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| map-marker Lincolnwood, Illinois

Unethical Business Practices: Lies and False Promises

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TL;DR: we were given a written price agreement only to be lied to when they increased the price at the time of purchase. Bait & switch, unethical practices.

We recently visited Toyota of Lincolnwood, despite being told they had a reputation for shady business dealings including bait-and-switch tactics.

We test drove a car similar to the trim we wanted and were told was arriving later that week. We received both an offer in writing on the new car we expected to buy (once it had arrived) as well as a written trade-in offer for our current vehicle, which included a price for our new vehicle that was higher than the other written offer we received. We asked why it was higher and they explained it was not the accurate price but rather reflecting a different vehicle that the computer defaulted to and not to worry about it. We asked several times about this and if the price we were given would change or any other fees they would add on later and were reassured this was the price and nothing would change nor be added later.

When we returned the following day after the vehicle arrived, less than 24 hours later, a manager showed up and blatantly told us that theyre charging us $4,000 above the previously stated price because we can.

He was also extremely disrespectful to the sales rep stating (in front of him), he doesnt know what hes talking about and we know we can sell this car for $10,000 above MSRP, so were doing you a favor by only charging you $4,000 more. We showed him the written agreed price, and the trade-in offer with the previously mentioned higher price, which we were told to ignore, and he was clear that he didnt care and knows they can charge more so therefore they will.

Before leaving, I let them know that I have purchased vehicles from that dealership in the past and would never do so again in the future because I do not support unethical businesses who lie and extort their customers.

While at another dealership the next day, we ran into our neighbors who told us they had the exact same experience Toyota of Lincolnwood for the exact same car the previous day as well. We found another vehicle at a much more reduced priced being sold by a more ethical and fair dealership at Western and Peterson.

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  • Location cleanliness inventory
  • Unethical lies lack of transparency false promises

Preferred solution: Admittance to what transpired, a commitment to improvement and better practices in the future.

User's recommendation: We were given a written price agreement only to be lied to when they increased the price at the time of purchase. Bait & switch, unethical practices.

Zofia S Goj

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| map-marker Lincolnwood, Illinois

Problem with a dealership

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Toyota of Lincolnwood - Problem with a dealership
Toyota of Lincolnwood - Problem with a dealership - Image 2

I bought Toyota Camry LE hybrid 2022

Lincolnwood dealers DL4508

I m really disappointed because

They charged me over market

On the Facebook the price was 30000$

They liar

But they pushed me pay 40000$

Not showing me before any documents

Try tricks sell the car


Calculate statement how much will be

All together

They didnt show me

It s about 50000$ No interested


I m devastating

For regular car

I didnt see what going on

I had 14 years Toyota Camry V6

I really like it

It was good car

It was my first contact with

Toyota dealer

I was dreaming buy new car Toyota

I dont understand why they tried

People like me put on the wall

But now I m feeling like sombody

Still my money made biznes on me

They told me no cars

And the prices going up more

Because about pandemia

What going on???????

My friends and more people not

Interesting to buy new car

They afraid about financial problems

Not able pay for it

Where we going for feature?????

For average people like me

I m not able afford it

Please help me lowering the price

Please !!!!!!

Zofia Spanier

121 N Western ave

Park Ridge Ill 60068

Phone 847 877 ****


Thank you very much!

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  • Unfair practices

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Don’t make any purchase with Lincolnwood dealer

map-marker Niles, Illinois

High price for car over 10000$

My toyta hybryd LE was this day 27 January On the Facebook 30000$ The put 8000 $ more when I came The guy saleman didnt show me any Paperwork just some couple notice upside Down And i tought everything with taxes will be About 40000$ They didnt show me any more cost Finally they put small letters More overmarket 2595$ and 5300$ for service not informed me about it All together the Toyota car cost 49000$ Make me stupid treat women like I gonna pay no problem I asked the guy and manager I went back 4 times Dont worry you can pay this 3 years the same amount Why the people from Lincolnwood Liying clinets Make the theirs clinet pay more Over market
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User's recommendation: Don’t buy Car Toyota of Lincolnwood

map-marker Lincolnwood, Illinois

With appointment over 3 hours wait!

