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| map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

Tommy Terrifics - Shoes Review from Boston, Massachusetts

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Its a shame. This business does nice shoes by the pictures and has a huge following. But the customer service is very bad. Promises not kept. My shoes were mailed on the same day the were supposed to arrive. In addition the seller didn't do the shoes as stated in the invoice. Im still waiting on the shoes. I was promised overnight delivery instead shipped priority. Nasty phone conversation by Marlon only calmed down when i didn't yell back. Sent me text message saying im whiney. Refuses to send a return label for when they show up if they do. I have all the emails and text messages i will be uploading to Facebook. He issued an apology on faceboook blaming post office. The tracking clearly states mailed January 30 in the evening although they were promised to be delivered January 30. I even recd 2 different tracking numbers and both numbers show no movement. They were also stated to sent next day. Instead went priority. He stated im the only customer to complain and i can see why he deleted any comments you put on his Facebook page. Its a shame such a talent very talented but horrible customer service. These were for the superbowl well that won't happen and don't wait for an apology. Only after i said i was contacting credit card company abd paypal did his tone change. Even offering a free pair if i return. Yeah like i would trust that. The reason is paypal has many complaints and it affects him. So he doesn't want another strike. If he had just been honest saying he fell behind and offered to correct the missing patriots wording i wouldn't be here. He hasn't answered the emails but started answering the text when filing a complaint. Im even filing with bbb. This is shameful. If he has the nerve to respond to this and claims any if this is false i have all the documentation to back up everything that is written here
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

I ordered 2 pair of shoes. After complaining publicly, I got one pair.

Never got the other, promised a refund.. Guess what?? NEVER got that either!!!

Do not order from these frauds!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF i ever get my shoes or refund, I will comment publicly !


I too had a bad experience with phone coversation with Marlyn. He is rude , nasty, disrespectful.

I called about a complaint about a hat that I ordered.He actually said I was whiney, but I was actually very respectable talking to him. He is very difficult to work with.

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map-marker Culpeper, Virginia

Shoes Review

Paid for my shoes in April 2014 and 6 months later no shoes and no response.
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Custom Made Shoes Review

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map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

No response/ Never sent contest winnings

I own two pairs of shoes from this designer. The first pair I emailed him aboutand never got a response. My friend was emailing them about shoes for herself and was getting a response so I gave her the cash and she ordered them for me no problem. The second pair I contacted them myself. Paid for tge shoes and a few moths went by with no response to my numerous emails. I finally filed a paypal complaint and all of a sudden Marlon the owner contacted me explaining he was out of town and a whole "cats away mice will play" excuse. I finally got my shoes and didn't hold the mix up against him and the company. Then I participated in his contests which I won 2 of. The forst one was before xmas I won a tshirt which I never saw but brushed pff. Now almost a month ago I won a free pair of shoes. He messaged me once and since then has not responded to any of my messages. I noticed him doing more give aways the otherday on facebook but wouldnt respond to me. I do not recommend this company any longer and when people ask me where I got my shoes I now tell them the horror story and recommend another designer.
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Who's the other designer? I am still waiting for almost a month and it was supposed to be 7 to 10 business days.

He told me he was sick so i let it go. Im checking the mail this week if i dont receive them im filing a complaint.

map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

Bad business

On october 25th I placed an order for an amazing pair of patriots shoes for my sisters birthday. I told everyone about this company an my friends were so excited. I was never given a ship date or tracking number just told that the shoes usually take 7-10 days. # weeks later and about three emails later I finally hear from MJ who says they got in a bad shipment of shoes and mine would be on the top of the list. I quickly responded asking for a response..four days later I email again as well as face book. I state I want a refund within 5 minutes I get a response that a request will be put in to paypal for my refund. One week later still nothing..I have emailed this company at least five times I have been beyond patient and now after over a month I have to have paypal take care of this for me and they said the company has to give me the shoes or a refund. I dont want one dollar of my money going towards this company. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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Sabrinia Yic

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| map-marker Olney, Maryland

Ripped off by Tommy Terrific Clothing

I paid for 2 pairs of shoes early March 2013 for a special event 6April - was told they would take 7-10 days before they were sent. After many emails and PM on FB, I only received one abusive PM back, then when he realised I lodged a complain with Paypal he was very nice. Stupidly I lifted the paypal complaint and 1 pair of shoes arrived 15 April - they were the exact shoe I had sent photos of and said I DID NOT WANT. Now 7 Jun13 - still no refund for second pair of shoes and no shoes, he has also blocked me on Fb and ignores all emails , when I call hescreams at me.
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steelerjenn g
map-marker El Cajon, California

