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Horrible experience

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They do not stand by their products and ship bad plastic bottles then tell you it left in perfect condition. Never calling them again.

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User's recommendation: Stay away.

Ausha Cte

Value Employer and Client First

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I worked at Tim Plastics more than 25 years. The culture is great, management values Employee.

If you willing to learn and apply your motivation to learn different processes of Manufacturing then there are opportunities available to grow your career. My working years at company says lot about company and company's value to employees. I started working as Packer, Mold technician, Machine Technician, Processing Technician, Quality control and Processing Supervisor, Plant Supervisor, and Manager. Company offers learning of all the aspects of Manufacturing.

If willing to learn and apply your self , it is good place to work with good benefits that large companies can offer . company have all different level of the client base, small, medium , and large.

Tim Plastics values all the clients and "Client and Employee" First culture. Cbilas

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  • Knowledgeable people and value customer
  • Quality products
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Good quality
map-marker North East, Maryland

Disgusting place

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I have worked for this place for about 3 months and let me tell you, this place is a *** hole. Especially in the summer time.

They have machines blasting with no air coming in from any where. They don't give you any breaks and if you take a day off, forget about it. They treat you like ***! There is no way to advance in this place.

They are very racist and very rude. I'm still understanding how these people are owners. They have a *** of a building. They accuse people of stealing.

Their office crew are the sweetest people you will meet. I don't understand why the owner's cant appreciate them. I would never in my life recommend these people. Not for a job or for purchasing bottles.

High quality? Bull ***. There is no high quality in that place. Bug in bottles, the workers eat and drink at the machine while they work.

No lab coats, no gloves, no hair nets are used.

When they get an inspection, that is the time to see how they run all over the place to get everything in order. This place needs to get shut down!

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You worked here for three months? Really!

I hope you found another job.


Excellent Quality at Good Price

I have been purchasing jars direct from this company since 1997. Almost 20 years and no major quality issue so far. For past 10 years, I have one truck load coming to plant every day. Our high speed filling lines run at speed of over 360. There is no room for poor quality. The quality of there jars is so good that we have almost zero reject due to quality of jar on our lines.

Their pricing is fair. We would not be able to compete in store brand market without fair pricing. I have no issue with service. Every day a truck is at bumped at dock, before we open the plant. The same driver every day and he is very professional.

I am highly satisfied with their quality, price and service for almost 20 years. To us, they are not a vendor, they are a partner. I highly recommend this company, to anyone who is market to save tons of money.

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Reason of review:
Fair pricing
map-marker North East, Maryland

Horrible Company

Do not buy any product from this company! They have bugs,hair, food in their bottles.

They are very unsanitary. They do not work professionally at all. No uniforms are used for the machine operators. Why do you think your getting such a low price?

They dont use gloves or hair nets. Imagine what is in the bottles that you purchase. Bugs inside, heavy chemical fumes. Want to know the best part?

You will never recieve your load on time. There is no such things as a promise with these people. That's not all! Vendors need to stay away as well.

You will never get bills paid on time. Bills are paid whenever they feel like it. Not only that, they pay the bills that are the lowest thinking you will forget about the other invoices! Sorry to break it to them, but other companies have a set system unlike TIM.

When accounts payable finally decided to pay ( which is one in a blue) they need the product they ordered " right away" or the threaten that they will go somewhere else. How does that bother any vendor? Do they really think we will lose anything?? You already don't pay, might as well drop you our self!

Ask to speak to a manager or owner? FORGET ABOUT IT! They give you the run around like no tomorrow. You ask for the owner or manager they place you on hold come back and say she is not in.

Seriously think other's are dumb? Try to go in there to ask a simple question or even apply. The one short lady gives you the direst look ( unless she just looks that way). They treat their employees like dogs.

Its horrible. Office crew is very helpful. Maybe the problem is the higher ups. Which is most likely the problem.

I would not recommend this company to anyone at all. Don't even buy the bottles off the shelf!

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OMG, people stay clear of this place. I heard they were hireing n really needed a job.

I pull in this really long driveway n come up on 2 people haveing sex on a train car. The guy looked to be the driver of a tanker the said DX on the side of his truck. The woman wz Indian n later was told she was the owner. Ok so I keep driveing pretending not to see a thing.

I realize I must be going in the back way, I see no front door.

I came across another horror a Mexican man with his pants down takeing a *** on the side of the building. I found my way to the front door n kept right on going.


