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Many "requests" are ridiculously vague. I wish they'd crack down on that but I guess it's really up to me to decide whether to spend the money to send them a msg.... When the msg costs $3 - $8 you sort of get a little choosy you know. I think they'd actually make more money and have happy customers if they'd screen the requesters and require more info inorder for them to get the best experience. one hundred words required for this post? I could...
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Anonymous "I think they'd actually make more money and have happy customers if they'd screen the requesters and require more info inorder for them to get the best experience."
The pr...


kenbear2 Agreed that the descriptions of the jobs are too vague to make a bid on them. Even when I get in touch with the buyers they like my qualifications but they don't buy from any...

Hired a cleaner for set rate. Charged me more and didn't clean much. Cost $90 for one hour and the place was filthy. I think they mopped the floors. They wouldn't dust claiming deep cleaning. Missed the master bath completely. put dirt in bathtub. crumbs still on counters. rug not moved so dirt still there. was very uncomftable with cleaner. theyw anted to argue.Will not allow them back. I was scammed. Company refuses to resolve, provide refund...
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Anonymous I use thumbtack and i dont think its fair to hold them accountable for a cleaner you found disapointing..To start off they provide/connect you to 5 pros at a time *Which YOU c...


Anonymous Hi, if you are looking for house cleaners, try the Eco-Geko Group, they are very good. They only work out of Georgia at the moment.

I didn't like
  • Money-wasting dishonest co
  • All supposed request with no outcome
  • Terrible communication
I have used Thumbtack for a few years. At first it was great, then the price trusted I'd see some results. With little results through the site I continued to be a customer. I had a 5 star rating and no complaints. After dealing with 2 very difficult clients of my own I had 2 complaints sent through the site, so Thumbtack decides to deactivate my account without contacting me at all! I emailed them about it. One of the customer...
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Anonymous My question is when will either the Federal Trade Commission or states attorneys general investigate these people? That's what needs to happen. I don't believe they could with...

I didn't like
  • Credits system was a rip off
  • Terrible communication
  • False leads

Leads Review

It is not working at alll,suggested questions guidence line is waist of time. Waist of time sending quotes. Paying for quotes but not having the contact information of customers is sily. Total waist of time!!!
This is quite possibly the worst lead generation service on planet earth and heres why. #1 When it comes to leads thumbtack does nothing to check the validity of them. They will literally send their service providers anything that comes over. #2 Leads lacking important information (and don't think you can really ask for more info, you cant) Info is really important especially when you are dealing with soft leads. Soft leads are leads that...
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Anonymous Be sure to mark their Messages as Spam!


TTsocial I understand your concerns, and we really do try to help and address each pro and customer's individual experiences. Successful professionals are what drive our success, so we...

no way to determine if this is legit and I believe that was by design. It could easily be a computer/robot/employee that "views" your bid and there is no way to determine legitimacy. Waste of time and money. Do not use this service, you would have better luck just browsing Craigslist or advertising yourself on PPC. I have been in internet marketing for 15 years and this no accountability is just plain unacceptable. When you attempt to discuss...
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I didn't like
  • Waste of time
  • No accountability
  • Lost money
This comment coming from a ANONYMOUS individual. More than likely an unsuccessful individual. If I offended you, my apologies. I'm not saying I'm rich, cause I'm no where near that. But I am successful, we are now in 3 counties, all less than a year. I'm not hear to play foot tag, hate games, or act like a child. I'm saying if Thumbtack didn't work for you then something is wrong with you. Now as for the individual, stand up as a man/woman,...
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Thumbtack offers you the ability to sell yourself and net worth. So you under bid, that doesn't mean the owner felt you were quilified. Ive lost money and made money. Yes its a gamble, but so is life. Ive gained yearly contracts off of one visit thanks to thumbtack. Go back and read your biography, would you hire you? First impression is everything. Clean up your act.
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Anonymous Clean up YOUR act, *** - you joined in January 2015 and you're so successful? Space monkey, you lack the inspiration to even convince me to ***. We'll see if you even read th...

I hate this site! They are killing my business and they base their Google listings and other info on lies!! They make claims that my competitors are the best, "Top 5 teachers in Austin are..." but I know for a fact that the only reason these teachers are listed is because they are the ones who pay the most for leads, not for giving a good service to their clients. There is a point system that business people have to build up in order to reach...
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RatoutThumbtack annnonymous and ripley, paid by thumbtack to post in site. Happy customers don't come looking to pissedconsumber to port. I write freelance, and saw jobs on Odesk posting to f...


Anonymous You wouldn't trust a business that had to pay for leads off a website? This statement failed to be true the day I witnessed a 90 year old woman pull out her smartphone and go...

I really dislike this company. Today I asked a client "are you still looking for someone" and that was deleted. Why do I have to pay thumbtack money to ask that question before I bid. Seems unreasonable. All my paid leads went nowhere and I didn't have any contact info with the client to follow up. There is no budget posted to know if the client is within your price range. I do not recommend this company, I believe they hurt small business...
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Eno I have had the same experience. Info is very vague and it really is DITTO to your comment!
Thank You
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