Very Poor Customer Service.doesn't return email query

I saw an post on facebook from Tommy Terrifics for custom designed pittsburgh steeler heels. I decided to place an order and inquired about the cost and how long it would take to receive them after payment was received. I paid $110 for Steeler heels on August 27th..I was told to allow 2weeks for delivery. 5 emails and multiple excuses I still haven't received the merchandise that I ordered from Tommy Terrifics. They aren't answering my emails and have blocked me from responding on their website... I would strongly caution people to steer clear of this company and report them to the Better Business organization.
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Funny. Same thing happened to me...

but every one swears this is the best company ever. Yes he is seemingly a very sweet man but his customer service is awful. He has told me 4 different times that my shoes have been shipped and I still haven't received them.

Its been 2 months. I may be filing a complaint with paypal to get my money back

Nicolette M Jum
map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

Tommy-Terrifics- terrible run business poor customer service****03925 This man runs a poor excuse for a store, he promises potential clients that by sending an e-mail with their name contact info what they would like their order will be placed and responded too (several e-mails sent over a two week period) he currently runs his business through a facebook page offering logo shoes, when customers make an inquiry as to why their e-mail was not responded too , he because rude and says things like "you never placed an order with us" calls people names and tells them they have no right to be asking questions, and the shoes are sold out as of such and such date (all e-mails where sent well before that day) When I offered to post a screen shot of my e-mail his page after being told i never sent an e-mail the thread was deleted and I was ignored. The man had a great idea starting this store, but has terrible customer service skills. It seems he picks who can get an order and who can not at random and then praises those he gave orders too. My suggestion to you don't bother paying $100 for his shoes buy yourself some paint and a stencil and do it yourself for half the price and don't bother with his poor business/ customer service skills.
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I never thought the complaints true till a comment was posted to his Facebook page and the comment wasn't even a bad comment he deleted the comment and told my family member never to talk to him again he said he couldn't believe she said that then he said yes he could believe she said it and all she said was she couldn't wait to get the prize she had won he is such a mean person over a simple comment that wasn't even mean or rude I will not buy from him any more nor will the rest of my friends and family he had no right to be so rude to someone like that over nothing at all :(


:( It is true. Lots of lies.

Lots of run around. Paid for shoes and never received them. Just excuse after excuse.

He deletes post off his page that question where the orders are and keeps only the remarks he wants to make himself look good. I am sure he has ripped off tons of people.

Laquanda Otc
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Same here. Sent an invoice oh how were to be made.

Promised an next day delivery. Due date was January 31st he shipped January 31 priority. We had a verbal contract he did not honor still no shoes i di have a tracking i want ti return but he has been so dishonest and rude he will say the box is empty. He just lied to me about paypal.

He called about his attorney. I told to have then contact me. If the shoes arrive im taking them ti the Patriots office to see if they are ok to wear and licensed. I was told he has to have a license with nfl to reproduce and sell their trademark.

Since you can't post negative on faceboook since he will delete it. Take to social media and Internet. He is talented but very dishonest and horrible customer service. He should be called tommy terrible not terrifics.

I have heard from several people who lied to about shipping dates as well. I wish i had googled first instead of going by his page.

He only keeps compliments live and learn. he said he told paypal he didn't want my money another lie as its not listed in the case

Jaime L Fbw

Oh dear Lord! I hit useful thinking it would tell me what people were saying about Tommt!!!

FUDGE!!! It is ***!!! Tommy is what his name is TOMMY TERRIFICS!!! I have never had an issue with any of my transactions with Tommy!

I get more compliments on my items that I have purchased and won thru him. Why would he scam someone out of $100 if he has paying customers that love him and he gives items away!!! His work is the best around and makes all of his fans happy! I had ordered a pair of shoes for a friends birthday and ordered the incorrect size, he was more than happy to work with me and get the right size for my friend.

SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM!!! I think the complaint here on Tommy Terrifics is complete ***!!! I messaged him the other day and got a reply within mins... Never an issue about returning emails!!!

It makes me so upset to see someone say something so terrible about someone so terrific!!! so to end this...

Tommy On!!! and *** off to the haters!!!!


This is BS.. I have two pairs of Tommy Terrifics shoes!

And they are one of a kind.. This man is the kindest, hardest working man I know. He is designing shoes, and painting his heart out, even when he is sick. This man has helped so many people, and his talent speaks for itself.

All of his followers are considered his family. We all love him, and talk on a regular basis. You can always reach him via e-mail, or he even gives his phone #. There is no way anything wrong with, or about Tommy Terrifics, or his bussiness.

