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Almost a month ago, I switched to total wireless because I was tired of paying $45 through straight talk and since I don`t use a lot of data because I have WiFi at home, I went with the $25 plan and bought a $10 data add-on card to use with it, it worked great, I only used 100mb of it in just under a month. then a few days ago, I got a text telling me my service expired in 10 days and to add a card before it expired to continue uninterrupted...
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Anonymous I wish I had known about that lawsuit because it happens to my son every single month.


Anonymous I had the exact same situation! I am mad as he's about it!

I liked
  • Potential to save lots on cell bill
  • Price
  • Coverage
I didn't like
  • Wasting hours of time n money
  • Rude and disrespectful service reps
  • Service reps that cant speak proper english
On the Data cards it states they do not expire and they carry over as long as your service is active, well Total Wireless does not honor this, they are committing out and out fraud because as soon as you add your service card any existing data you have left expires and you must purchase a new card, that is the definition of fraud when it states on the website and card that it does not expire and it carries over. Then you call and you are on the...
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Anonymous I have the same problem and i am on auto bill
every month i had to call until now they will not
put the 4.48 GB that still show up on my login acc't
the customer se...


Anonymous From I read on the card, the data only roles over if your on auto payment.