Brailyn Vkc
map-marker Green Bay, Wisconsin

I worked for these people...

I worked for these people for 2 1/2 years. What a mistake.

The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because I kept getting promotions. They don't offer benefits of any kind, wage increases, and they're plain old shady. Their clients are skeptical. They don't even pay Aflac, even though they deduct from your paycheck for it.

Honestly, stay away from them. They're horrible, heartless people. Steer clear.

They don't pay the company that supplies their cardboard shipping boxes, they owe the city of Oshkosh over $30,000 for one month's rent, and they rip people off.

They've been on a "wage freeze" for over 2 years. Penny Albers, the director of customer service, is a cold-hearted, idiotic, money-grubbing ***. She makes assloads of bonuses for employing people to get screamed and cussed at for $10.00/hr. What a joke.

Todd and Danielle Thill, who enjoy the cabbage diet (wtf), are cold, ruthless ***. :) Love you, thrillers.

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Thill is no longer is business. they walked everyone out.

Todd had run the business into *** and they owe so many back taxes. No one comes after them or Todd avoids it by jetting across the country on money that he has scammed. Worthless people.

Also todd and Danielle are no longer married. he left her and her son for a young chick named Brianna.

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Thill is still in business -- my employer is a customer of theirs. Their service and reliablity leaves much to be desired.


I agree, they are scam artists and very shady. Their main objective is to lie, cheat and steal everything they can in the name of business.

Their managers are without ethics and they are the worst company I have ever worked for! :(


Do not worry about Thill- they no longer are around. They were dissolved.

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They were not dissolved. Thill is still around.

I know. I just cashed my check from there yesterday.


I worked there for a year. They have no ethics and have quite a history of shorting clients, customers and the government.


I am supposed to go in for a second interview at Thill on Monday for a sales manager position. I was sceptical the first interview with no benefits and weekends. Now I'm SCARED!!


I too worked for them and it was 2 yrs of ***!!! They are scammers and cons.

Look up their personal history and company history. they have been sued so many times and owe over 300,000 in back taxes. PLUS Todd and Danielle sell items on Ebay for their personal money!!!

One has to have a very very cold heart to scam all these people. Thill dwells on lies and they are thieves.


Another guest here as I don't know much about Thill, but it sounds like a typical direct response company. Pay employees absolutely nothing with no benefits and scam clients.

They're all scammers and that's why they're in that business.

Eventually it will catch up to them as there's only so long you can margin the *** out of clients. Clients will eventually find out.


I have lost many hundreds of $$$'s thanks to thill not paying Aflac, and no one will touch the case because Thill's name is on it. I hate that company more than anything...I dread every moment I walk in that place!!!

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Michelle B Alw
map-marker Reno, Nevada

Don't call and try to buy Smart Lidz / Lids or any other product on tv that these guys handle!!!

On 12-1-07, I called the 800 number to order Smart Lids for my daughter for $10 and $7.95 shipping. I reached an automated service that kept asking if I wanted to add this and that, I'd say no.

They'd ask are you sure you mean no? and I'd say yes, I mean no. I finally hung up after 10 minutes of this. I tried to call back and get a person and to cancel this order but couldn't get through the automated service to a live person.

I checked my bank account for several times in the next month and no charges showed up so I assumed that it hadn't gone through since I'd hung up before it was completed. On January 1, 2008 a charge for $30.85 was put on the account but I called the bank and it was reversed. The charge returned on Jan 18 and I called the bank again where I spoke to Kevin and had to initiate a dispute. At this time, my account was now overdrawn and I am on a fixed income.

I told my daughter what was happening and she went online to find a real number for this company. (My daughter is filing this complaint for me also) She found the 920 phone number online and the next day called. She first spoke with Andrea at the company. After explaining what happened.

Andrea said that she would have to do an RMA because the product shipped on the 18th but they could not refund the shipping. My daughter explained that I did not want the product and I would not be paying for shipping. Andrea was unwilling to assist in anything except issuing an RMA for an item I did not want and tried to cancel. She asked for a supervisor and was sent to a voicemail with no name and left a message to be called back.

She then hung up but called back to get the name of the company. No one was willing to tell her the actual name of the company, she again asked for the supervisor (because she had previously entered 0 and getten an operator from voice mail that had said the name of the company) however instead of a voicemail, she was transferred to Keisha, a supervisor. She again explained the situation to Keisha and Keisha said she would do what she could to resolve the issue but they were a third party company and it would take three days to hear back from someone. My daughter said they would refuse the shipment and Keisha said no you need to open it so we can issue an RMA and prove that we didn't have the product and that all we had to do was take the box to the post office and for a $1 could get a confirmation of delivery from the post office.

My daughter called the post office and they said NO, once you open the package, you will need to pay the full price of shipping to return it. So my daughter then called back the company to find out if there was a tracking number for the product, eventually she was given a tracking number 028082****700468**** but that it was delivered by postal mail and would not require a signature on delivery. My daughter called back the post office with the tracking number and was advised, not to open the package, that it would be scanned as refused and there would be a record with the post office. If we were unable to catch the mail carrier when it was delivered, we could still bring it in (as long as it was unopened) to be refused at the post office.

All of this contrary to the tactics used by the women at Thill/Smart Lidz/Samurai Shark to make the product basically unreturnable for a full refund and to not incur further costs by me.

I called my bank back and they were unable to reverse anything until the dispute has been filed and settled causing me to further overdraft my account and jeopardizing the outstanding payment still to be posted for a recent doctor's visit (which will incur even further charges to my bank account) as well cost charges for the check to the Doctor.

You can see they get numerous complaints here****

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So you wanted to order it then hung up after giving up your credit card info, you really aren't as bright as you think you are...

Good luck Forest!

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So you think it's okay for a business to trick someone into buying a product for a set and stated price, getting the payment information and then proceed to enter into a confounding and never ending loop of offers where one either stays on the phone for an infinite amount of time or hangs up? Maybe you should tell us the name of your business Einstein since you're probably just as shady or maybe the original business she complained about. Shady is as shady does, Forrest.


So let me get this straight, you planned to order these, even though you were on a fixed income and couldn't afford them, and after giving up personal information you figured it was ok to hang up and forget about it.

Re-read that once.

You sound /so ***/.

Also, some information you probly didn't know.

When you return any package via an RMA number, you pay for the shipping, unless the company offers to refund you for it.

Firms that do customer support are very often third parties, acting only as an appendage of the company they work for.

They can't bend and break rules just for you.

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Reread the original complaint...She planned to buy them for the advertised prices and stated shipping. $30 was almost twice what she was supposed to have paid for the item anyway. Also, some information you obviously didn't know when you refuse a package you do NOT pay for the shipping and that is pretty much universal.

Way to defend a company that put the customer in a confounding loop of ***, charged her twice what they said they were going to charge and then knew they were going to have to eat the whole thing unless they could trick her into opening it.

My guess is both of you idiots worked for the company in question anyway. Hope they paid you well for your *** licking.

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