He is true blue to his customers, and makes us feel like Family. I think some people need to find real things to complain about.. As always Tommy On !!!!!!!!!!!

love my Tommy Terrifics!! :)

Sharise Oaj

Let me start by saying that when I noticed the date that this complaint was written I see that it was right around the time Tommy Terrifics was just getting up and running. I wouldn’t doubt that this person did receive whatever it was they purchased maybe just with a slight delay. Too bad they didn’t have the respect to come back and delete this post or if that wasn’t possible at least publicly apologize. Most new businesses always have kinks and quirks to work out at the beginning, no business starts out with no issues. The first year is always a learning experience and if the business is still in existence at the end of the year, then that in itself says something. Not only is Tommy Terrifics still in business, but it has flourished and grown into not only an Amazing business but a community of incredible people and the connection the owner has with pretty much each person he comes in contact with is one that each customer is honored to have been a part of. I myself have ordered several things through TT’s and have received each wonderful item in a timely fashion and he always went above and beyond my expectations with his work. To say I am a happily satisfied customer is putting it lightly.

I personally would like to express my pleasure in regards to the service, quality and outstanding service I have received from Tommy Terrifics. It has been such a pleasure to work with a company that knows the meaning of efficiency, quality and respect for their customers. I have truly appreciated and enjoyed the friendly business relationship I have had with this company. Each individual I have dealt with treated me as if I was a close friend and I was given the utmost respect and courtesy. I have been extremely impressed in the growth this company has had in this last year and the client base it has been able to build and the fact that most of his business is all done though Facebook is amazing. The connection he has made with the community he has created on Facbook is unique in so many ways. He has made himself more accessible to his clients than any business I have ever dealt with. I do a lot of work in the customer service area and if more owners of companies and corporations were able to grasp the importance of the customer relations TT’s has they would realize how much bigger their client base could be. It is just so rare nowadays to find that personable, genuine person in sales that Marlon truly is. He genuinely cares about each one of his customers and is always working to go above and beyond even as much as making sure to contribute to charities through his incredible work. I do believe if you take the time to interact with TT”s and get to know this business yourself there will be no questions that this is in NO WAY a terrible run business. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Tommy Terrifics and to purchasing more of his wonderful, well made products..

Judy Lxj

I'm not sure who the people are that have complained, but something doesn't seem right here. I have ordered 3 pairs of heels, one pair of sneakers, two handbags, two backpacks, 4 hats and a number of tee shirts.

The owner of this business and his wife are two of the nicest, most generous, down to earth people I have ever met. They have always responded to me in a timely and professional manner. I have never had an issue and have actually always been treated with the utmost respect. People have to understand that these creations are all done by Marlon.

He does not have others to help with that. These are not mass produced like some others. I have been asked about my shoes and handbags when I have been out and I have refefred people to Tommy Terrifics. They too have had great experiences and have started to order their second or third pair.

I will continue to support someone who I am proud to call a "friend". He is a true gentleman and doesn't deserve the lies people are spreading about him.

Tommy On!! :grin


This is insane! The owner of Tommy Terrifics is an amazingly talented, dedicated, hard-working man who goes above and beyond to make his customers happy.

I've worked in the customer service industry my entire life and I can honestly say I have never seen such a dedicated customer-minded individual. This man would give you the shirt off his back if he could! I have received several pairs of Tommy Terrifics shoes and each and every one was perfect in every way and received in a very timely fashion. I've never once had an issue reaching Marlon, whether it be via email, facebook, or by calling him at the number he leaves time and time again on his facebook page (that's right people, this man gives out his person phone number right on facebook so if you're having a hard time getting in touch with him the issue is very obviously on your end)!

I don't know what you were trying to acheive by spreading such ridiculous lies about such a great man, (a free pair of shoes maybe? Some people will do anything for a handout) but it's people like you who are what's wrong with the world today. You make me absolutely sick.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Keep on Tommying On Marlon Clark because you are doing a fantastic job!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-591339

Well said!!! Love ya Marlon!!


This is a blatant accusation against a hardworking man who is VERY HONEST and very reputable! I have ordered 2 pairs of shoes and got them when I was told I would.

He even gave me his phone number late at night because I wanted his shoes so badly before the Super Bowl last year. He had BOTH pairs shipped to me exactly when he said he would. His wife is amazing and very sweet. Their customer service is impeccable and beyond my expectation.

He has given away shoes, raised money for fundraisers and has used his talents to benefit so many women who now can proudly call him OUR FRIEND. STOP YOUR LIES ABOUT TOMMY TERRIFICS.


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