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Toco denied my claim saying that the oil leak has been going on for a while.I took my truck in after i lost power and due to the leak they denied my claim. How do you know that you have a leak. I try to talk to them and got the run around. This is a double talking company who just want your money. That want a show room car not a use one. When i have follow the the oil change and no one tells you that there is a leak, so you don't know. To anyone...
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Purchased a policy from toco they told me there was a waiting period of 60 days AND 1000 miles before I could place a claim.It's been almost 90 days and well over 1000 miles. Went to the mechanic to finally place a claim...toco says the policy is too "new" and wanted to send their own inspector which they did. I've been without my vehicle for more then 3 days!! Called toco for them only to tell me that my claim has been denied!! First: they...
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Toco Warranty Auto Claim Review

I had an older suburban that needed some engine repair and some a/c, i took it in to the dealership for the repairs and the claim was rejected. They wouldnt even repair a blower motor resister after they told me it was covered