Oh my god. I never thought there would be a website where I could write about these people.

One word, STAY AWAY! FAR FAR FAR AWAY. You will lose more than you will gain. Unless you want your customer's screaming at you from the other end of the phone.

I say go somewhere else. I hear Berry Plastics is way better and they are also in Maryland


They never provide correct information to their customers, they have them running in circles. Its horrible. I would ever recommend them.


Uneducated low lives. Can't run a business if their life depended on it.

They resell rejected items thinking the customer on the other end won't notice. Ha ha dumb!


Nasty management. Very racist, too much discrimination, they have Mexicans those with no status in the USA working and they under pay them.

Never ever in my life will I recommend these people. Very inconsiderate, they don't have respect at all from me.

Giving someone a job and signing their check at the end of the work week does not give u power over them. *** ***!


Worst company in the world. Disgusting!


The rudest people own that company. They have no idea how to treat someone.

Forget about being professional! That short lady Bona? I dont even think she has a title there. Only reason she is there is because she is a family member I think.

Its so crazy how they do to people. They need a smack into reality. No one is perfect everyone makes mistake's but doesnt mean scream at the or accuse them for stealing. This is insane!

I have made reports to Dept of Labor, health and safety. I would tell you also to complaint at dept of labor. They can not hold your husbands check what so ever!

They dont care about anyone, only themselves! Money hungry people.

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I will definitely do that. I will call whoever I have to.

It wasn't a job that anyone would want, but it was a job...considering its hard to find one fulltime anywhere now a days. Some just have to settle for what they can get, but I have never heard nor have seen anyone being treated that way. He dealt with it BC he needed it. But how he was treated is nothing compared to how others are.

And as for some of health hazards, my husband just told that some of the workers drink out of the bottles, roaches crawling everywhere. The roof leaks horribly when it rains.

Ugh, and he just told me this. Crazy!!

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These comments are true, I worked there. Rains in the building n bugs everywhere.

Full of Mexicans that go in the back of the building n smoke pot. What a company.


I agree, not sure about the health hazards, but they do treat their employees horrible. My husband was recently employed there.

He and two other "Americans" as they call them got the job around the same time. Worked for a month and just let them go with no reasoning. The three "Americans". First excuse was, machines were down, then rumor had it someone stole something assuming the "Americans", blah blah.

They give no lunches for their workers, and do not pay them if they work one day a week being 8 hrs. The head manager, owner whatever she is, named Bona, short for something refuses to give a check to someone who only works one day. Which my husband has worked this past Sunday, they let him go Monday. I think what they did was wrong, discrimination against the "Americans", and I'm still trying to figure out what to do about it.

No one deserves to be treated that way.

She has some employees who work 7 days a week and have been for ongoing months and refuses them a day off. And they don't pay time an half.

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Dec 17, 2012

Culture & Values

Work/Life Balance

Senior Management

Comp & Benefits

Career Opportunities

“Worst Job Of My Life”

Machine Operator/Process Technician/Janitor (Former Employee) North East, MD

Pros – There is a roof over your head, although it is leaking. They will pay you eventually.

Cons – There is a utter lack of human compassion at this company. I have witnessed numerous safety violations. There is no company safety training program. The company is on a razors edge of what is legal company practices can be. Most of the time the edge between legality and illegality are crossed brazenly. Be warned, They will bait a person in with a certain promised amount of pay and then change it to a 20 to 40 percent lower scale after a week or two (happens to many that work here). The owners of the company are unconcerned with the happiness of the workers. There health care only covers 50 percent of medical. They only provide one week of vacation no matter how long you are with the company. The company does not shut down for holiday, though they provide holiday pay for most workers. There is no break room of a normal expectation, or medical facility to speak of. The company is run skeleton crew not because of financial problems, but for the bottom line in the owners pockets. Even if quality of the product they make is sacrificed because of the skeleton crew, they don't care. There were many times during my employment I witnessed employees drinking and eating out of the bottles manufactured on the floor. Although this is a food oriented plastic company they do not care for food or health standards. The way the company is run the owners loose money, but the owners don't care. The owners feel they are right you are wrong period. Their business model for expansion is to not maintain current equipment at all, and then buy new machines and buildings while letting the previous buildings become death traps and a cesspool.

Advice to Senior Management – Take a good hard look at your practices. Go back to college find out how to run a business correctly, and you would make far more money. Treat employees like humans instead of a piece of low quality trash that you ball up and throw away.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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