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To Whom This May Concern, 12/10/2013 My name is Kim Aird. I'm writing you because I feel that I was scammed by a business called Touba Fashion Hair Braiding Salon. The owner of the salon is named Miriam she is very ruthless in her business practices as far as the poor treatment I received as a customer. She is very conniving, manipulative, and dishonest in her business practice as far as how she deals with the public. She made me feel very uneasy and I was very vulnerable because I had to get my hair done and it was getting late and she knew that the chances of me leaving her place of business that day to go and get my hair done some where else would be slim to none. She purposely while braiding my hair she kept harassing me and being very aggressive and at first I brushed it off in a state of shock because I couldn't believe a person could treat me this way. Especially if they are supposed to be a buisness owner that claims they are a professional. That is not how a professional business owner operates their business its not right at all. Like I said before she is ruthless and feel that I have received poor treatment because she tried to see how much money she could get from me, as I stated before that she is a master minded manipulator and she will stop at nothing to take advantage of you if she feels that you are a person who is trusting. I was probably too trusting. I mention too trusting because I should not have paid her before she finished braiding my hair at all that was a mistake know that hindsight is 20/20 I would not do that again along with not patronizing her business which is a mess. Its not up to standards of how a business should look or be run its very grimy and dingy looking her business is being run in a run down looking building on the outside its okay but inside its like the movie Nightmare On Elm Street with Freddy Kruger talk about looks can be deceiving its disgusting! I couldn't believe that this was the way her business actually looks in person. I state that because I thought it would be a little bit cleaner based on what I saw on a site for the salon it didn't look that shabby so I was disappointed to see appear in the condition that it is in which reminds of a lower income housing type of salon just low rent, ghetto all the things a salon should not be talk about looks can be deceiving. I know you are probably wondering then why did I stay and not leave that dreadful place. I know I should have left because it clearly is not worth my time, money or energy to patronize a business of that low level. I guess I have always wanted to patronize any business of those who look like myself if its good and refer it to other people like I would and continue to do now with any other businesses if they are good that are owned by people of other races and cultures as well. I don't discriminate I just hate to be taken advantage of by any one especially who looks like me. A prime example of how she took advantage of my kindness which she took it be that I was weak. I called Miriam the owner of Touba Fashion Hair Braiding Salon a while back in the beginning of October like around the first of that month and told I would like to come into her place of business for her to braid my hair and she said ok we agreed on a time and how much I would pay and the date that I would come into have it done. When I left home on my way there I called her just to confirm that was on the 10th of October. I arrived for my appointment at 6:00 pm the place is located on 103 Bayard Street In New Brunswick NJ 08901. The phone number of the business is 732-296-****. I went over the cost of how much the hair she provided to braid my hair would cost added to amount it costs to braid my hair. She told me over the phone it would cost $120.00 I told her I didn't want to pay so much and that I would be willing to pay $100.00 Miriam said that was too low so then I said fine I will pay $110.00 and she felt that price was also too low. We finally agreed on the $118.00. When I arrived there in person it was a totally different story she started to attack me saying that I had to pay her upfront or she wasn't going to do my hair she totally blind sided me as soon I was there her price that we agreed on changed from $118.00 to the jacked up price of $130.00 which was $10.00 more than what she quoted me over the phone the first time. It was $120.00 at first. When I threatened to call the police on her and because she refused to give back the money that I paid her before she was done with my hair. Miriam said she didn't care and she continued to threaten me and make hand gestures toward to me which indicated in my mind that if I did not cooperate and do what she said which in her own words I was supposed to be quiet and stop asking for any money back because I wasn't gonna get it back. I should have left and not patronized her business at all. It didn't stop after that she badgered me for even more money and I finally said no went ham on me again to the point she started saying things like if you don't pay I will cut all your hair off just threatening me until I did so. Altogether she received $143.00 that she was angling for the whole time I don't think that is right I was hustled, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and just plain taken advantage of by someone who I thought I could was an honest person I was such a fool. I have learned a hard lesson and this new year that is coming up I will more be thick skinned and not be so nice to people right off the bad and not give everybody the benefit of the doubt upfront because majority of the people out here don't deserve it. I will know see alot of people as a foe before I see them as a friend because you have to earn respect its not like Halloween where you pass out candy to kids here you go trick or treat give me something good to eat. No this is real life as a business owner Miriam disrespected me as her customer she needs to pay the piper which means you need to suffer the consequences for her very poor actions toward me. I'm seeking damages in the amount of money I was paid by force to have my hair done on that very unfortunate day it was very bad what she did it has left me with alot of sleepless nights. If there is any way you can help me with this situation that is so terrible that words can't explain how badly it has made me feel to be treated this way its not right . I would like my money back it was an act of fraud, she was very deceitful in her ways in how she treated me as a client. I was mistreated she spoke to me in a manner that was very rough and crude and just very abusive. If I could do things differently I would never have patronized a business like that at all. She is a shady, low life of a person. I am a firm believer in karma my motto is what goes around comes around and that you have to do right by others if you want them to do right to you as well. The good book says do unto others as you would have them do unto you which is what I strive to do everyday. The best way for her to do right by me is to compensate me by giving me back the money she owes me for the mental and emotional stress this whole ordeal has caused me. The amount I paid to have my hair done I believe I was double charged. its just unreprehensible she needs to be ashamed of herself. Any way that you can help me will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about this matter my phone number is: 908-415-****. You can email me as well my email address is: margot_aird@***.com. I look forward to speaking to you sometime soon. Thank You Kim Aird
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I have had no trouble with this business, and have never felt "taken advantage of. You knew the cost, the hours, and what was happening upfront.

Based on the conversation you described I would have made you pay upfront to. You sound like the get it, then complain, and get it free type. This is a form of artwork, and materials cost money. You want cheap you can go to many out of home , or back alley braiders and get your hair done cheap.

You get what you pay for! You sound like a very petty person who is used to getting their way or no way. Good for them for not backing down or bowing to your attitude. You put yourself over other customers as well as personnel, and expected to be treated special.

You do not deserve any special treatment , well not he kind you are expecting anyways. ;)

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