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Lend my card for one payment, they used it as a recurring card because they did not have a different, their 599/month is a reap off,. . .I cannot cancel it because I am not in the contract..the realtor that used them followed instruction to the T and he did not even got a single a nightmare to stop their charges. I spoke with different people in their administration and just keep bouncing me from one person to the other, every person... Read more

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Just got my first call called "free coaching" which actually is just a sale call and at the end when arrived the part of choosing the plan when I said I needed to talk to my husband about investing that kind of money per month he said: when you will be in front of a client who wants to sell his $1M house and ask you to spend $500 in advertising are you going to answer I'll ask my husband??" what kind of question is that....There is a big... Read more

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After making 4, $599 a month payments, I had 3 coaching calls. One of them was the "get to know you" call. This program immediately felt like a waste of money and time. Then, we lost our granddaughter and everything about me just shut down. When I called the support center, they reminded me, "you have a 1 year contract" and pointed out that I should be using the online videos. So now, for $599 a month, I need to watch videos I can probably... Read more

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I just came back from their Las Vegas seminar. I didn't last a half of a day. Too much rah-rah, high fives, screaming like cavemen and ***. Then, a few days later, I get a call from a coach wanting to follow up with me. I told her the program wasn't for me. She then told me that 95% of agents don't last 3 years and I would be dropping out of real estate soon. Can you believe it? What kind of company says that to a prospective client. In that one... Read more

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The coaching is horrible! I even tried going to the events. The coach forgets about you and over the phone, it's just sales, not real advice. It's difficult to reach them and they're always in a rush. I know they have a lot of clients but I wish it was more personalized. If they think you're doubting the effectiveness of their program, they start flirting trying to sweet talk you. That's weird. It's disrespectful and it's not going to help me... Read more

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What a horrible place. It isn't just a rip off, this is the most unethical company I have ever heard of! That includes all the fake ones on sitcoms. They don't deliver. They charge you for BS. And when customer service, billing or whatever can't or doesn't want to help you. They just hang up! And I ignore their sales calls, but they block their caller ID number so I'll pick up. What kind of company would make that kind of effort!? Read more

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I just got off of the phone with a guy from the Tom Ferry organization. He was one of their sales people. The worst experience I have ever had with a professional organization. First, the guy missed his scheduled appointment time and wanted me to reschedule my afternoon appointment to accommodate his schedule. I refused and went on my appointment with a client. He calls me back that afternoon around 6 pm. I am home from work getting ready... Read more

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I'll have to agree with the previous post. I bought into this nonsense as a new real estate agent thinking that it will help me to get leads. After spending $600 and not realizing that it was a monthly billing cycle for 12 months. After a few months I was not able to make the payments, and they would not cancel my contract. This is a complete waste of money for two calls a month with someone telling you things you already know. Complete waste of... Read more

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You know it is an awful company that you are dealing with when they provide a cancellation agreement that keeps you from talking in anyway about their company. They offer an awful service then want to make sure that you can't tell anyone about it. I think it is safe to say they know nothing about Business ethics. When viewing the 'Guarantee' on the contract you will realize that it is nearly impossible to meet all of the conditions and they rope... Read more

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I am posting this review because I hope that noone else is taken advantage or treated as I have been by the Tom Ferry organization. I can go on and on about how the coaches employed by Tom Ferry really don't offer the same level of substance and coaching that Tom Ferry promotes at his seminars. They are far from it and this is therefore very deceiving and misleading. I did coaching for a year and tried 2 different coaches who both ended up... Read more

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