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Customer service sucks the product is junk works for about six months that's it
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Thermasol Steambaths No-Touch Steamhead will destroy acrylic steamrooms

I have purchased a Thermasol Steambath. It is a Steam generator designed specifically for acrylic and tile steam rooms. Thermasol tells you that it must be installed in a "steam rated" steamroom which mine was. I actually ordered a Maax brand steam room after speaking with a Thermasol representative because Maax at the time was purchasing Thermosol's steam generators for their acrylic steam room systems. After a few months of use the hot steam from the Thermasol "No Touch" steamhead melted and ruined my very expensive steam room !! The Thermosol product must not be installed in acrylic steam rooms but the will not tell you that or even warn you. After the fact I have learned that other manufacturers will tell you that their steamhead must what is called a diffuser to keep the hot steam away from the acrylic. Thermasol does not make a diffuser nor do they tell you you need one. Now I have a $20k remodeled bathroom with a steam room I cannot use. Thermasol is more concerned with selling more units and will not help you if you have a problem after the sale. I would not ever buy any Thermosol products. There are many high quality competitors that will value you as a customer. Below is a message from Mitchell Altman the companies president. They have no interest in helping people. They will tell you that they have lots of systems out there with no problems. Well mine has a problem ! I don't care if when they keep telling me other people don't have problems. Make my expensive system work as it was designed to ! It is very poorly engineered and must not be used in acrylic, period !Mitchell inherited the reins of the company from his father Murray Altman who inherited from the founder of Thermasol David Altman who passed in 1971. I'm sure David Altman would not be proud of how his grandson treats customer in the business he built. They do not have any integrity in the way they do business.Stay away from Thermasol for your high end bathroom, gym or spa. Sincerely,Craig McMahon -----Original Message-----From: Mitch Altman To: Craig McMahonCc: Nick Larrick Sent: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:51 amSubject: RE: Thermasol Steam head Issue Mr. McMahon, I have researched your inquiry and our response. I must agree with Thermasol's past statements on this matter. Mitch Altman President
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Hey CM- I have to say that you are pretty accurate based on what you likely experienced at the time. FYI- Thermasol now has a generator with a specific model number for acrylic.

It has a lower kw/hr than their other units. Clearly they recognized the issue but sounds like they didn't support consumers who had issues along the way. That's the unfortunate part so I totally see your side. I also agree that I would never recommend an acrylic application even if they made a modified unit.

With this info it is obvious and I agree that it is pretty easy to conclude that what you purchased should not go in acrylic. They should have owned up to that. In general their products are quality but it sounds like that's not the issue.

You had a problem and they didn't help you to resolve it. I get that.


I don 't think you have any idea what you are talking about Craig. Honestly their lifetime warranty, their in home warranty, service agents in almost every area, they have technologically the best product out there...

When you compare apples to apples instead of what you're doing comparing apples to oranges. Maax is a terrible company and have you attempted finding parts for one of their units before? Good luck! Plus their customer service is lacking and its scary to find out how much they don't know about steam generators.

At least Thermasol is knowledgeable, polite, fair and easy to find with how many companies stock their product. I think you were just a little ignorant in your decisions and honestly I don't know why you would have wasted the money on an acrylic bathroom. You purchased a thermasol unit which isn't cheap so I'm sure you could have afforded to build a better bathroom but you were probably just being cheap which leads me to my next comment which is cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap. But you learned a valuable lesson hopefully which is to maybe do some research, maybe ask some actual professionals, maybe spend more money next time instead of going with a cheap acrylic bathroom and buying the materials from a company who obviously doesn't make quality product.

As a customer, and as Contractor I can say that I have Thermasol units in HUNDREDS of my customers homes and they hardly have problems. The biggest issue I have heard about is calcium build up which is normal and easily avoidable. I also have a few acrylic units out their that I have not heard anything negative from. You also said they have no honor or intergrity but I constantly see the company bend over backwords for *** like you.

I know thats a very strong word but its justified by your ignorance. You mentioned that the founder of the company was honorable and then the son was born with a silver spoon but I have met Altman and seen and heard him do amazing things for his customers, for his local community and I have seen him do some pretty genrous things for his employees to reward them for their outstanding customer service. I think in this case you are another pretentious person who thinks that they deserve better treatment because you have a small fortune. I picked this up by you throwing out how much you spent yada yada yada truth be told no one cares how much you spent.

you only say it to make yourself sound more important... a "look at me look at me" ploy if you will.

