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I went town fair tire to purchase new tires comparable to my BF Goodrich A/T K02's something not as loud but retain performance. I was convinced the Falken Wildpeak AT3W was the tire so I had them installed. The following day its snowing out approximately 2 inches. I couldn't stop sliding all over the road. I returned to 605 Amherst Road, Nashua NH 03063 to report the situation and I was told no one else has ever complained about these...
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Had a horrendous experience at townfair tire. Ordered tires that was told would be in next day well they never showed up so they call me and say we will put another tire on that's comparable to the ones I wanted well they tried to put 4 tires that were 180 bucks on for 400 lol instead of giving me a lil bit of a better tire they choked hard than started lieing on phone about numerous things just to try and keep me well I canceled and went to ntb...
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Town fair tire installation on Toyota Tacoma First visit. Three hours waiting time. Tire installed but they couldn't complete the alignment because the right side was frozen. I had to have a mechanic unfreeze it then bring it back to have them complete the alignment. Additional charges occurred from mechanic. Second visit. 2 1/2 hours waiting time. Brought in to have a alignment completed after mechanic unfreeze the right side. After alignment...
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Town Fair Tire Tire Installation Review

The tire installer damaged my car,claims the part fell off. Spent 3 hours at the East Hartford location,9:30am-12:30pm for 1 tire. I will never go back to that location.
I received a text at 11:30 AM that my vehicle was ready to be picked up. I left work early three hours later to pick up Vehicle and it was not ready. The alignment had not been done. Here I am almost an hour later and I am still waiting for the alignment to be completed. In the past two months I have spent approximately $1,200 dollars at the East Hartford Town Fair Tire Center. I am not happy with the service! I will not return. Will...
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