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I bought a tissot PRS 516 automatic watch from C T Pundole in Pune ,INDIA. From first day the watch had a problem that it added 4 minutes to real time every day and sometimes it stopped altogether and did not function for days ,even after rewinding it. I gave it to C T Pundole in pune for repair.First they told me that it will take at least 6-8 months .After further requesting,they agreed to give it back in 3 weeks after repair.After 2 weeks of...
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I have a Tissot PRS200. I bought it in St. John, SUVA. The original battery only lasted about 3 months. Since I didn't know how long it had been on the shelf at "Little Switzerland" I had the battery replaced. The new battery died after just 4 months. I then sent it in for warranty repair. When I picked it up it was working but I that only lasted about 3 months and it quit again. It has been sitting in my jewelry box ever since. I will never buy...
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h.kitchener You assume you bought an original Tissot watch. Perhaps you didn't.


I bought a TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR in June 2016 and noticed a defect in the display by July. I returned it to the retailer and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to repair, this is ridiculously long. Since i handed over the watch and the warranty card I have heard nothing. The watch was AUD 1500 and is the first watch i have ever had to return. So much for a quality brand! I went to their website to submit a complaint and ask for a repair...
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mike_m1963 Still have not got the watch back yet! Was told 13 October and now maybe 25 October - rediculous!!!

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