My husband Irv had what we thought was a heart attack and we were panicking because we were busy enjoying our day and shopping on Lincoln Road in the heart of Miami Beach, Florida. We then decided to run off to the closet surgery center and what we arrived to will shock and astonish you whether or not you are in sales, hospitality, or finance. They told us that they were a cosmetic surgery center and that the doctor would be glad to give us...
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Anonymous Your comment has nothing to do with the medical services provided by the Timeless Lift company. I think this is an unfair review.


kel thats like saying you went to walmart and expected a cashier to treat him

Was needing a tummy tuck surgery due to some earlier issues that had happened to me outside of my normal controllable circumstances when I was younger and growing up in the Miami Beach area. I came to the Timeless Cosmetics Surgery Center on W. Miami Road in Los Angeles, California and consulted with them as to the importance of my surgery and the confidence that I believe it will re-instill in myself. When I went there I have to say that it was...
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Anonymous That's something you should review with the billing dept. What is your review on the procedure, facility, Dr , and the services provided in general .

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