebook page watch out for hidden ways the Porters might be making $$ for every click or thumbs up they receive by "inviting" people to participate on social media.

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Tracy Porter -- Dishonest words from CEO

Exchanged phone calls and emails with Tracy Porter's husband, John Porter, about getting a refund on a returned item. I had tried to get the money from the store, but they said a "hold" was on all returns. John Porter promised to return my money, verbally, and in print, but know I understand that he was just stringing me along. He never answered my last emails. I do not believe John Porter or his company had any intention of giving the money back. In Tracy Porter's online catalog videos and catalog pictures, shot in Mr. and Mrs. Porter's homes, the coupled appeared to enjoy a very lavish lifestyle. So glad all of us here could help support that with our unreturned dollars.
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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tracy Porter - Poor Customer Service

I have been ordering from Tracy Porter for about 4 years and I have loved the clothes and unique jewelry that I have purchased. I returned several items and noticed that I was never given credit, after many phone calls and customer service telling me to check back that it was in review.... They are closed with no way to contact anyone. I wouldn't buy another piece of her clothing anywhere.. Maybe she cant start a new frenchy trend somewhere else. I would encourage everyone else to do the same. I am very disappointed in the way they have handled things.
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Greenville, South Carolina

Tracy porter guarantee is a scam

beware, beware! We bought some great looking expensive Tracy Porter dishes ($25 each!) with a written "microwave-safe" guarantee on the back of each piece. When one split earlier this year (2011) in our microwave during normal use, I contacted the rep, even sent a picture of the broken dish, who promised to get it addressed but then subsequently blamed "the manufacturer" and refused to do a thing. I would never recommend any of their products as a result. All this over $25!! I even emailed her and warned that i would be writing this review! I have posted my real name here as well, feel free to email me at stevie45@***.net. Steve Levenberg
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Clyde, North Carolina
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Tracy Porter STOLE My Money

THEY ARE CRIMINALS! THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!! HERE IS MY EMAIL FROM JOHN PORTER. I HAVE EVERY EMAIL WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. I PLACED MY ORDER IN JUNE AND THEY KNOWINGLY TOOL MY MONEY WITHOUT EVER PLANNING ON FILLING IT!!! THERE NEEDS TO BE RESOLUTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY! I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK! $309 Colleen, Our ecommerce and retail operations have closed. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to fill your order if the item you ordered is not in our stock - which it is not, and our manufacturers will not ship additional products for us or provide us with additional products for our inventory. If you used a credit card to purchase the undelivered items you should dispute the charges with your credit card company as soon as possible in order to meet deadlines for disputing charges. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience that our business difficulties have caused. John Porter, President Tracy Porter Inc.
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You may want to look at the Summer 2013 edition of Stampinton's "Where Women Create Business" because Tracy Porter is featured. They have a new company called Poetic Wanderlust. I looked at it, then saw the complaints and have decided not to patronize them.


He did tell you to call your credit card company to dispute the charges, so if you paid that way, then you had recourse within 60 days of the original statement date on which the purchase was posted. It is the lazy businessman's way of handling the issue.

I saw so many complaints on Tracy Porter's blog from people who either placed orders that weren't filled, or sent back returns that were never paid. I had a $14 return of defective merchandise that was never refunded, but I'm thankful to be done with her products. A closet full of her products from my home went on eBay as soon as her site shut down and the complaints began rolling in.

She's also selling in Anthropologie as well. The whole thing is really disappointing since she referred to her customers as 'loves', and then they steal from them to build the new business name.


I had a $575 dollar credit....I tried using it a month before they shut down....but there was always an issue with it not going through.

Ironically they had just started a rug department ....they knew when they started the rugs they had issues.

How could you not. I am furious because I know they will come back whether it be a new name, auction site...etc.


Can we proceed with a law suit against them? They still products in Neimen Marcus and Horchow, certainly there is something they could give us if they can't refund the money!!!


I received the exact same response!

