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My phone broke, customer service said to send it in and they would replace it (they sent me a box with a label/tracking already made) ...I went to the store purchased the same phone I had before(Which has malfunctioned since DAY 1) I dropped it off and waited, waited, waited, a month later I call to find out what happened.We have no records indicating we received your phone (and could not look up the tracking info THEY CREATED) ... Eventually i...
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I sent my phone in 3 weeks ago due to it being defective.They said they received it October 24th, and I should receive my new phone today (11/10). I have never had this many problems with any other wireless company. My service expired on the 8th. Since I haven't had a phone in 3 weeks (which is ridiculous) I think I should get 1 free month. I am not happy. I need a phone for business purposes and emergencies.If I don't receive my phone by today,...
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This is the worst phone service i have ever had, they have very bad customer service, my daughter cell phone crashed, so i sent it back and when i called to check to see if they received the phone, the phone rung once and i was immediately put on hold, i was on hold for more than 30 mins and finally someone picked up. I explained to them why i was calling. They asked me for my daughter cell number, so after i gave the customer service rep the...
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Since then I contacted Total Wireless 3 times via chat. It seems one hand does not know what the other does. I'm being promised the issues will be resolved within 24 - 48 hours, or I will get an e-mail of the FedEx tracking number in the same amount of time. So far nothing, haven't had my phone in almost a month now. They're customer service and support absolutely sucks. They promise you stuff just to pacify you, and your out your money,...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service could not resolve their problem
  • Totally incompetent people
  • Loss of money