They always have a excuse why they won't fix things and its their responsibility!

My driveway is all crack up and I trip on it all the time! It's their job to fix it I pay a high fee the highest fee hat any HOA I ever had! They do nothing but make excuses! If I won't to sell my property it needs to look presentable!!! They went up on the fees they were supposed to come down after the project which is over!!! I have buyers remorse!!! I guess I just need to move it depressing trying to get anything done with them!!!

User's recommendation: Find out who you pay your HOA to before you buy a property!

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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Warning to others

When your contract expires with them FIND someone else they aren't for your community they are against the homeowners. If you want to have your HOA ruled from behind an iron curtain- this is the property management company for you. There are a lot of questions about how our HOA has been run and since our BOD is in hiding and won't come out, I reached out to Tolley on multiple occasions seeking guidance on procedural questions related to our by laws etc. The rep for our HOA refused to answer and told me to read the by laws myself. Our neighborhood is trying desperately to engage our BOD and they, along with Tolley are all in hiding and refuse to engage in actual discussions with the Association members. Several requests for meetings have been denied. Zero stars - would not recommend.

User's recommendation: stay FAR AWAY.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Preferred solution
work with the community to get a meeting of the members scheduled within 30 days
New Reviewer

DO NOT use Tolley Management Company

Tolley Management company is not only full of liars but all employees are completely unprofessional. They will lie and win the contact with the HOA and then they have NO consideration for the neighbors. They do not do what a management company is supposed to do. The do not communicate, it takes weeks to hear back. You can't even get updated community documents on your portal. Jason Tolley is a condescending sorry excuse for a manger. In particular, Jayme Austin is the WORST community manager. She will lie, delete documents and speak to her "clients" in the worst manner. STAY FAR AWAY!

User's recommendation: DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT. They will deceive you.

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Why? Probably one of the minions Tolley has to try and delete any truth spread about the HORRIBLE company that they truly are


Which of Tolley's communities do you live in?

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Tolley Community Management Customer Care
  • Jayme austin
Preferred solution
It's beyond repair

Refusal to open amenities or offer refund of association dues

Tolley Is Using Covid 19 as an excuse to leave our small pool closed In a community of about 130 homes. We pay $1000 a year in association dues. The pool is our only Amenity besides a small tennis court. They refuse to address the issue of refunding any part of the annual dues despite the financial hardship of the homeowners. They also left our front entrance sign demolished for over 4 months after just having received all the dues in April. Any communications with them results in extremely rude Unapologetic push back. They are an unethical and unprofessional company. I will be contacting my attorney about a class action suit against them.

User's recommendation: Use a different management company.

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Agree same problem


Which of Tolley's communities do you live in?

@Peripheral V

A neighborhood being taken advantage of by Tolley in Woodstock. Along with MANY others


1000/year div. x12 mo.

= $83.33 per month x 2 months of nonessentials out of service you won't even break even after the lawyer fees.

You're out about $15 per month. Recommendation : never become involved with an association.


Same situation in Highland Colony neighborhood in Roswell, GA. Jayme Austin is our “community manager” and she is the worst.


Do NOT EVER use Tolley Management Company is beyond horrible. Our community manager, Jayme Austin, takes weeks to respond to an email if she even feels the need to.

She will not return voicemails. When she does respond she is unprofessional, condescending and does not answer anything. She has been caight in multiple lies. They cannot even do there job.

They will win over the HOA to get a contract and then it is a fraud. AGAIN, NEVER USE TOLLEY


Do you know of any other Tolley Communities having trouble getting their pools open?

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Cumming, Georgia

Absolutely the worst

Go on Yelp and the BBB and read the reviews. They are nasty, don't clean up the property, don't return emails or calls, never walk the property, and treat the unit owners horribly. All they do is blow leaves once a week. Really the worst. They want to be paid for doing nothing, and that's what they do.....nothing. I heard they play a lot of games with community bank accounts which creates a "smoke and mirrors" money management system. They also refuse to give all unit owners a copy of the budget.
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#1414011 Review #1414011 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tolley Community Management Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Just a liar

Tolley Community Management - Just a liar
I will just say this, If you want somebody to use your money and work again you, this is your guy. He will make your life impossible. He thinks he is better than anyone else and will not help with anything. He just want to be friendly with the board members to make money for doing nothing. My house is falling apart on the outside and this guy laugh at my face and even told me that he could managed the bylaws the way he wanted to. I will recommend you to be very careful with this person and the hole tolley community management.
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The author is correct - Tolley does lie about "not receiving" emails from folks who own a home on a property that Tolley manages. Example: in spring 2016, a neighbor reported an external water line leak to Tolley.

He claimed he never got the email, but I know he did (I was BCC'd, and the sender received no bounce-back notification). As a result, the leak ran and ran for two full days before a plumber came out to do the repair. Guess who pays the water bill? We do.

Tolley's paying clients. Furthermore, the plumber left piles of red clay on our street that created a red clay mud river with every rain. We lived with that mess for 24 days.

Tolley never lifted a finger when we complained about the mess. His company just ignores emails.


Be careful around Mike Tolley. Very *** dude. Gets some sort of perverted pleasure out of harassing his paying HOA members via email. He will continue to send you sarcastic, holier-than-thou emails even after you ask him to stop responding.

This is intent to harm.

The really gross thing about this nut job is that he laughs at you over his own poor treatment of you. He loves, loves, loves the Board members and will do their bidding, despite the majority homeowner opinion and vote against his decisions. Hires the worst contractors. Nothing but negative reviews about his egregious behavior online.... next stop: Woodstock police and a background check on this lunatic.

Be careful. He has no regard for human life.


OMG - this is all absolutely true! Our community in Atlanta has had AWFUL experience with this company.

This guy actually considers it a compliment when you label him an *** Serious. He loves to hurt the homeowners, in a very personal way. A narcissist, although he has no qualities to be proud of. Arrogant.

Know-it-all. Everyone else is wrong and he is right. All of the time. Complete ***.

HOAs, stay far, far away from Tolley Community Management/Backyard Realty.

Worst service EVER. They get paid to harass their very own clients. Problem is, our HOA president has an equally big ego (thinks he is King, not a Board director), so the two of them have turned our 50-unit community into one miserable, unhappy bunch. They have let the landscaping go.

They hire the WORST contractors, that we have to continue to pay to re-do the SAME repair jobs over and over. Someone is getting their palms greased.


Yep, that's him in a nutshell. Arrogant, dishonest, takes the money, doesn't give a *** about getting the job done, and laughs when you complain about it.


He is a pathetic ***!


Tolley Community Management will not assist individual home owners when a neighbor violates issues that may be difficult for Tolley to address. Managers such as Jayme Parsons out right lie.

Once you have angered these people they harass you.

Never turn your HOA over to this company. You are wasting your HOA dollars.


Jayme Austin is a liar and dishonest. Maybe she got married, but it sounds like the same unprofessional joke we have.


I completely agree with this individual. They also team up with board members and harass homeowners who do not agree wth the board.

In other words they harass you for voicing your own opinions in meetings. They even allow boards to refuse to go by their covenants by refusng to step down and allow new board members to serve thereby creating a dictatorship.


If someone does not leave their name then I discredit anything that they say.


I am writing this to retract my previews statement/comment about Tolley community Management.

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#399190 Review #399190 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New York, New York

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