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Commented on the lack of service in this deli before and even heard back from Tom Thumb apologizing. Obviously, didn't do any good. Been back several times because I think they have the best cold cuts available in the area. The two women behind the counter look at me like I just crawled out of the lagoon. Never a smile, NEVER a good morning or hello, never cut the meat the way I asked for, never a thank you. Guess I will have to drive to ...
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I didn't like
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I was at my local Tom Thumb Deli to purchase fried chicken. It was approximately 5:30 on September 14, 2016. There was no fried chicken in the food tray and I could clearly see some was cooking. I ask the attendant how long it would be before the chicken would be done, he looked back at the cooker and said "I don't know he didn't set the timer" I said ok thanks and walked out of the store. My concerns here are the fact that if the timer was...
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I frequently shop at the Tom Thumb located at 4010 N MacArthur Boulevard, Irving, Tx. The staff at the deli counter is horrible. They do not want to wait on customers. You will walk up and in most cases there is no one at the deli and if they see you walk up, they look the opposite way to avoid any eye contact. It is virtually impossible to get their attention to get any service. I mentioned they should have a bell that we could press to...
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Tom Thumb Deli Department Review

Not knowing how to speak enough english to servis me right