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The wrong brake pads were put on my car in September. I had to have the brake pads replaced after Tire Discounters put them on. I also had to have the rotors replaced due to the wrong brake pads being put on my brakes. I have been trying to get Tire Discounters to just refund the money I paid to them. I had to pay $1000 to have my brakes redone. I have never had a company do like this. I hope that others will learn from my mistake. Still no...
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I am very displeased with Tire Discounters in Brentwood. I took my car here for tires and to have my brakes done in September, 2016. Soon after having my brakes done, I took my car to the dealership. The dealership checked the rotors to make sure they were adequate. They found that the wrong brake pads were used on my car...they were too small, and because of that the rotors were ruined. They informed me that it wasn't safe to drive my car. I...
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Anonymous Tire discounters refused to just refund the money that I spent with them before having my brakes redone. The manager told me they would atleast give me a refund. I later was t...


TireDiscounters Per your web review as well, we have created a support ticket for you. Your reference number is 35790-95. We have connected with Travis, the regional manager. We will definite...

I just bought a 2016 chevrolet colorado. Getting ready to go on a trip andI noticed a screw in the rear tire. It was 6:30 pm and my normal tire atore was closed so i went to tire discounters in Clarksville Indiana. After they fixed the tire they was acting strang. I checked out the wheel and there was a scratch all the way around it. They ordered me a new wheel and put it on. It had a big chip in it. They kept saying their equipment doesn't...
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Anonymous I had the same thing happen yesterday at the location in Brentwood TN. When I brought it up to the manager Mark, he accused me of being a liar and claims the full scratch arou...