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Totally You Hair Salon treats employees like ***

I was interviewed at this hair salon in Rockford,IL back in May for a receptionist position. They went with someone else for the position and I was ok with that, stuff happens. In the meantime I got a job at a locally owned hotel and then went from there to a local diner which I loved. Also, I had been going back to the salon to get acrylic nails (my first time getting them since I was a teenager). Not only was the service ridiculously over priced ($45 for a full set), but they started to lift after only a week. Plus the technician just did not do a very good job overall. I went back for her to fill the nails and to fix the problem for another $24, when a few days later I started noticing a brown discoloration under the acrylic nails. I went to another nail salon and was advised that mold had started to grow under my nails. At this point I was still giving the salon the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe it was something I did but I stopped going there for my nail care. Then I get a call last Friday from the full-time receptionist at the salon. She was frantic saying that the girl they hired back in May just up and quit on them and was I still interested in the position? Since the job was the same 3 days a week and less than 15 hours I said yes. I arranged it all with my boss at the diner. So I go and train for 3 days and to my knowledge everything was going well. The owners were super snotty and stuck-up and I could tell they weren't exactly fond of me for whatever reason. Then I receive a call last night while I'm working at the diner from the salon. The receptionist tells me that the owners have decided to go in a different direction and that they no longer needed me. I told her that I didn't really understand what that meant and could she please tell me what was really going on. She told me it was CLASSIFIED?!?!?! What is this, the freaking FBI?!?! She asked if I could return the training manual to her asap and I said sure. I was so pissed. The receptionist text me later to tell me the real deal so she wouldn't get in trouble. She told me they hired a girl straight out of beauty school to do receptionist work until one of the stylist has her baby and then the girl will be both the new stylist and the part time receptionist. I did not even reply to the woman's text because I was afraid of what I would say. It was really embarrassing to have to tell my boss at the diner why I was let go at the salon after three days. I was also angry because I could have been working those 3 days at the diner and making tips. I looked online to find that sadly, there was really nothing I could do legally. So today I slept in late. I woke up to find text messages from the receptionist asking when I would be there with the training materials. i didn't respond because I really wanted to say "You're lucky I'm even bringing the *** back you *** *** I had my husband drive me over there and I went in. The new girl standing right there, looking as snobby and stuck-up as the rest of them (so I'm sure she'll fit in nicely). After the receptionist finished up with a customer she started to tell me how sorry she was and how of course I'll get paid for the hours I put in (no *** you *** *** I cut her off and started to tell her rather loudly that I felt used, abused, and that this was there intention all along to have me work for a few days until they found someone else and then throw me away like a piece of trash. (I wasn't screaming but I wanted to be loud enough for all the staff and customers to hear me). I told her that I had been their second choice from the beginng but they couldn't just get away with just treating because like they were disposable pieces of garbage. The female owner started walking over to me. I told her I would be contacting the labor board and my attorney (bluffing of course, just wanting to shake her up) and I started to walk out. The female owner tried to follow me and was begging me to stop and talk but I kept walking. Bottom line is they are snooty, over-priced *** who treat their employees like *** (this is the impression I got from most of the stylists and the receptionist about the owners). How they figure the prices for their hair products there are take the cost, round it up, double it, and add a dollar! Nice right? Like I said, I know I can't really do anything legally but I decided to contact the BBB about the mold under my nails since I know I take really good care of them and it wasn't my fault. Hopefully, I get a refund for them but I'm not holding my breath!!!
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09/16: As this still comes up in a search for our company and we are looking to hire new people, we would like to let You to know, that this former disgruntled employee is liked and forgiven by us. We would like You to give us a call and try one of our services.

Our team of Experienced Personnel will take the best care of you in a fun, relaxed environment.

We are open Monday - Saturday at 7801 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108/815-399-****, apply in person to work as a Hair Stylist, Nail Tech or Skin Care Specialist

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