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Scammed out of 1500 they shouldn't get rating but to post this have to have one

How is this website and these ppl getting away with it. According to my research they are not even us citizens or originally from the US. They use $sanyfriction cash app tag and they blocked me. I'm out 1500 for dogs they have stolen pictures of these ppl are getting away with highway robbery. Juliette sirri the contact for wiring money and such is known online linked to be in Washington working at Macdonalds lol. Anyway they keep doing this and nothing as far as repercussions have been done. Sickening
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Avoid these mfkrs report


I literally posted a similar thing awhile ago. In August I was ripped off too. Out 1500


I think they are trying to scam me now !! I’m texting them now! Thank god I did my research

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Same here. Just drove all the way for them to want more money and added bs to bring the puppy.

There are no puppies and they are only getting money. They seem legit and make you feel they are, but in FACT a SCAM.

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map-marker Monroe, Louisiana

Amber and Joel Rosenbaugh Buyer Beware Top Notch Bullies

If you have purchased a English Bulldog puppy or adult or are considering purchasing from Amber and Joel Rosenbaugh of Top Notch Bulllies 96 Kick Back Loop Sunrise Beach, MO I want to make you aware of the following: Your puppy's registration may be in question. Do not send these people a check, moneygram or wire for deposit or payment of your dog/puppy. You have no recourse to get a refund using these payment methods when a problem occurs. Joel and Amber Rosenbaugh entered into a contract with us on 11/14/10 to purchase 5 English Bulldog females and one male. The Rosenbaugh's have made no attempt to fulfill their obligation to this contract. The contract was to be paid off no later than July 31st, 2011. We are in the process of trying to collect on this debt. We have retained the AKC registration papers for the male listed in the contract and retain all rights to him until the contract is satisfied. The male was to be kept at Joel and Amber's home for convenience of breeding the females. Joel and Amber were to breed the 5 females obtained from us to the male obtained from us with no other use of the male without our approval. Amber now has 18 puppies per her website: http://www.topnotch-bullies.com/COMING_SOON___.html out of the females and male named in the contract. These puppies and three of the adult female dogs Amber obtained from us are posted for sale on several websites on the Internet. The dog named Princess on her website is not a dog obtained from us, however she claims via e-mail to have bred Princess to our male named in the contract. We will not register these puppies to our male until the contract is paid in full and we have DNA proof of the parentage for the puppies. Amber is advertising these puppies and stating 5 generation AKC pedigrees will be included for these puppies. If she obtains registration papers on these puppies she has either breached the contract by breeding to a male other than the male named in the contract or has registered these puppies to a male that is not the correct sire. If you have questions please contact me at 417-293-**** or e-mail me at vfcockrum@***.com Vernetta Cockrum
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This is a BUYER BEWARE! Today my husband and I received a judgment against Amber Rosenbaugh for giving us AKC papers for a totally different dog!

She lied to us about the history of the dog as well as the age of the dog.

Our story is very long.

This lady/breeder is bad business. I can't stress this enough.


We got a dog from her and the AKC papers do not go to our dog!


I have purchased both my bulldogs from Amber, and she is very knowledgeable about the breed and so helpful. We are buying another one this summer from her. We wouldn't ever buy from anyone else.


We bought are baby from her (Chiquita ) she was a beautiful well taken care of puppy .Amber gave us all her shot records and even gave us puppy food and any questions I had she was always willing to answer .when I was unable to keep her because of family issues she even found a loving home for her to go to. I would recommend her and her pups to any one ! In fact we miss are Chiquita so much daily she is talked about and thought about we will be getting one soon .

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She is a horrible sick person. Google her


We came in to contact with Amber Rosenbaugh in October 2013.She posted an ad on Hoobly.com for a chocolate english bulldog named Justus.

She rushed us to moneygram her the 600 dollars under her husband's name: Joel. Against our better judgement, we sent her the money.

Prior to sending her the money she was very sweet and caring over the phone. Immediately after she received it, she was snappy and rude.

She promised that the dog would be shipped by ground on a Tuesday (claiming she had her own driver). Tuesday night, she had not given me any information. When I text her to find out what was going on, she proceeded to tell me that the driver was in New York (I'm in florida) and the dog would not be shipped for about another week.

Never did she apologize or express concern over the inconvenience.

In fact, within the same text telling me that the driver would could not make it, she went on to inquire "who's pitbulls are on my Facebook page". I immediately called her and told her that I did own a year old pit bull and did not understand why she felt the need to question me. Not only is my dog the sweetest animal on this planet, but I had already paid for Justus and it was none of her business whether I owned one pitbull or ten. On the phone, she said that she pitbulls are aggressive dogs but she did not care if my dog killed Justus bc I had already paid for him.

