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Generator failure

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The University of Texas at Austin - Generator failure
We have a contractor that insists on using united rentals at our facility with critical research, almost every time ur rents generators fail when we need them most... please avoid united rentals
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Braiden Jrp
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Finacial aid

I was offered financial aid May 9, 2013. I accepted 2 grants and declined 2 federal loans. Fast forward to 3 months later and UTA says they cancelled my financial aid because i never responded to them. I accepted/declined my awards on may 9! THE DAY THEY OFFERED IT!!! UTA does not send out any sort of notification or "receipt" when you accept/decline financial aid, so it is just about impossible to create a paper trail for insurance. When i asked about they they said that there computer system is their paper trail because it would have recorded that i accepted the aid. They cant/wont comprehend that technology is not perfect and that there system can make mistakes. If you don't respond to your financial aid within 21 days they cancel your come it took them almost 3 months for them to cancel my aid if it wasn't a system mistake? This is my 2nd semester at UTA and my second horrid run in with this department. My first run in. They made me pay a late fee because they didnt process my aid fast enough. How is it my fault if my paper work is turned in on time, but your incompetent employees cant process it fast enough?
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Martha Compton - harassment, invasion of privacy, undue influence, obstruction, and hate-mongering

I'd like to express my freedom of speech by writing about my abhorrent experience as a minority student (master's program) at The University of Texas at Austin with Martha Compton (director of Judicial Student Services) and other abhorrent and obtuse professionals at UT Austin. This complaint is to educate and inform in the most respectful and truthful manner possible. I hope ethnic minorities, gays, males, and social liberals will think twice before attending The University of Texas at Austin. I experienced both discrimination and retaliation from several employees: also, termed workplace mobbing. Racism, discrimination against viewpoint, homophobia, misandry (male hatred), hostility against men, and other forms of hate-mongering, obstruction of my liberties, and undue influence are common at UT Austin. All of which are manufactured by the university. In my case it was based because I am a socially liberal independent person of color who targeted to be a scapegoat: the hypocrisy and authoritarian conformity within UT Austin seems to be a festering and dangerous problem in the university and off-campus. White Anglo women are actually encouraged to bully, harass, and snitch on ethnic men, gays, and other social liberals who are at the bottom of the caste system. The snitches do not fear consequences because the university protects them from whistle-blowers and those who file detailed complaints of harassment to supervisors. Dr. LaToya Hill and Martha Compton abuse the snitch culture system to harass those who are at the bottom of the caste system: they invaded my privacy repeatedly and used harassment, doublespeak, and undue influence to make me feel scared and that I should leave the academic program. I've seen such hostile hate-mongering by many of the petulant and unprofessional females who are eager to push ethnic minorities, gays, and individualistic types of people over the edge because they will not face any type of consequences: these provocateurs are protected and are even trained by the university. They scapegoat minorities and anyone who appears to be a good target for their ulterior motives. As was the case with Martha Compton: she still needs to apologize to me for the harassment and intimidation that she committed against me. Other angry, hostile, hypocritical, corrupt, and incompetent hate-mongering feminists are in charge in a lot of the departments e.g., Martha Compton, Dr. Soncia Lilly, Dr. LaToya Hill, Dr. Marla Craig, Dr. Diana Damer, Dr. Isabella Cunningham, etc. They perpetuate misandry and various forms discrimination including viewpoint discrimination. They obstructed my liberty to file formal discrimination complaints with hostile innuendo and inaction. They also enforce unfair social stratification and hegemony based on gender, race, and wealth which is a severe problem. Unfortunately, White Anglo Protestant supremacy is supreme at UT Austin. Authoritarian conservatism, heteronormativity, and covert homophobia are other festering problems that I believe play a major role in illegal discrimination against minorities who do not conform to the overall hate-mongering culture: it is also discrimination against viewpoints which violated my first amendment right of freedom of speech. I encourage everybody to expose the so-called experts when they violate your rights and when they use harassment and intimidation to harm you. There is an insidious snitch culture at UT Austin. The University of Texas at Austin uses deranged student-workers as snitches: supervised by the deans of each academic department and the unworthy dean of students. They invade your privacy and gather information about potential whistle-blowers in the name of "safety" and "security": all the while manufacturing hate and oppression behind the scenes. All information they collect on you is then disseminated to particular employees. Those employees are told to blacklist, obstruct justice, and use undue influence and intimidation to harm the targeted whistle-blower. That is called abuse of power. Campus psychologists Dr. Marla Craig and Dr. Diana Damer are also snitches who invade your privacy