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If it looks like a scam, acts like a scam, sells like a scam, and denies claims like a scam, its a scam.

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These toco bird attacks make me think Toco supporters are similar to Trump supporters they scam you and attack you for calling them out on their nonsense Read more

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I have a masters degree in civil engineering, so I am not ignorant by the literal definition. Boy do I feel dumb after this merry go round. I have a family, a mortgage, credit cards and other bills and thought it would be some extra peace of mind knowing if anything happened to my car I would not miss work and at the same time have to fork over thousands of dollars to fix it and so I got talked into a plan. What I can say, half the people on... Read more

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This company a scam and it seems like the only ones who respond are the people who work there trying to be grammer police.

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Wow......just WOW! Can anyone spell on this site? If you want to know who the suckers are that are born every minute....well, here you go. These people can't even spell simple words. It's no wonder they fall for scamming companies like this one and then get mad because their cars that they paid $500 for don't get fixed. Lmao @ these fools.

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This jokers be sounded like wolf of wallstreet selling junk bonds or whatever they was selling. Depecrio was all on those commercials and then popping pills driving a lambo with you fools dinero. Do it even be sounding legits, like doggy let me get 50 a month and then after 30 days i gladly pay your 2500 transmission bill if it blow? Man who do that you cant even get a church to do no charitable *** like that Read more

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I talked to this thug named D C what a ghetto chump. Thought because I am black too we had something in common like we all brothers and then gave me this lame *** pitch on how he had my back. Homie I am from the hood too and i would trust some cracker over yo scamming butt telling me everything is covered. Then I get his email and it says Doane Kimball so basically he gave me his hood name. Would any legit companies not make someone use their... Read more

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I called and talked to a very pushy sales person , he interrupted me three times because he had to go to the bathroom . He apologised but said it was because he had eaten to much chicken wings and now has diareea. He kept *** and I could here him laughing and joking with other People about it . It was really strange but he seemed nice , but I didn't sign up because something didn't seem right , but maybe I'll call back and speak to Ken before... Read more

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They pay for nothing, even the littlest thing, not worth it.. horrible coverage! Never recommend, cancelling my coverage.

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toco warranty no good..don't let this tifhs to take your money..

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