Needless to say, she did not send Justus and after about two weeks I received a money order in the mail.

(hopefully it is real). This woman is the most unprofessional business woman I have ever come across in my life. According to her, I should take my immigrant *** back to my country and out of hers.

VERY PROFESSIONAL. Not quite sure whether she would scam you for your money but hopefully you won't have to deal with the unpleasantness we experienced.

If you have any questions, comment below and I will contact you.

Her facebook mentions Top notch bullies.Not sure if this is her business or not. 3260cfc


I wanted to sit down and write a note about our experience in puppymills, and discourage anyone from ever going through what we have gone through and are still going through.

This is our experience, and we hope that through our experience everyone will see what this world has become in the neglect and abuse of animals.

My husband and I ran into an ad we found online selling all of their adult english bulldogs. We talked to the lady and she said the only reason she was getting out of them was because she was too old to be getting up at night with the puppies.

She had told us that she had put the puppies with their mommies in the oudoor kennel and went out to see that the mothers had laid on most of their babies. :(

We knew we could do way better than that, so we decided to work a deal out with her. We signed a contract stating that when we had the puppies, and sold them we would pay her for the adults, $10,000.

When we got the 5 girls and the male home. We started to see why God led us down this path. This was a rescue mission. The dogs were living in outdoor conditions, in the elements. We brought them in our home, as we don't think any animal should live outdoors.

She never gave me a shot record on any of the dogs, and said that her husband took care of all that. I asked when her husband would be home, and she said she'd just give me a call with the information.

She never called me, so I ended up having to call her. When I finally got a hold of her, come to find out the dogs were overdue on vaccinations by 3 months. I immediately gave everyone a vaccination, started everyone of them on heartgard, and wormed everyone of them. This was within 4 days of getting them home. When I had her on the phone, I asked her how well they do with baths. Which she mentioned, her husband went through with a water hose and sprayed them down from time to time. :(

Needless to say their first experience in the tub didn't go so well, and they were so terrified that I ended up getting a tetanus shot from all of the scratch marks I received from them, as their nails hadn't been trimmed since they were born. :(

Once everyone was cleaned up, toe nails clipped, we started seeing the underlying health issues these poor animals had endured in her care.

We had one precious girl named Lula, her health issues were more visible than the rest. We noticed she would walk into walls and couldn't hear us when we would try to call her. We immediately took her to the vet, to find out she had severe entropian (eyelashes rolling into her eye), that she was 90% blind. When the doctor looked at her ears, he gasped. He said she had such severe infections that it looked like she had suffered from it for her whole life. She wasn't even 3 yrs. old yet. He said she would need massive ear reconstruction due to the golf ball size scar tissue in her ears and that the surgery would render her 100% deaf. He said that she had little to no hearing as it was, but that the ear surgery would stop the continuous problems she was having.. He sent us home with medication for her eyes and ears, and said he didn't perform those surgeries and we would need to either adopt her out to a pet home or find a specialist that does that type of work. We called around to several dr.'s, but to no end couldn't find anyone in the area. We kept her medicated on allergy medication, ear medication, and eye medication. We found a very loving pet home for her that said they were willing to go through everything we had been dealing with and would even see about getting her surgeries. We were thrilled... We still stay in touch with her, and since she couldn't find a dr. in her area she had to adopt the poor girl out to someone in a bigger city. She has since had her ears reconstructed and eyes done, and still goes through aniphalctic shock from her allergies. The dr.'s have tested her and still can't find the allergy issue. Now here is the really disgusting thing.. She had bred this dog, and had produced puppies off of her. When I started doing some more research on this woman, we found a man out of Pennsylvania that currently has a lawsuit against her for shipping him a $2000 puppy, knowing he had a grade 4 knee (knee cap in the wrong place). She had taken the puppy to her vet. for a well check before she shipped him up to this man, and her vet. told her that the buyers needed to be aware of the grade 4 knee and that it would require surgery to fix. The man was not notified.

