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I have lost nearly $20,000 on this site, you enroll to get honest pros to do your work, then you get ripped off!!! I was given a contractor from thumbtack to do fencing and building a person pod. This guy that I hired ripped me off, and didn't do nothing but destroyed my back yard, he left and never came back with 3/4th of the money. A very expensive lesson, and thumbtack doesn't make these pros that used there website to receive clients to have...
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I liked
  • Idea of the company
I didn't like
  • Waste of money
  • Lack of transparency
  • Accountability
I had hired a landscaper and make a positive remark just after meeting them but when they actually did the service they did a very poor job and unfortunatey everyone will think they are good. Thumbtack sucks and I would not recommend them. This listing service is not a good service. It would be nice if you could edit your reviews but this is not something they allow. I had a landscaper let my dogs out of the yard, break all my sprinkler heads,...
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