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I questioned the tire price going up in a few days and the clerk said there was nothing he could do to return the money. He could not credit my card and wanted to give me an oil change. No way. I told him I wanted the original price quoted and he said the home office would credit my card. We'll see. It was $19.10 I had coming on the credit. Still waiting. Next, when I got home I checked the tires and found one had 80 lbs of air and the other...
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I went in to Tire Discount in Columbus Ohio on Georgeville Rd spoke with Steve who was VERY NICE!! I was told that my tires did need to be replace , and that my tires tread shouldn't have been this bad so soon. He called the manager (Larry)to discuss my situation he agree to give me 30 percent off tire first than once talking to my husband 40 percent. I still believe more of discount should have been given. I understand I used 4000 miles of...
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When I first came to Tire Discounters I was asking about prices and if they matched the prices because I needed 4 new tires and I needed them fast, with Wal-mart just across the street they had far better prices and when I was unsatisfied with Tire Discounters prices an associate assured me they could match that price and find me something better. I took a night to think it over and went back to the store as the price was pretty high. I went...
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I didn't like
  • Being cheated out of money
  • Dishonest
  • Poor service