I'm going to Chalk this one up to a thats a lie and I want to keep my integrity a flat out ignorant Craig McMahon. I hope you have a great day

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Everyone is entitled to a opinion and it seems everyone has a perspective and some with a bias. In my experience Maxx was easy to work with and honored their warranty.

Thermosol could have cared less and made no attempt to help the consumer or make any effort to satisfy. As a home owner that did extensive research looking for a Steam and Shower unit that liked the look and over all design of them and did tons of research on them, cheap has nothing to do with it. Maxx is touted as one of the premium brands in all the high end plumbing and bath dealers and as mentioned the brand that Thermosol partnered with. Did you miss that detail??

As a home owner our impression was that quality companies partner to keep the integrity of their respective brands. You dont buy a BMW with Cooper tires on it. (No disrepect to Cooper) They are good value brand. Weight was actually one of the biggest factors because the structural engineer for this circa 1900 3rd floor renovation suggested we keep the weight load down and not use tile to build a steam shower.

Of course no one tells you in your research that pop up steam head melt them. There is really only one thing to say I this regard which proves Thermosols lack of integrity - all indications are that they stopped selling their pop up steam head in acrylic showers. They have eliminated all pictures of acrylic installations from their website but they still will not admit that the "no touch" or pop up head should not be installed in acrylic. It seems obvious that they simply do not care because they can write off the consumer after the sale.

Enough said on that as facts dont lie. If you cant connect those dots something is simply wrong with you. I do agree with the contractor - if you are going to use Steam have a contractor build it and use tile or some other high heat material. Too just bad industry resources do not tell you that.

Thermosol surely won't. Anyone can post annonomously and say ridiculous things.


Thermasol did not provide the pop out steamhead with the Maax units. Maax used the deluxe steamhead.

How can you blame Thermasol for a product that makes steam! The product work fine and damaged another manufactures product rated for steam????

who should you be PISSED AT???

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-658042

Wrong- Thermosol provides the pop up steam head. It is what they recommended at the time and was also the same one they marry with the Maxx unit as it could be purchased as a package.

The bottom line is the pop up steam head should never ever be used with acrylic. Anybody who has any experience with steam would know that stream in general will cause damage to acrylic. Unfortunately consumers don't learn this until its too late and the manufacturers don't care. If they told you this they would sell fewer units.

It's just greed. Actually a rep from Mr Steam did tell me this its really just Thermosol who is unscrupulous. I heard the father who started this company was an honerable guy. His son took over and he has the rep of an *** with a silver spoon in his mouth which clearly trickles down to their customer service.

They are definately a top down business.

The pressure build up on the pop up causes it to hit a much higher temp. Just like a pressure cooker. You would have to be an *** not to be able to come to that conclusion.

Steam under pressure use to make locomotives run for gods sake. If you are going to use steam in acrylic go to Mr Stream and get a standard head.

Stay away from companies that lack integrity like Thermosol. That said I do believe Thermosol makes a quality product but they are not honorable in their business practices or and either lack knowledgable or integrity in the use of their pop up head.


Hi Dave,

I would agree with you but Maax has since stopped using Thermasol. Any guess as to why ?

There pop up steam head cannot be installed in acrylic but Thermosol won't tell you that. I have spoke with several experienced people in the industry who have told me that it sits too close to the acrylic and forces the steam onto it due to its close proximity. Also the steam is hotter due to pressure build up required to pop the steam head out.

The pop up head by Thermosol should only be installed in stone or tile. That is why I cannot blame the acrylic manufacturer.


I have read your post on several websites and I think the problem is you, not Thermasol. If anything, you should be bad mouthing the Acrylic Shower manufacturer.

If they rate it as suitable for a steam room and it fails, it is their problem, not Thermasol. I think you have spent too much time in the heat!


I have read your post on several websites and I think the problem is you, not Thermasol. If anything, you should be bad mouthing the Acrylic Shower manufacturing.

If they rate it as suitable for a steam room and it fails, it is their problem, not Thermasol. I think you have spent too much time in the heat!

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