I called at 9:30am and made a 2:00pm appointment to get the oil in my Toyota changed and have the 80,000 miles checkup. I’ve been waiting 3 hours and it just started to get looked at. Why can’t they tell you before you bring the car that things have changed and they will make you wait over 3 hours! Send a text and warn customers. I’m thinking this is my last visit to the Lincolnwood Grossinger delearship.
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Reason of review:
Order processing issue
map-marker Lincolnwood, Illinois


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Bought a new 2017 Prius a week ago...salesman was Will....took delivery of the car and was informed one of the key fobs was lost....Will the salesman said since we live in Freeport, he would over nite the key fob and another part I ordered for the car to the Rockford Toyota dealership....Been a week now and Rockford dealership hasn't seen any thing from Grossinger....They also forced me into a useless Windy City Warranty for $797.00......They put it on all their new cars as a dealer added option and force you to take it....$797.00 out of your pocket into theirs...still waiting for my part and key fob.....please watch out for this dealership!!!!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Winnetka, Illinois

Grossinger Lincolnwood Scams

I bought a Certified Toyota Corolla '10 Aug '13. I negotiated the price down from $15,595 to $14,500. Salesman said fine, if I bought the certified warranty for $1,595. I am by myself there at age 61 buying my first-ever car having driven to the dealership in a rental, b/c the 2000 car I had went "dead." I'm in the process of divorcing. I'm then sent to finances for paperwork completion. I was totally confused, as she is selling me another warranty $995?! It extends the warranty that comes with the Certified car. I am a 61 y/o woman & drive 80 miles one way to work, so I believe the warranty is peace of mind for me. I pay total of $17,090 for car (not counting tax, fees, title). Pay cash for car. Get home & find the Certified Toyota window sticker in the front passenger back seat pocket! Car was on lot days prior for $13,790 Certified! Also, find the factory retail window sticker from 3yrs prior; it is for $18,300! I was over-charged $2,305! I complain the following Monday, when I'm left alone doing musical cars with the rental & the new car they said I had to drive off the lot that Saturday before. I complain & get totally jerked around & made to wait around multiple times for multiple people! I get no where with these *** people. The car was Certified 6 wks prior to me buying the car. Also the car was driven 316 miles after being certified! This stuff is all discovered after I got the car home & starting finding things & making inquiries. Then defective window wipers are discovered. Never worked right from the start. Doesn't rain all the time & finally couldn't stand it any longer & had them replaced 3 mos later with mechanics/desk people just saying it's the blade. Well, it turned out the whole wiper apparatuses were NOT genuine Toyota part. The 2nd dealership is disgusted & puts on genuine Toyota wipers for $43.35. Time passes. I get a nail in tire. Patched by the 2nd dealership. Get another nail in a different tire. It is not reparable. They send me back to 1st dealership I bought it at telling me that I should not be paying. I say I don't have road hazard warranty. They say it doesn't matter. The tire manufacturer warranties tires that go on Certified cars at the 2nd dealership & he insists that is what it would be at the 1st. Go to the 1st dealership. They say, "you must pay; tire has no warranty & you have no hazard warranty bought." Who is crazy here? I go back to 2nd dealership. He again emphatically states that, if I had bought car from them, they would be replacing tire at no cost. I guess, it boils down to using the right tires. He suggests that I talk to company that my dealership bought the tire from. I do. They sell tires to many Toyota dealerships. The tire my car had put on it is a CPA tire (not OEM or OEA). The Toyota tire sellers also emphatically tell me that sub-standard parts were put on the Certified car I bought! They suggest that I should also determine, if the brake pads put on the car were sub-standard parts for what is called a Certified Toyota. Everyone outside the dealership I bought car at can't believe what is going on with me, & they end up jerking me around too by telling me what to do. But I get absolutely no where. I have two case accounts at corporate Certified Toyota customer assistance. Basically I'm starting to realize the term "Certified" is bogus. An ethical dealership will do what is right & give quality service to the customer. The other dealerships can do what they want. But this goes back even further to the whole overcharge scam when selling me a Certified Toyota at such over-inflated (NOT market value)prices! It is so unethical & unprofessional. I work in health care. This type of care would be considered malpractice & unethical. One could lose their license for such wrong doing! This horrible dealership is Grossinger in Lincolnwood, IL. Absolutely horrid people!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
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You are hilarious saying you could lose your license for overcharging in healthcare. I paid $123 to the medical group today because a doctor trimmed my husband's toenails.

I told my husband to go to a foot spa next time and he can get a trim, massage and happy endings for that kind of money.

As far as the price you paid, their job is to get as much as they can and your job is to drive the best bargain you can.

