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Purchased a Tissot from JOMASHOP online. Box arrived via UPS Came timely on October 3rd. Item was not new. At the very best it was an "open box" item, possibly used or refurbished. Tried contacting them several times. Called several times. Tried all options (my calls could not go through beyond the message, they had my phone number, perhaps they have an ignore option). Response to my email was "No customers taken" a cumbersome, costly, and...
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I didn't like
  • Offered no resolution
  • Rude customer service and poor management
  • Dishonesty
In 2004, I bought the Tissot T-Touch in Tripoli, Libya for 700 LYD (516 USD). I enjoyed the watch and had to replace the battery 6 years later, which was excellent. In 2013, I realized a crown was missing and went to the Swatch Group Service Center in Korea to get it replaced. They said it would cost 210,000 KRW (179 USD) to replace a single crown, which I was OK with, since I had a terrific time with that watch. However, they said they...
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I didn't like
  • Product warranty
  • Product
  • Customer service