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Really?!?!?! Just bought a 2015 Camry XLE for my wife and a 2015 Camry V6 XSE for myself. I have been having problems with various road changes in he areas I drive in so I tried to figure out how to get the chip updated. Downloadable??? you must be kidding, reasonably priced to overwrite the existing chip??? apparently not. I called 2 different dealers and both had to spend a lot of time to tell me what needed to be done and now I know why. No...
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Hello to all that have purchased s new 2015 toyota camry..not only am i having a drivers side front end problem an am being told that i need new tires an it will make my problem go away sure it will like front end specialist have told me within weeks of putting new tires on my problem will return due to it being bad wheel hub an now my drivers seat sounfs like a machine gun when i push button....i was also told by dealship that toyota...
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2015 Toyota Camry Car Review

I recenty purchased a 2015 new toyota camry having serious front end issues an have been treated very ugly very disappointed i will never purchase a toyota again...i feel very unsafe driving my car .