and use illegal intimidation tactics. They are trained to collect information from their clients in order to use it against them as a weapon, especially if the client turns out to be a whistle-blower. They will violate confidentiality despite lip service. It has been rumored that gang-stalking and workplace mobbing is the standard operating procedure in eliminating whistle-blowers, diverse thinkers, and minorities that are not Token. Their management style resembles that of Stalinism or fascist communism. The management style is enforced by Dr. Bill Powers Jr. He actually defended Enron's board of directors claiming they were innocent in the crimes they committed. This is the type of low class professionals who dominate at UT Austin. The University of Texas at Austin is like a corporate cult "Corporate cults are like dysfunctional families in which there are no boundaries between the individual member and the family. The family is the individual. Each person's private business is everybody's business. Less powerful members of a family or other group suffer invisible emotional damage at the hands of more powerful members. The cult overtakes a member's personhood by getting the recruit to fully disclose secret sins, thoughts, and temptations to the group. This becomes a powerful tool that the cult can use to manipulate, blackmail, and emotionally bond members to the group. It is a means of depersonalizing the member or stripping him or her of the inner self and producing a forced submission to the group." (Dave Arnott 2000, 63-64,79) Mobbing is common at UT Austin. It involves the use of manipulation techniques and group-think to harm an individual: "Mobbing is used to force someone to adapt to a group norm, revel in animosity, gain pleasure out of boredom, and to reinforce prejudices." (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999, 58-59). Mobbing behaviors can include: "No help, promises are made and not kept, no eye contact is made with you, contact is minimized or avoided with you, you are ignored, gestures that signal humiliation, talking behind your back, communication via email that should be discussed face-to-face, having your work checked by someone unqualified to do so, policies changed or not followed, mixed messages, you are made to look inconsistent, you are set up, those supportive of you are discredited, an environment of paranoia is created, giving you tasks that you have not been adequately prepared to assume, and attacks on your private life"(Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999, 46-47) Mobbing is engineered to cause problems and to harm an individual: "Mobbing causes prejudice, withholds information in order for you not to complete your job, isolates you physically and socially, holds meetings about your work without your presence, changes rules frequently, portrays the victimized person as being at fault, engineered to discredit, confuse, intimidate, and force the person into submission, and committed with the intent to force the person out." (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott. 1999, 41-44). I experienced discrimination and harassment in 2008 by Martha Compton. She works in Judicial Student Services as the so-called director. The discrimination took the form of hostility, undue influence, discrimination against viewpoint, abuse of power, unfair treatment, and inaction on the part of Martha Compton and her two incompetent supervisors Dr. Soncia Lilly and Dr. Bill Powers JR. Martha Compton refused to assist me in the matters concerning discrimination, harassment, invasion of privacy, and workplace mobbing. She withheld important resources and lied to me several times. She used intimidation such as dirty looks and psychopathic innuendo to make me feel worried and humiliated. She took no action when I informed her that I was being mobbed out of the university by a petulant female student, a malicious student worker named Bruce Jeffers, and a professor. They all collaborated in spreading hateful rumors and innuendo about me. They treated me in an abusive manner in which it caused damage to my studies and learning abilities. And it caused a lot of damage to my civil rights and to my psyche: their abuse caused post traumatic stress syndrome. When I reported this to Martha Compton and attempted to deliberate on the issues she was argumentative, angry, flippant, and incompetent. She also selectively used the investigation process to harm me when another student complained against me. What she did was damaging and abusive. She is slothful, obtuse, and morbidly obese and it appears that her obesity has stunted her reasoning and empathy skills. Do not trust her with anything. Please silence if she asks you any questions because she will use anything against you to humiliate and belittle you. Martha Compton also violated my 4th amendment and 5th amendment rights. I had the right to be secure in my persons and files. She used coercion and intimidation to get me to speak to her about matters that were none of her business. And she used any information that I provided as a weapon to harm and sabotage my educational experiences at The University of Texas at Austin. My rights as a student and a person in the protected class status were completed eroded by Martha Compton. She was not punished in any form when Dr. Soncia Lilly was informed about Martha Compton's obvious abuse of power. It is of your best interest to avoid Martha Compton. Do not let her investigate into any matters of yours. She is not to be trusted. Request a different investigator. And do not allow her to coerce you into signing documents that violate your privacy rights, 4th and 5th amendments.
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I love this article, I love brutal honesty, and honesty is freedom of speach. I enjoyed reading this article because it exposes the evil that exists behind closed doors.