Plain and simple. If you don't like to bargain, bring a friend that does.

map-marker Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Grossinger Toyota General Manager Sales Managernothing but Liers

On Saturday August 18th my wife and I walked into Grossinger Toyota North Dealership. I was looking into purchasing new Toyota Sienna for my business. I contacted a number of different Toyota Dealerships and it seemed that Grossinger was giving me the best price for the new vehicle. I spoke with Mitchell Schy on Thursday, August 16, 2007 and he told me that his Sales Manager Angelo Beltrano is willing to sell us the car for $23,000 including all taxes and fees. I set up a meeting with him for Saturday afternoon. We arrived at the dealership and our nightmare had begun. It took the dealership personnel about 45 minutes just to get the car for us to test drive. When I was driving the car I told Mitchell there is something wrong with the alignment on the car. He said that upon delivery they will have it inspected. We came back to the dealership after the test drive, and I went to talk to Angelo about the price and alignment of the wheels. He said that he will have it inspected and final price he gave me was $22.600.00. After we agreed on all the terms and signed all the paperwork we were asked to sit down. We were waiting for about 1 hour. Nobody came up to us; nobody offered us water or coffee. Then about 1 hour later Angelo came to us and said that they had a computer system problem and he cannot sell us the car for the price they offered; now the price for the car is $1000.00 more. I told him that it is not our mistake and we have the paperwork completed and signed by him already. Angelo told us that it’s our problem and he can change the price and paperwork at any time he wants, and if we don’t like it we can leave and never come back again. Toyota and Grossinger does not need our business. WOW, way to go for the sales manager of Toyota dealership. We did have a final price of $22,600 in writing, signed by Angelo Beltrano. I wanted to speak to the General Manager. In about another 45 minutes the General Manager Mark Krockmal finally appeared with out a smile, or without even saying hello. I felt like we owed him something, and we are not the customers he is looking for. We went into his office and after a long debate he finally agreed to sell us the car for the price they originally quoted ($23,000 including all taxes and fees). We thought this will be the end of our nightmare and we will go home in about 1 hour in our new car; all we will need to do is to see the finance manager to sign all the financial papers. My father-in-law drove us to the dealership, so we told him to go home, since we thought that the deal was done. I told Angelo and Mark Krockmal that my wife is pregnant and she does not feel good. Is there any way we can do everything faster so we can go home and she can rest. Mitchell was busy with a different customer, so Angelo told car delivery department to help us go through the car and show us the features that the car has and how to use them. We were waiting outside in the rain for about 35 minutes for the person from the delivery department, he NEVER showed up. We walked back into the dealership and ask Angelo where is the car delivery person and when are we going to sign the finance paperwork. He rerouted us to the General Manager, who told us that he is going to check and he disappeared for about 45 minutes. Since the entire building is made out of glass, we saw that Mark Krockmal was talking to the finance manager Dan Fitzsimmons all of this time, and only later we found out that Mark told Dan to make everything possible so we will pass on the deal and leave without the car. They did not want to take the loss. Needless to say, that we spent almost 2 hours in the Finance Manager’s office. Dan was sitting at his desk and just staring at the computer for about 30 minutes. He talked to the General Manager on the phone and told him that we are not going to pass on the deal. Finally my wife asked him if there is a problem that needs to be resolved. He responded positively. They could not find my credit report. He told me that I do not have any credit history, (Dan said people like me are called ghosts) and they will have to give me a higher rate if I still want the car. We asked him to look again. I told him that I own a house, 8 different credit cards with a high limits. Also we asked him to check the spelling of my last and first name, and finally he found me, but still did not want to give me a lower interest rate. There was a Toyota Interest Rate chart with all percentages for different scores in front of him. My score was between 680 and 700; based on his chart with a score like that he was supposed to give me interest rate around 7%. He said they need to make the money back they lost on the deal one way or another and if I don’t want to take the car at 8.95% I don’t have to. It will be ok with them. He would not even listen that we bought Toyota Avalon last year and financed it through Toyota Motor Credit, and paid it off in 6 month. At that time both of us were ready to explode. I said that I do not care about the rate and I will pay the car off in one month. My initial deposit was $9,500, when I told Dan about it he looked at me like I was lying. He asked if I really have that much money to put down. He ran out of the office and went to talk to the General Manager (Mark Krockmal). I guess we did not look like people who can spend money on a new car. A different guy came in to watch us while Dan was talking to Mark, since we told him that my wife has a degree in finance. While Dan was talking with Mark Krockmal, we were treated like criminals: sitting in Dan’s office and being watched by Dan’s associate. Dan came back in 25 min and asked me 4 times in different ways if I still want the car and if I did not change my mind. Another 35 minutes later they finally decided to close the deal. After we signed all the paper work, Dan told us to wait outside for someone who will show us the car and will install license plates. After 25 minutes of waiting I went back into the dealership and asked for the keys. It was 7:45 pm and nobody cared to show us what’s in the car and how to use it. I told them that I could figure out how to use the car myself and I will never go back to the dealership again. One of the managers started screaming at me and calling me all the names in his book. Mark Krockmal told one of porter to put temporary plates on the car and to close the door behind me because dealership was already closed. I told my wife that if it was the general manager of the Toyota dealership than now I understand why all managers are like that at this place. They have somebody to look up to. I guess he was very unhappy for loosing $700 on this deal. I will never come to Grossinger for any repairs on my car because I believe their service department is just as bad as their sales department. We walked into the dealership at 12:45 p.m. and left at 7:45 p.m. We wasted our entire Saturday afternoon on buying a car, that we already had a price for before we walked into the dealership. I bought a number of cars in my life. We just purchased a new 535XI BMW for my wife, but I have never seen such an unacceptable and rude behavior from the Sales Manager (Angelo Beltrano),the Finance Manager (Dan Fitzsimmons), and the General Manager (Mark Krockmal). The only reason we did not walk out is because we knew that all of Grossinger Toyota Management wanted us to do that. I do not know if they treat all of their customers the same way, and if they do how do they stay in business. We spent over 7 hours and the dealership and no one even offered us a glass of water. My wife was 3 months pregnant at the time and she was not feeling well and they saw that and I told them that, a couple of times but no one decided to hurry up and get us out of the dealership anytime sooner. She could not leave on her own, because we did not have a car. I hope that this is not a standard type of behavior of the management team at other Toyota Dealerships, and believe that senior management should take action. After driving the car for 650 miles I looked at my front tires and they were worn on both sides. I took my car to the Arlington Toyota dealership and asked them to check why tires were in such a bad condition in 650 miles. After service department inspected the car, they told me that alignment was never done on the car and car was never inspected before it was delivered to me. Arlington Toyota service department changed two front tires and completed alignment. Once again it shows how much both managers Angelo Beltrano and Mark Krockmal care about the safety of their customers. I told Angelo Beltrano about the problem when we came back from test-driving the vehicle. He did not even pay attention to my concern; he just wanted me to leave and for the deal to fall apart. As a result, I have encountered numerous inconveniences and problems. For starters, my wife and I wasted at least two days (one of them is a weekend), dealing with issues that could have been avoided. At the time of our unfortunate experience, my wife was in her first trimester, and all the waiting around, unpleasant conversations with managers and frustrations, led her to experience a lot of pain, discomfort and nausea. For the next couple of days we had to stay at home and she was in bed, trying to recuperate. Moreover, lies regarding fixed alignment and my reliance on numerous statements by the management, could have led to an accident. Just imagine what could have gone wrong in the car that was not inspected prior to a sale. In addition, finance department made sure at the time of signing our documents, the interest rate was so high that it would be too damaging and too difficult to afford the loan. Consequently, because of the situation, we had to come up with a full amount in order not to spend extra thousands of dollars.
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how does a new car need an alignment? I feel like your story is a little exaggerated.

