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Well lets see found many different items and they claim have 1000's of buyers for merchandise?well it seems to me they go behind your back with themselves or other liquidators and get rid of it as the volume i have found and submitted would of been easily rich?but no notta nothing zilch from them?especially after working it for a very long time so i gave up?they should also be pursued for selling the goods behind out backs for there own gain? Read more

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I also am on disability and purchased the program. I was unable to get anyone to purchase the merchandise. Every call resulted in a sales pitch for more services, leads or hosting. I just stopped trying and am stuck with the 'training' material. If anyone knows how to make a claim in the class action lawsuit ... please post it somewhere. I read that the company finally got sued for non-performance on its 'contracts' and that there may be a... Read more

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I signed up with Zaken in March,2013. After looking at their literature I decided that it wasn't too good so in April I sent it back. They sent me a check made out to the Zaken Corp as a down payment on another program. I told them I didn't want it and after that I couldn't get them to answer the phone or my e-mail. I turned it over to the BBB and then they sent me a check. My bank deposited it twice and both tomes it came back NON SUFFICIENT... Read more

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I ordered the 90-Day Risk-Free Trial, was not happy; sent the kit back, along with a letter of cancellation. Requested my money back, and they keep passing me around. I have not got my money back and no one has called me back. I have left numerous messages.I am tired of calling them. I will report them to the Better Business Baura for investigation. Something needs to be done about people that takes money from innocent hard working people. When... Read more

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Gave them my $2000.00. After an extended time got a web site and postcards. Mailed 325 cards. got nothing. Web site hasn't changed in 3 months and the company website (the same one as mine) has been the same for much longer I'm sure. There is no way to get to the advertised 1000s of items in the claimed 38,000 sq ft warehouse. They do not respond to my emails. I question if there really is a Tiran Zaken. Meets the qualifications in my mind of a... Read more

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5/10/13 i bought the zaken home business opportunity, before reading about the numerous complaints on the web. i had already gotten the informaton. i got my first customer, to send in her sample line of winter clothing, for markdown sale. it was 5,000.00 worth of clothing. i tried to follow up on selling potential. i could not get any feedback. no answer to e-mail/phone calls/numerous of both sent. now the customer wants her clothing back... Read more

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While I worked at zaken I learned that they take advantage of anyone they can. Especially the elderly and disabled. Once they get your credit card information you will more than likely never hear from them again. They prey on people who believe the dream of one day striking it rich. Please do not ever do business with these people because you will regret it. The people they advertise as getting a check for 1,000,000.000 today are all lies. I... Read more

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After having a website that did not generate any leads, I was talked into getting the $3000 package. Because I was spending so much money, I decided to do everything to make it work. I mailed postcards, made phone calls, joined internet forums and even created a twitter account where I now have 40000 followers. Almost one hundred companies have submitted their inventory to my website. Sometimes, I got email saying that inventory was submitted... Read more

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The zakens corporation is run by a group of fine christain young people who believe in giving a person there moneys worth.All you have to do is join to get very, very rich over night. A person just received today a check over $ 100.000.000 dollars . All you have to do is be a business minded person and be willing to only work alittle each day . Ive got more money than I could possible spend the rest of my life. Thanks to the zakens corporation... Read more

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Some people think that the Zaken Corp is a scam? Why are folks so ignorant today? How else are people planning to make money today? And yet people are complaining about the economy and that they cant find jobs and all that whining. If you cant find a job or you're not making enough money, why wouldn't contact Zaken. They have a program that's straightforward and I myself have made really descent money from this. If you contact them, they will... Read more

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