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Tops contracting & landscaping roanoke va SCAM

Tops landscaping and Tops contracting in roanoke and salem va is a ran by a felon that is a scam artist that uses 2 different names "Cecil Vick AKS Cecil Vaught"... Beware of Tops contracting and Tops landscaping. These guys lied and ripped off many people in my gradmothers area. Roanoke VA scammers will not prevail and Tops landscaping is ripping of the senior citizens in our community. Ask for their license and insurance proof! Ask to see their ID's - Dont trust them in your home. Tops contracting and Tops landscaping in Roanoke VA is being watched by a consumer watch group in the ares closely and is being investigated for tax fraud and fraud. Trusting convicted felons is very dangerous. Beware
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Poor customer service

Cecil Duran Vick aka Bobby Vick is currently in Knox County Jail in Barbourville, KY. He had a warrant issued for his arrest in Bell County KY for taking over $18000 from a 75 year old Vietnam veteran and never returning with the merchandise that he promised. He will be arraigned in a few day.

Mylani Lhm

So heres the Deal,

Some things I am going to say will be irrelevant to the subject but Just so you dissatisfied customers out there and you skeptics know the real facts I have to say what I have to say.

Cecil D Vick used to be my step son back from 1998 to 2002 and yes the things he did was mostly juvenile and yes he has a record and yes he has learned his lesson and I am very proud of him.

I had last seen him in 2006 when he was dating my best friends sister (R.I.P. Shorty Sines) and he had just got out of prison for defending him self and I know because I was there when the incident happened and I can vouch for 90% of everything that he has ever been in trouble for up to 2006.

One day last year 2013 me and my wife was selling Levi's at Happys flea Market and I heard a familiar voice and looked up when I heard it say, "How Much for These Jeans Ma'am?

and I was really surprised to see him and I immediately turned to my wife who was turned around facing with her back to him and I said to her, he this is my step son from back in the day! and she turned around and expected to see a young boy shorter than me and then looked up and eyes got real big and was like OH OK well hello there step son :-)

any ways so we talked and I asked how he was doing he was telling me how he was doing good and doing construction and stuff and was lookin for good workers and he remembered me being a good worker and I offered to work for him and he took my number said he would think about it and would give me a call within a few days yes or no and well... he kept his word and we worked together for about 2 weeks and well, he played a prank on me like old times and I took it personal and I left him hangin which I wash I didn't I feel real bad about it still to this day and that's why I am here because I lost his number and was trying to find him and I found this blog and it pissed me off because regardless of his sometimes childish ways he is still an honest, hard working, dependable young man. so now you want to know about his work habits?

well... I gotta say... some things I can say he needs some more experience in butt other than that I would give him and A. Heres my experience with him at the 2 jobs that I did with him.

the first Job the lady was sor because she wanted Cecil to cut corners because her alcoholic gambling husband pissed all their money away on lottery and the casinos and junk and Cecil was not going to cut corners and was going to do exactly what he needed to do professionally as best as he could with what little the lady was able to pay him and out of the kindness of his heart he still did some things out of his pocket but she was still not satisfied. Not His Fault. The Second Job the owner of the property was very pleased with Cecils work which included new tile and hard wood flooring throughout the house new drywall new carpet new countertops and cabinets new windows and whole new beautiful blue metal roof and more and I worked on that job for almost a week and the landlord/owner (who had also lived down stairs) left notes for Cecil on how great he was doing and I only tied up some loose ends on the metal roof looking for leaks and finishing some of the metal panels and cap and trim but Cecil was very particular to detail and was not satisfied until what was on the work order was complete, we even took a water hose and ran it all over the roof to look for leaks to make sure it was sealed, that's how particular Cecil is and I respect that in him because That is the same that I would do. so to say that he is a fraud and anything negative I must say...

NO!!! we may have had our fallin out because of our childness toward each other, but that's a personal level, on a professional level... If some one wants to cut corners, Get ready to get pissed off because he does things right. if he is in any way what so ever unsure of what the customer wants, he will ask as much as possible until it is understood.

If he sees concern for something that was not mentioned or noticed or reviewed during conversation about task he will immediately stop what he is doing, contact the home owner and reveal his concern and go through with the home owner their options, He don't cover things up or band aide something to purposely come back to take more money from the customer and in fact I know personally (like I said before) he some times will go out of his way out of pocket to help the costumer out! so in conclusion I give you my word that there is no fraud and no corners and no disrespect on his or his wife's part. They are 100% legit and I being 38 yrs old been doing construction and that alike since my grandpa put my first paint brush in my hand when I was 5 I can honestly say that I am proud of Cecil for having as much skills that he does for as young as he is and the best quality about him is his honesty. I would work for him over and over again if he would have me to over and over again.

God bless and Cecil if you are reading this, Much love to you and your family, We hope to see you again. God Bless.

you know who is this is :-) Whoot! (540) 429-**** or (434) 218-****

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This is liz. all familys doing good.

Edward L Ova

@concerned roanoke resident - how would you put Tops and Norel together unless you knew something about their name change personally? No one else here seems to know about this. And, "All the time..." Explain how you know these things, I'm curious now.

Edward L Ova

I actually tried to do a search on this "Roanokewatch" user who posted this complaint about Tops. They're like a ghost.

In other words, they don't exist anywhere that can be found. Not only that, they haven't made any other complaints on any other consumer watch sites.

This is a personal vendetta against the owner of Tops. Ignore this review.


I just want to know if they are a legitimate business then why is there a need to change names and phone numbers all the time. Now it appears they are working under Norel Contracting 540-494-****. It just seams if they are out doing the right thing they wouldnt need to change their name and number all the time.


I think they do amazing work, reasonably priced and trust eorthy. Wished I had used them for much bigger projects I.did get scammed on,but not by tops.

Another group of jerks. But lesson learned.

Best of lick Guys. You got my vote.


Okay folks just thought you should know I checked them out with the County of Roanoke. They do hold a business license but they do not carry a contractors license.

The county informed me that this is acceptable as long as the total job cost isnt more than 1000.00. So unfortunatly I will not be able to use them because I know that my project is not going to be less than 1000.00.

It seems like as long as the jobs are small they are legitimate. Thanks and good luck



License & Insurance Provided but not through

this spam site. Thank's Ms. Vaught












CONCRETE : Walks, Pads, BB Courts, Driveways









(540) 353 - ****


You know I was considering using these guys but now im a little scared. Maybe you should post your license number and the name it is listed because I cannot find it on the dpor website either.I will patiently wait to see it so I can verify before I call. Thanks

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