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Flemington, New Jersey

Tracy Porter Returns

I am frustrated with the customer service at Tracy Porter, a boutique for high end jewelry, clothes, shoes and furniture. Some of theproducts carried are very unique, though exorbitantly priced. I bought a bunch of things and the quality was subpar for some of them and wanted to return them. I promptly followed the directions for return and returned the merchandise. It's been 2 months and despite having called customer service repeatedly, I haven't received any word about what's happening to the items returned and where my money is!!!!! To add to that, things that were ordered for arrival way before Christmas haven't arrived, and I can't get them to cancel those items for me. My money is stuck and the merchandise isn't even with me. Their website doesn't always say clearly when the items on back order are likely to ship. I received a damaged item and they are refusing to send me a replacement. After all this, every time I call, I am told that "corporate office" is dealing with my issues. This has turned out to be a nightmare. I am NEVER going to shop with Tracy Porter and want to spread the word about their totally unprofessional set up.
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I too had an issue with tableware. They were made in China, chipped SO easily, and don't trust the MICROWAVE SAFE printed on them. Junk.


Similar experience here. Was a long time customer .

Very disappointed that this operation was deceitful and unethical , did not return more than $600 for retuned items. Efforts to contact them were not productive.


I am so shocked by these comments. I stumbled across this compaint page by accident.

I have been her friend on Facebook only recently and wanted to see what town she lived in. As a business owner I feel for all of you customers who have lost money!! My company is very small and I take such pride knowing customers spend their hard earned money on my line!! I have looked up to Tracy for following her passion but NOT any more!

I am sharing this link to these compaints with my other business women friends!!

My jaw is to the floor!!


I called my CC company and because the shoes were on BACK ORDER for over 6 mos. When I ordered ...

they were on back order for 2 mos.

and then the back order date was extended again and it took forever for someone to finally answer at customer service only to learn they were bankrupt. SOOOOOOOOOO, the CC company deadline for disputing charges had lapsed!


I sure wish those of you who have been burned would go comment on hetr blog. It will get deleted eventually there too, but more people read her blog and might see it before they erase it!


I sure wish those of you who have been burned would go comment on hetr blog. It will get deleted eventually there too, but more people read her blog and might see it before they erase it!


If the company went under, understandable but,do the right thing Tracy.


I cannot believe they have started a new company; how is this possible when they have failed to refund their customers over at Tracy Porter? Of course there is no way to alert people of their scam since all comments are deleted.

I am disgusted. I hope they do not manage to swindle more money.


I have to say I am SOOO relieved to see everyone else that has also had such a truly aweful time dealing with Tracy Porter.I too had unprocessed returns and gift certificates all totalling $500.It is APPALLING that they are starting a new company using OUR money to do so! Before i found this I was posting comments on facebook and they got taken down fairly regularly..another sign of their extremely dishonest business practices.How can these people still worship her?

And how can they live with themselves knowing what they did to so many loyal customers who supported them and made it possible to live the good life they so prominently promote? SHAME on you Tracy and John.. believe me when they are up and running ( using my money to fund this new venture) I will not rest until I have spoken with anyone who will listen via phone or email.I am actually looking forward to making a pest out of myself!

Good luck to all and maybe if everyone could jangle their new business we might get somewhere?! Any one had any luck with anything else?


My condolences to each of you who were ripped off by Tracy Porter and her company. She did the same thing to me and, thankfully, my card-issuing bank was able to refund my money.

The Porters have launched a new web site called "Poetic Wanderlust" which touts that Tracy and her "design team" will create "inspired artisan creations" for companies. She can no longer use her name in her web address because of the number of lawsuits she would likely face, nor can she carry on a retailing operation because none of the credit card companies will do business with her after she left them holding the bag to reimburse their cardholders. I spent thousands of dollars on her fashions, and her dishonesty and lack of conscience in shuttering her business is appalling.

I sincerely hope no one hires her. If I ever see a tag reading "Poetic Wanderlust," I will steer clear of the merchandise, as I refuse to ever put another dime in that woman's pocket.

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