Something similar to this situation happened to me at Walmart. To make a long story short I found out that is was my own boss that betrayed me. Just like when Brutus stabed Cecar in the back with a knife. Brutus was Cesars best friend.

I say this because I was trying to become a manager and walmart investigated me, wire taped my phone conversations and built a case against me. They used my sexual activities as an excuse not to promote me, what I do behind closed doors does not effect my ethical work standards. They think that if I don't follow a "christian" life then I am not an ethical person which means I also would not be ethical at work.

Well, let me tell you what is ironic about that situation with my sexual preference. The store director which is supposed to be a "christian" was cought by corporate office lying on inventory sheets.

Isn't that violating the commandment though shall not bear false witness. Then I found out he was selling the compacted or bailed cardboard to private recycling centers and pocketing the money. I heard you get 70.oo dollars if the bail is pure cardboard. Multiply that times 100 bales.

He was screwing his personal secreatary, and they are both maried. Is that ethical behavior, and is it christian behavior? Guess what else he also did, he took 75% of the bonus money and devided that amoungst management, then the 25% was devided equally to the 1,000 employees. Which equaled to 100 dollars bonus.

Is that ethical? Isn't it more ethical to divide the money equally amoungst the employees? This is the problem with management, they think my behavior is unethical in my private life, but when you analyze what they do, I am more ethical than they are. The employees including my boss did everything they could to ruin my reputation so I don't get promoted, and they were all laughing behind my back in the office, saying: "He wants to become a manager." They actually thought that I was not smart enough to be a manager.

Well, that is why I am studying a bachelors in science. I like articles like the one I just read becuase it exposes the evil that exists behind closed doors.


Well...that was boring.

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map-marker Spring, Texas

University of Texas at Austin - illegal discrimination and cover ups.

