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I have no problem paying, I have no problem losing to other photographers. Not only are these leads fake but the continuously get more expensive. I have written thumbtack so many times and all they do is give me fake credits for more fake leads. I end up spending the fake credits for more fake leads. Then I forget I am pissed, and spend more money for fake credits to give into their fake leads. Enough is enough. I hope something is done about...
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I was seeing all these leads for photography so I gave it a shot. I have been professional photographer for many years and I gave Thumbtack about $70.00 of lead money and I had pitched many leads and not one word back from any of these so called client. I think they are all bogus and like others out there I am not happy with Thumbtack. My advice as a professional is to stay away from them. There is no way for you to verify the leads they...
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Anonymous Thank you for your comment, I been getting so many leads, that I was wondering if I was letting pass this great opportunity, but 35 dollars to send a quote? That is beyond cr...