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Refuses to respond & pay

I purchased a dresser from Ashley online and when it was delivered there was a bunch of damages which I took photos of and sent to her, she responded immediately saying she will file a claim with FedEx which supposedly she did. The next day she said they will pay her $200 for damages and she will then pay me to fix it.

I proceeded to get the dresser fixed and then Ashley vanishes without reimbursing the money. She now will not respond to any of my calls or e mails so have to get my attorney involved.

Not good buisness at all.

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Jordan Ywm
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***BUYER BEWARE*** Business owner will not respond!!! They have MY furniture and money!!!

The Vintage Goody Shop - ***BUYER BEWARE***  Business owner will not respond!!! They have...


On February 22, 2013, I delivered a newly-purchased ($200) dresser to this business (at their storage address in Federal Heights) for refinishing. I paid for and received a signed receipt by the male business owner for $85, which reflected a deposit of 1/2 down for their services. At that time, both husband and wife business owners reiterated free delivery of the completed piece.

Over the next month, paint colors and techniques were discussed over the phone and by email exchange with the female business owner. The original price she quoted me for her refinishing services increased, based on my paint color preference, which I agreed to. At that time, she told me the turn-around time for this project would be about 2 weeks.

For several weeks, I had not heard anything from this business, so in early May 2013, I contacted the female business owner by phone and asked how my dresser was coming along. Much to my surprise she said that they had made a move from Federal Heights to Monument, CO, and had moved my dresser to their new address! She also stated that they were incredibly busy, and my project was next in line to be completed, and that I would be hearing from them soon. At this time, she emphasized that they would deliver my finished piece free of charge, and not to worry.

On or about June 1, 2013, I visited the business's website to get the phone # to call again, and I noticed the telephone # had been changed. My heart sank .....

After I left a voice message on this new telephone #, I received a text message back from the female business owner stating: "I'm in Texas a while but my husband is at home." and that I should contact him. She left his phone #. (I still have this text message on my phone - it is the last correspondence I have had with the female business owner).

When I contacted the male business owner by phone, he stated that he and his wife had split up, and that he would be taking over my project. I was of the understanding that the female business owner was the artist/refinisher, so I did not feel comfortable with the new arrangement.

Over the next month, I attempted to contact both business owners to request the return of my dresser and deposit. I have left voice mails, emails, messages through facebook, and their business website, with no response. I even suggested that I would drive down myself to Monument to retrieve my dresser.

I know the female business owner has received my messages, because she subsequently removed my facebook comment to her, and then blocked me from further comments on her facebook page 'the Vintage Goody Shop'. I have since noticed postings from the Vintage Goody Shop on the Dallas Craigslist.

My hope is that the business owners will contact me immediately to return my property and deposit for services never rendered.

As of July 15, 2013, I have not had any response from the business owner, and have pursued legal action to recover my property and money.

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The FEMALE was the business owner, NOT the male. She initially worked on the furniture, but stopped early on...the male was the actual person that worked on and delivered the furniture.

The female cheated, lied and finagled the business into the ground. Meanwhile, the male attempted to keep his word in the midst of her duplicity. She often told customers one thing and him another. His ethics were in place, hers were not.

She sat back and he worked himself into an early grave trying to correct and do right by the customers. At the time that you are writing about she took all of the information pertaining to individual pieces of furniture (ownership and work requests) with her to Texas and expected him to know to whom and where. He was in the process of legally seperating himself from her and her business. His heart and soul were right and he was a GOOD AND HONEST MAN.

On July 23, 2013 he had a massive heart attack and died within minutes of that heart attack. He was only 32 years old. The stress and her underhanded treatment of him and the world finally took him down. HE DID NOT OWN THIS BUSINESS SHE DID; HE WAS DILIGENT ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!!

Your lawsuit should be levied against her and her ONLY. She currently is in business in Texas.

Hera Zwm

Took payment, never delivered goods.

The Vintage Goody Shop - Took payment, never delivered goods.
Updated by user Aug 14, 2013

Update August 14, 2013: Ashley nor the business has yet to respond to me, PayPal, or the BBB. She has until August 30th to deny my complaint (which is impossible) at which time my money will be fully refunded by PayPal (Thank GOD!) DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS BUSINESS.

She is a thief. She also is attempting to positively review herself to counter negative reviews on sites like Yelp, but its very easy to tell when its her.

Original review Jul 14, 2013


Here is my timeline of events for my transaction with Ashley Burse of Vintage Goody Shop.

Wednesday May 8th: I contacted the Ashley after finding her furniture listed on Craigslist and perusing her website. She responds saying she has a piece available for customization. We discuss customization options, price ($450) and payment (through PayPal, all up front).

Thursday May 9: Ashley emails confirming that I do want the dresser and stating she will send a PayPal invoice. I confirm I want the dresser but that I’m having issues getting my PayPal account “verified”. I also tell her I am moving in July and would love to have the dresser delivered the first week of July so I don’t have to move it twice. Ashley confirms that July is fine.

Friday May 10: I receive and pay the PayPal invoice from Vintage Goody Shop for $450. Ashley also emails the same day to confirm that I have received and paid the invoice.

Saturday May 11: Ashley sends paint options for customization. I choose the paint color and we confirm additional customizations.

Saturday May 18: Ashely sends me an email asking if delivery on the following Monday will work.