This report is meant for educational and informative purposes only. The experiences where I saw corruption and con-artistry was in 2007-****. This report is also meant to describe the opinions and judgments on my experiences with The University of Texas at Austin Advertising Department. This is also in exercise of my first amendment rights of freedom of speech. You may report any further complaints against the department of advertising at UT at Austin to Equal Opportunities Services and Department of Education Office for Civil Rights/Dallas Tel.: (214) 661-**** Fax: (214) 661-****. It is also best to report their poor quality professionalism, abuse of power, deceit, and corruption online. The public has a right to be informed. They should be able to protect themselves from psychological harm, academic harm, and other forms of abuse. From my observations the education quality is extremely poor. A lot of the professors, Dr. Michael Mackert, Dr. Gary B Wilcox, Dr. Isabella Cunningham, Dr. Marina Choi appear emotionally unstable, as if they have bipolar or autism. Their focus isn't on teaching. They focus on politics. They cater and coddle the students with money. The program uses mentally ill student workers as snitches. The student workers and professors are used to sabotage students and employees they think are whistle-blowers, dissenters, and or those who come from diverse backgrounds. The rumor backed up with strong evidence is that they try to get a targeted student or employee arrested by having them provoked and spied on for weeks on end. It is a game to the professionals at UT-Austin. They want to see the targeted employee or student arrested for some crime like harassment or a school shooting. It is a type of hazing but far more dangerous. This complaint also describes my experiences with the useless Dr. Gary B Wilcox in the Advertising Department at University of Texas at Austin. He represents the program as past Chairman of the board, current adviser, director of their graduate program, and professor. He frequently appears intoxicated and is very disorganized. He communication skills are poor. He is often curt, brusque, cryptic, and does not return phone calls. You have to probe Dr. Wilcox for information other-wise he leaves you without useful information and resources. He uses incompetent females as his assistants. They are very lazy, selfish, and help selectively. One of his assistants wears sexually provocative clothing. Often times her breasts are half-way hanging out of her clothing. I found her appearance to be unprofessional and offensive. Dr. Michael Mackert is an angry and embittered professor that works under the wing of Dr. Gary B Wilcox. Michael Mackert uses an abusive tone of voice and lies to intimidate and harass selected students. He is also extremely incompetent as a professor and a lecturer. He is comes across as very inexperienced, articulates himself rather poorly with obfuscation, and assigns trivial assignments that hold very little value. He often facilitates group-think and uses obfuscation to make it seem as if he superior and confident. I've seen him badger select students and once he shouted at one of his students to "Fire away. I'm not going to help you anyway" at a student that had concerns of discrimination and retaliation. Dr. Isabella Cunningham was the chairman of the board during the time I was there. She is an extremely angry and hostile woman. Please be careful with her. She is known for shouting at students and employees. She is accusatory and often appears to be sulking. Her incompetence shows in her teaching skills. She does not teach. She obsesses about certain selective abstruse areas and blasts select students with cutting criticism and hostility. I've seen her and other professors adjust grades to make their statistics look superior. What I witnessed was non-educational and very disturbing to say the least. As a minority I do believe I was discriminated against given unfair, unethical, and abusive treatment. I continuously witnessed selective favorable treatment to certain students, especially to females. There is a very strong undercurrent of fascist feminism. Women appear to have taken the role of the chauvinists. And a lot of the male employees are henchmen to be used by catty and manipulative females such as Dr. Isabella Cunningham. As the graduate director Dr. Gary Wilcox plays harmful and damaging political games (typical of incompetent bigots in power) and wanted to create the superficial appearance that he really does care about diversity by accepting some minorities into the program. Those minorities are all token or they come from wealth. From my point of view "diversity" is a complete facade (bigotry hidden behind politically correct behaviors and The Devil in sheep's clothing). The game he plays is subtle and complex. Select minority students are lead to believe that their poor math scores and individual differences would not be a problem. That is trickery. Because several of the classes often utilize complex math formulas to solve problems. The majority of the students come from conservative Texas towns and do not accept diversity. In fact they are outright hostile to diverse students. The students self-segregate. And none of the professors encourage students to work well with diverse students. The professors are largely incompetent and play politics with their students. They engage in preferential treatment. They selectively help and boost the grades of select students. While they selectively harass, shun, ignore, badger, belittle, over-criticize, and plot against select diverse students and perceived whistle-blowers. One doctorate level student in the advertising program sent me an email stating that Dr. Cunningham runs the department like a dictatorship and is unpopular, he also mentioned that the program needed improvements. I kept that email as evidence to prove the bizarre and detrimental politics that were rampant in the program at the time that I was there. When I was there they tried to scapegoat me. They tried to make me believe that I started the problems. I was publicly shouted at by Dr. Isabella Cunningham "You are always a problem" as she frowned at me and used threatening body posturing to make me fearful and oppressed. Stupidity and incompetence in major universities has been documented since 1989 with the book Profscam: Professors and the demise of higher education. It is written by Charles J. Sykes. The dumbing down of America is very evident at UT-Austin. The third problem is that the