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Wrongful repossession

The Vehicle Outlet - Wrongful repossession
The Vehicle Outlet - Wrongful repossession
Below are two photos of the toll by plate invoice I received in the mail... also..Around Wednesday June 25,2014 my white dOge caravan plate#:-(898QHK) from a dealership named the vehicle outlet at 8800 NW 7th ave Miami beach fl. vehicle was so called repossessed... After I finished discussing me coming in to make a payment that week...but aside from that I seen wires hanging from under the steering wheel as if someone tried to hot wire it, and steal it rather than tow it.. a day before..and then the next day it was gone when I woke up..they left tire marks in the road in the parking lot spot I was parked in..and I thought it had been stolen, so as I go upstairs and says I'm calling the police my sister zanah hicks yells out with a minor smile, sort of a grin as well saying:Nooooooo don't call the police!!! And turns and looks at my mother Valerie Nixon with a smile/smerk.... weird!! But what's weirder is that.. shortly after that I received a toll by plate invoice in the mailbox that took a picture of my tag going through the toll booth and whoever took my car didn't have it on a tow truck at all!!!.. which means my car was hot wired, left tire marks in the driveway, & sped off through the toll booth to get back to Miami beach fl...from my apt which was in lake park now I'm hit with a bill that completely is not my vehicle should have been towed properly on a tow truck and/or they should have had a spare key as well.. therefore this bill shouldn't be arriving at my should be arriving at they're address!!!..I wasn't the one driving it, through a toll booth...if you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-662-****....(thanks Happy).... also I did my research on wrongful car repossessions and it seems as if my consumer rights have been violated due to the lender not using proper procedures & protocols while repossessing my vehicle..I posted reviews..contacted Miami beach police department..I contacted the toll by plate well as a few others including a consumer protection law firm.. Because regardless of my car being at default or being in a situation to be repossessed, it's not what you do...but how you do it!!!...there are laws as to how your vehicle is repossessed/towed properly without violating any of my consumer rights etc!!!... also me as the borrower never received from the lender any notices stating all the required well as "The Notice Of Intent To Sell Property"...I also don't know if the vehicle was sold at a private sale or auction because I never received a "Deficiency Notice"..or any notices that should have been sent to me after a repossession has tooken place..
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