No mechanic will say the car needs an alignment at 600 miles. You probably hit something and tried to blame the dealership.


I just had the same bad experience here only in 2013! Nothing but lies and "hood winking" going on here to try to drive the price of the car up! Stay away from this dealer!


amazing, the name of the sight says it all.


:zzz The forum tells it all !! What has happened to society when you have a forum where there are not satisfied customers !


Great price and wonderful place. Mark Krochmal was very kind. Thanks guys, you can't please everyone, but you did a great job with us.


I can attest to the level that these guys will stoop to. I went in looking at a 2006 Tacoma extended cab 4x4. It was a base model with no Pre-runner, TRD package, nothing. They had a good price advertised on it, and they had it listed as super clean. I got there and it was FAR from clean. I would put it in fair condition at best. Not to mention it was the only truck in the place because they had taken it in on trade and long trucks certainly do not sell like hot cakes in the city.

I sat down and they put a written offer on the table. I pointed to this $2500 "fee" and asked "What's this?" Their response was in the lines of "Due to the fact that your credit score isn't that high (it was around mid 600s at the time), we have to charge you a surcharge to get you financed." The approved lender was Capitol One.

I said no thanks and got up and started to walk out. They stopped me and said they would try to get Cap 1 to reduce it. The moral of the story is that they were not only trying to charge me Capital Ones back-end fee (which they can't legally do), they were trying to make another $2100 dollars on top of it. I told the lady at the finance counter that they should never assume that ones IQ runs proportionally with their credit score and walked out.

So I took their Capitol One blank check, went to my friend at Max Madsen and bought a great 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, then had DuPage Credit Union refinance it 3 months later at a great rate.

I guess if you make enough off the few that are *** enough to fall for it, you can afford to *** the intelligent customers off so that they will never come back.


"PS do you know what slander is?"

Don't be so condescending, Mark. I love your absolute smug when you yourself can't tell the difference between slander and libel.






do you know what slander is ??


do you know what slander is ??

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