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I went to what they claim is the top 10 tax prepairers in Huntsville, AL went through all the questions and after getting my info. says user deactivated. did this 5 times in a row. Asked for my full name over and over. I think I know what my full name is. I can now expect to get my Email flooded with BS. I hope someone looks into this and is able to put an end to it before I am able to put an end to all the scamming emails I will have to take... Read more

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This is the second time I have tried as a professional to use this site. I m a little bit cautious on how real the gig offers that I receive in my email box , how legit they really are. I also find it a bit shady that 35 people i responded to , not one of them even contacted me for a question even about my services. It's a waste of time. I dont recommend this at all . It's an endless saturation of buying credits and hopefully get offer , but it... Read more

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I used Thumbtack to find a roofer in my area. Their claim that I would get several quotes was not true. I got one, He came to the house looked over the job and gave me a price that I agreed to. A few weeks later he called me and said he needed $1360 so he could get the metal delivered. I didn't find that out of the ordinary because I have dealt with contractors before that wanted to cover the cost of material before starting. This happened on... Read more

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Thumbtack positive reviews for contractors are bought and not true. Spend 20k for tile work with a A+ contractor and ended up with screwed up floors. do not spend a dime on this site. The contractor was un trust worthy and lied and did not eve show up to finish the job.They didn't know how to lay tiles and thumbtack had 65 reviews that said they did. This is probably the worst website you can go to find a contractor.None of them are vetted by... Read more

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I spent $30.00 dollars on app credits. I submitted as many quotes as possible, well within the budgetary constraints of the job requests. I received zero jobs. Now i keep getting all these requests that I would need purchase more credits to quot on. You know $30.00 is a lot to spend on nothing. Though I'm sure that this is credibly, I'm suspect that this is just a great way to make money selling credits. I would love to here testaments as to... Read more

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We have a very successful professional band and have performed at hundreds of major concerts and thousands of smaller events. We are all college-educated musicians with extensive resumes who have performed with national acts. We have received rave reviews from many media sources as well as major Fortune 500 companies. Thumbtack is the biggest ripoff we have ever seen regarding booking events. Unlike other booking services where we have gotten... Read more

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I bid on two jobs with phone requests after bidding. I did not receive a phone number. Quotes seem to be generated by a computer robot. Customes requests don't always seem accurate and credits they charge are based on customers many times vague information. Is there anyone at this company that can talk live? Found that company is located in San Francisco Ca, so, rent and wages are high, in turn they try to change as many credits as they can get... Read more

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Thumbtack should be sued. There is no doubt 100% FOR SURE- we as clients of Thumbtack are paying to quote fake jobs. Their are many people and even the competition posting non existing jobs to waste your money and line the pockets of the CEO's and investors of Thumbtack. That's not hard earned money, entrepreneurial money or good capitalism, it's criminal & theft. -The above statement is sums up my complaint but this site says I need to use up... Read more

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Thumbtack is useless. You can buy a lead which never turns into a commitment. No one will ever respond from the leads. I doubt the clients are vetted in anyway, thus you spend money on a sure loss!! It would not surprise me if Thumbtack comes under a federal investigation for it's practices one day. I have even severely under bidden jobs to see what would happen. Know what happened? I lost the money I paid for the lead. If you want to waste your... Read more

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Have spent a lot of money over the years for Thumbtack leads. They have a flawed review policy. Basically, someone that hasn't even hired you can mark you as hired. Then they are allowed to leave a permanent negative review of your service, even though they never used your service. Customer service will not allow a review of Thumbtack service itself to be reviewed,,,,imagine that. Save your money! They will take your money with no problem... Read more

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