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Should I be worried?

Just bought a vacation from Smart Circle at Sam's Club - shoud I be worried? They have several locations and Sam's has a good return policy. Any info on these things - 5 days, 4 nights etc in Cancun, Orlando, Las Vegas, Gatlinburg and Williamsburg??? I was excited and was going to get more for Christmas presents. Any comments about their vacations would be great from anyone with any experience. Now I am so unsure. I will probably call Sam's or go there and check out the return policy for sure. We are not talking about a $5 purchase here.
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I would be a little worried, I bought a spa package and the sales person lied to me about 3 seperate issues and turns out I can not use the certificate at all so I am out $42 bucks! The person just watned comission so he lied to my face! Horrible!


I was kinda hoping to hear more experiences. We just bought the cancun package and we are still very cautious about it. Let me know what you thought!


I just purchased two spa packages from them at a Sams Club myself just this Sunday March 22, 2009. They still had those packages for sale, Orlando, Cancun and Vages.

I called the Spa, they said they would honor the packeges, I called 800 customer service # and did speak to a cust. service rep, they were selling those on the site also, your are correct, check with same, call the resort direct to make sure they are accepted, if your are still skeptical.

Go with your gut feeling. Let me know how things turned out.

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Scam artist

A young woman came to my business fund raising for college. She sold me a coupon page for Alberto's Mexican Restaurant for $5.00. When I tried to use it at the restaurant I was told that they would not honor it. The next day I called Smart Circle the coupon issuer and after telling here my address she told me that it was only good at one restaurant which was over 100 miles away. What a scam! Don't let this fake company scam you too. When I called both of the Alberto's in the city over 100 miles away, they said they would not take the coupons either.
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I worked for a marketing firm in NC selling smart cards. SMDH they make it seem cool telling you about all the money you will make in months and how fast you will get promoted, womp womp.

As far as the cards go, they work and are legit. Ive sold hundreds and used some for myself as well as family. It is business to business sales which is *** because everywhere we went there was a no soliciting sign or we were put out before we could even pitch the cards.

I can go on for days but all in all buying the cards is cool! selling them is not at all.


Worked for what I thought was DirecTV because that is how they presented themselves. Found out it was actually Smart Circle left when i found out that how we get paid is NOT how we got paid.

Now it's tax time and the manager I had no longer has the phone in service that I had and I have no way of contacting him for find out where my w2 is... I'm not happy...


The company in question SmartCircle is not an outright cut and dry scam but it is a very unethical business. I worked for the company for four months and had only a dozen days off the entire time I was worked for them. Every second other week you would work a 13 hour day with no pay at all preparing for the next 'event'.

The promised pay was never delivered, you get paid in a extremely questionable fashion of 'commission based by hours'. Later I was told by specific employees this was a way of being able to pay sales people whatever management felt could pay them , not what they actually owed them. Secondly, the product themselves (the coupons) were inflated in value and designed to have tons of loopholes to make the client companies outs to not deliver on the value.

Training Program is somewhat helpful but only to specific things your doing within this sales job day to day, not what you would be doing in the future such as managing a budget, managing a schedule, and just being a manager. The 'training' is essentially is this constant vetting process that has to do with selling and controlling your mentality about the work. Our manager took out an expensive watch to convince people this what the job was about. It all felt very manipulative and not something you were actually learning from but something you were giving into. You were getting less than you were getting.

I met several key sale goals to meet the requirements for a promotion. Only to be told my promotion would be delayed, which the head manager claimed did not happen all the time and that i would need to work another 14 day event in a sales role. One of his assistant let it slip in conversation that they could have promoted me but did not want to at the time even though it was a policy to do so and it was common practice to delay promotions.

In terms of sales tactics, it was regular person to person strategy but their was several times when you had product you were selling that was out of date and you would not discover it until you had angry customers on your hands.

Another turning point was when a manager refused to speak about the company's turnover rate with sales people and why they would hire and fire so quickly. Anyone who quit the company was defamed or disrespected verbally out loud in front of his or hers former co-workers. I met a fellow employee after he left the company, and I shared with him the story that the head manager claimed he was fired from the company in a 'training session'.

I left the company for a new job.

A new marketing cell for SmartCircule called me about a job this week and the recruiter on the phone tried to avoid that her front business was associated with Smart Circle. I said I politely stressed that I would need to know the company's parent corporation to proceed in the process. The recruiter literally exhaled, paused, and said "yes we were work for Smart Circle."

The really sad thing about the company is that the Managers and "leaders" understand they need to manipulate the underlings, squeeze them dry and drop them or force them out. I heard all of this and saw it in practice.


i know these reviews were written a while ago but they still get on my nerves. i just recently quit my job at a smart circle marketing firm because of issues unrelated to work. over the course of the time i was working there i did learn a lot about the business and how it is run.

what we do is we are contacted by business or we contact a business offering free marketing. we then work with that client and come to an agreement on a package deal. usually the package is about 90% off. One example is a spa package i have sitting right next to me. a free haircut, style, shampoo. half off coloring. free manicure and a free wax. 150.00 value for just 18.00 (including tax).

I got that for myself and will be using it and have used other packages from the company i worked for. I think what they do is amazing. We worked with auto shops, spas/salons, golf courses, indoor skydiving, paintballing facilities, restaurants, and even MLB teams. Some of the clients nationwide are Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Braves.

What a sales distributor does is goes B2B as we want to try to build a clientele for our client that actually has money and can afford to go back to the business if they so choose to. The SD makes commission and the managers makes a certain amount from every certificate sold as well. Our client makes money from the traffic we create.

It is a very simple business. You get what you put in and if you had a bad experience with the company that does not make it a scam. That makes you an ***.


i bought a coupon for La Testa Rosa Salon for myself and also one for my friend.. A total of an 80 dollar purchase.

The man who sold the coupons to me at work assured me it was a great deal with a full list of salon services including a half hour massage, a facial, a pedicure, waxing, and haircut/style. After calling the salon 5 times to schedule an appointment, on account of they do not answer phones there nor call you back for a few days, the woman was so rude and told me I could only use one service per day, and they needed all sorts of info. from me, including my credit card info! After waiting 45 minutes on the phone for a smart cirlce employee, they told me a list of information I needed to send them, and not only through regular mail, but through mail confirmation, another %5.

NOw today, the *** supervisor told me I needed to send somthing else to them before i got the refund, which they did not inform me of the first time i called.



I was promised a job and was told that I would be a manager. After the first interview, I and the other interviewees spent half a day driving around in various suburbs.

I received little or no information about the company---just a one page sheet that looked like a pyramid scheme set up. What a joke!


I purchased a hawthorne coupon online but tried to use the coupon at the stated hawthorne suite hotel but was told smart circle was not supposed to sell these coupons, so now I have wasted money on some no good coupons. Hawthorne Suites community appreciation program coupon. Purchased march 7,2011.


If you READ the card it gives you the address of the restaurant where they will redeem the card. Did you read the card before you bought it??


:) I have worked for Smart Circle for 8 months and can tell you it is not a scam!! If you can do your job you make money.

We sell the cards to the consumer and the consumer takes the card to the business to redeem the offers. How difficult is that?


I turned them into the PA Attorney General for marketing deception, clearly, hands down A SCAM

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