Sunday May 19: I respond to her email and tell her we had discussed July.

Monday May 20: I send her another email asking if she got my last one saying we had decided on July. She responds the same day saying July is fine and that the dresser isn’t done yet (so why did she ask if she could deliver it on THIS day????)

Thursday June 20: I email Ashley to confirm a delivery date in the first week of July.

Thursday June 25: Ashely responds with an email that says “My husband has passed away. The business is on hold for a little while. I will be in touch. Thank you. I respond the same day with my condolences and let her know that if it would help her I will pick it up. I receive no response.

Saturday July 6: I notice that Vintage Goody Shop is posting new furniture for sale on their Facebook page. They also make a post saying “Thanks for your understanding. We’ve moved to Texas but will offer deep discounts on shipping to Colorado”. I have not received any response from Ashley and it seems strange that she would move a finished piece of furniture out of state in order to ship it back when I’ve offered to pick it up.

Monday July 8: I email Ashley for an ETA on the dresser letting her know that I’ve seen her FB post stating she’s moved to Texas. I tell her if she needs to, at this point she can refund my money through PayPal. I post on her FB page that it looks like her business is back up and running and ask her if she’s receiving emails.

Tuesday July 9: Vintage Goody Shop’s post about moving to Texas has been deleted off of FB. My FB post to her has been deleted and I have been blocked from commenting on her page. Once I notice this, I’m fairly certain I got scammed. I send her an email stating that she has 24 hrs to confirm that this is some sort of misunderstanding and to provide the furniture or a refund or I’m taking legal actions. This same night I file a dispute with Paypal to be sent for her stating that I want a refund. PayPal informs me that since this is past 45 days from the date of purchase, they can not be involved and I must deal with the seller directly.

Ashely nor the business has responded to me. I have left a voice mail with the company as well and received no contact whatsoever. She continues to post new furniture for sale on both her FB page as well as Dallas Craigslist. By all accounts she is running a legitimate business but has chosen to STEAL my money.

There is currently a post on Denver Craigslist saying to email "it" if you've lost money to Vintage Goody Shop. I did but haven't heard back. I think its actually the shop that posted it.

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Sorry Ashley. I don't care if you have 500+ happy customers if you scam even one more person out of their money.

And seeing as how every few months new comments pop up on here that you have, its looking like thats how it works. Congrats to those 500 people who got what they paid for.

But each person that you scam has months worth of headaches to deal with, and lost money. You're a mess.

Presten Fpv


Ashley Burse took 4 pieces of my furniture ($750 value) and I paid her $1000 to paint and restore these pieces. Have texted, called, left messages, Facebook messaged, posted a comment on her Facebook page.

She did message me once late May 2015 and said my pieces would be ready in a couple of weeks. Today is July 2.

I have her address and will pursue legal litigation to prevent this from happening to others if she does not make this right.

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I'm sorry. She's a serial fraud artist.

She does good for a few months and the falls off the grid (drugs? mental illness? who knows)...and happens to "fall off" with peoples money and furniture.

It doesn't matter if she has 500 happy customers 6 months, if then the next 6 months she scams 5 people out of their money. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WOMAN EVER!!!


This is Ashley Again. Just to add to my last comment.

I have sold almost 600 pieces and daily receive AMAZING reviews as well as repeat orders. I get cards and personal emails all the time regarding how pleased they are with their pieces. To those 500 plus happy customers, I appreciate you. To this customer, you have been refunded and I am so sorry once again that I had to move because of my circumstances and was unable to complete your order.

Thank you! :)


This is Ashley. The customer that posted this is a customer that I had during a time that my life took a turn.

My husband did pass during this time so I went home for awhile. After returning to work, this customer and others that did not get their pieces completed have all been FULLY refunded.

I would never just accept payment without providing my service and passion. Thank you

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Ashley, you leave out the part where you continually lied about the status of the order, before and after your husband passed. You also lied about your whereabouts when you had already moved back to Texas, BEFORE your husband had passed.

You did NOT refund me, paypal did. You didn't respond to me until well after that happened. For anyone reading this, do business with this woman at your own risk. She has been arrested for fraud/larceny in the past under her maiden name.

Her track record is not a good one. She does have some happy customers which makes the entire thing so bizarre. Its what kept me from accepting the fact that I'd been scammed long before I did. There are plenty of people out there who refinish furniture, so why take a risk?

Ashley, you not only accepted payment without providing your service and passion, you also left the state with it.

For your sake, and your childrens sake, I hope you've gotten your life sorted out. But stop trying to paint your past in an angelic light, it didn't happen that way.


She now operates under the name Candy Room Vintage in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Furniture was delivered to me by her damaged. She asked if she could come back the following week to repair and then never showed up.

If you have any information for her, address, etc, please post as I am taking this to small claims court.

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I do not. If it is the same woman, her married name is/was Ashley Burse, but her husband passed away, so she may not be using that name anymore.

There are mug shots online of her for being arrested for fraud. So she's been in this game a long time, and manages to stay afloat because she does actually refinish and deliver furniture. She just chooses from time to time to pocket the money without providing the goods, or to not make good on repairs.

She also blatantly lied to me multiple times about the status of my furniture while it was sitting completely untouched in a storage unit in another state. Sorry this doesn't really help you much, but its good to know that you're dealing with a legit *** artist.

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I should add the her maiden name was "Teague" so she may go by that now.

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