The next female I'm going to tell you about, is princess daisy. That poor baby.. She was diagnosed with having severe hip displaysia (hip sockets out), causing knee issues. We adopted her out to veterinary technician, where she would receive the care that she needs. A month after being at her new home, she started have grand mal seizures. She called me and told me what was going on, and that she was going to take her in to work the next day to find out why she had started having seizures. The dr. put her on anti inflammatory meds for her knees and hips, and said just watch her and tell me what she is doing with the seizures, should it ever happen again. Well, needless to say the dog had another and another and another and another seizure. The dr. re examined her and suspected she had been exposed to Distemper as a puppy, which was eating away her brain and nervous system. Thank God, I had kept up all my vaccinations on my dogs.. They put her on anti seizure medication, which worked for a couple weeks, then she was back to violent seizures. They put her on something else, which helped for a couple weeks, then she was back to the violent seizures. She recently contacted me to let me know that things weren't getting any better and they had decided to lay Daisy to rest. She was laid to rest 3/26/2012 at 1:30pm. :(

The next female she sold me is Ellie. Ellie was dripping some stuff from her vaginal area when we got her home. We knew this wasn't normal at all. We took her straight to the University of Columbia to get her tested, to find out she had pus in her uterus (pyometra). We had a reproductive specialist working with us on her. He put her on medication and after giving him the history of these dogs, decided to put everyone on antibiotics. We took her back to our vet for a recheck and he said she had cleared up and didn't see a reason why she couldn't go ahead and have a healthy litter of babies her next heat cycle. 6 months later, she came into heat.. We took her to the vet to make sure everything was still ok, and for a precautionary he put her on antibiotics throughout her heat cycle. Our vet. bred her 7-10 days later, while still on antibiotics. 60 days later we took her in for her c-section, where she delivered 5 health babies. :) 10 days later she ruptured and died. The vet. said she must've suffered from pyometra several times in her life and that is what caused her uterus to become so thin, that caused her uterus to rupture out, and killed her. We were unaware of any previous pyometra as this breeder had told us she had 8 health puppies at one time. Had we known there were any previous history of pyometra, we would've never considered breeding her at all.

The next one I'm going to tell you about is the male that she sold me with this group of girls. He was so sweet, he was my hubbies favorite. They were best buddies.. He died 6 months after we got him due to congestive heart failure. Unforunately we had bred him to several of the girls before we found this out, as genetic heart disease is not noticeable even to our veterinarians. We had bred him to one of our personal females that was not purchased from this woman. Princess delivered 6 puppies, just to turn around and lose 4 of them from heart failure at 3 days old. :(

We had bred him to another one of the females that she sold us, which she had 1 puppy that was diagnosed with a grade 5 heart murmmur and a hypoglythalmic eye (eye stopped growing). She was laid to rest at 8 wks. old.

Needless to say, that was the most heartbreaking moment of our lives. I wanted to strangle the woman from all the pain she had caused this family. My daughter cried everyday as she watched us bury the little ones. It nearly killed her.

I had called this woman several times throughout this whole mess and she said, "Amber, I sold you good breeding dogs, with good utereus'." You should've seen my mouth drop with that conversation. I told her about taking the dogs to the university to get them the medical care they needed, at which time she said; "I don't put too much faith in what the vet's say." WOW, now that floored me..

Normally, I just move on and just look at this as a learning experience, and say to myself, "They at least had the opportunity to feel human kindness and love from us, while they were here." BUT, I've decided to push it further.. I am now in the biggest battle against this woman, I'm prosecuting her.

I have prayed and asked God, if this is the route to take, and I keep feeling him pushing me in this direction. These dogs need the justice they deserve, someone has to speak for them.

I guess the reason I wanted to write about this, is not just to let out frustration, but to caution everyone. If someone has more than 10 dogs, this shouldn't be supported. I barely keep up with the 3, I have..

You don't know how many times I just wanted to walk away from this and say forget it, as this has been going on for almost 2 yrs. now.. Court systems are slow. But something keeps pushing me forward saying this woman needs to be stopped. The owner of the dog that was laid to rest on 3/26/12, sent me a video of Daisy's last days. She was having seizures up to 7 times a night, towards the end. I play this video everyday, to remind myself that I am doing the right thing. I need to let the world know.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope everyone uses caution when buying from someone they don't know.

She is complaining about a debt, but has nothing to say about the sick dogs she is wanting us to pay for. Our first court hearing was 2/15/2012, where my attorney won that round. She has since not posted a counter claim on us, and we have a default hearing set for 4/11/12. We will win that one as well.She doesn't have the vet. records on any of these dogs, and that is why she doesn't know what to do, now. I guess she never thought she would be up against someone like me.

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To the person pursuing legal action against Pitbull Kennel.

I commend you. As a behaviorist and Vet., I see this all too often in the bully breeds. Consumers must stand up to stop the exploitation of dogs.

Thank you from WI


I purchased a puppy from Amber in September 2011 and I live in another state. I am VERY satisfied with my puppy purchase and she has been nothing but helpful. The puppy was very healthy when he arrived and I am happy to have added him to my family.


I got my bulldog from Amber in January 2011. I absolutely had no problems.

She let me see him before I purchased him.

She has been there with me since I purchased him with any concerns that I have had with him (which is just puppy stuff, nothing with the bloodline). I have recommended her to all my friends and will continue to.

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