so-called academic program is run with a group-think-Machiavellian type management system (this management style seems prevalent at The University of Texas at Austin), group think, fascism, collectivism, and spying through the behavior concerns advice line and through "moles" are rampant. You can generate bad rumors about anyone if they showed up late to class or if they voice their opinion about the corruption or poor teaching methods. They selectively spread damaging gossip through that advice line and or through university moles. I've observed students harassing, over-criticizing, ignoring, shunning, and becoming hostile to students that voice their opinions and differences. Students with a different color of skin are treated much differently. And it is acceptable at UT-Austin. The professors allow the selective hostility to occur on a regular basis. Spying and reporting any activity was encouraged and embraced when Stalin was dictator of The Soviet Union. There seems to be a lot of Stalinism at UT-Austin. I believe the university also use sell out token minorities (for window dressings/facade/show) and use other student workers for the purpose of "mobbing." (Westhues 2005). They also use token minorities to show that the university is truly sensitive to diversity but it is only a destructive facade that perpetuates problems and oppression. I am shocked that this university has adopted that system. They are truly disgusting and low class because they do not care at all about diversity or differences. They are too selfish and corrupt. Their goals are to mob out people that are whistle-blowers and people that are different. They also try to set people up for arrest by implanting incriminating evidence and provoking select employees and students until they burst with rage. It is often termed as mobbing and gang stalking. The goals of mobbing are to "force someone to adapt to a group norm, revel in animosity, gain pleasure out of boredom, and to reinforce prejudices." (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999, 58-59). Mobbing behaviors can include "No help, promises are made and not kept, no eye contact is made with you, contact is minimized or avoided with you, you are ignored, gestures that signal humiliation, talking behind your back, communication via email that should be discussed face-to-face, having your work checked by someone unqualified to do so, policies changed or not followed, mixed messages, you are made to look inconsistent, you are set up, those supportive of you are discredited, an environment of paranoia is created, giving you tasks that you have not been adequately prepared to assume, and attacks on your private life"(Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999, 46-47). The organization, advisers, The Chair, the professors, peer adviser, coordinator, token minorities, and sell-out students (wimps and sheep) try to destroy any independent thought, individualism, and actively encourage group-think. They actively destroy select students educational experiences by telling them "You don't have to be here." "You don't have to come to class" "I know people are blocking you out. I will not help you." One of their methods to accomplish their sadistic goals is through civil rights violations, conspiracy, discrimination, and "mobbing" (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999.) Mobbing can be argued as a form of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, workplace/academic hostility, and conspiracy against rights (2007 Federal Law). I'm shocked that the university doesn't have a policy against mobbing. I doubt they would enforce it, even if there was a policy. They seem to use every trick in the book to further their fascist and sadistic type goals. The root of this problem starts with Dr. Powers (The President), Dr. Lilly (The Dean of Students), and other deans that are involved with furthering fascist collectivism. The fourth problem are the snide and deranged professors that snarled brusquely that "if you don't like the way they do things then you can just leave" and "if you wanted to attend a program with a good reputation you would have attended the accounting program at the McCombs School of Business." The fifth problem is that I saw on an intermittent basis the incompetence, rudeness (snarky and flippant behaviors), group-think, lies, brainwashing, and hostility that the advertising program actively encouraged and facilitated when I was there. They also covered up and protected their "reputation" once problems were reported and exposed; also they provide overly pleasant lip service (Dr. Wilcox's website and his Newsweek article "prove" that he is a good fundraiser for the program, goes above and beyond in recruiting minorities, and in helping a certain female student). If some of this is true then it points more to favoritism, preferential treatment, and superficiality. When I informed Dr. Wilcox about my perceptions of discrimination and how it was a problem for me, he was then supposed to follow company policy which is to report it to officials so that I may receive due process (as an individual in the protected minority group) and appropriate professional service in resolving my complaint. That never happened. The advertising program provides cheerful group photos on their website to make it seem as if they are personable and do excellent academic work. They do not do excellent work. I've seen the majority of the professors inflate the grades of students and base the grade system on how rich the student is. Sometimes they don't even grade assignments of the ethnic minorities. They just assign poor grades to them. And then play dumb and hurt when they are confronted. If you want to learn about the bag of Machiavellian tools, cult-mind control techniques, and psychopathic tricks (Stalinism) that The Advertising Department at University of Texas at Austin utilized when I was there then read all of these books: Cause stalking (2007), Cults in our midst: The hidden menace in our everyday lives (1995), Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan (1989), Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the workplace (1999), In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and dealing with manipulative people (1996), Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited (2001), Brainwashing: The science of thought control (2006), People of the Lie (1998) Living with the passive aggressive man (1993), Profscam (1989), and Political Ponerology (2007). Don't forget to read up on Stalin and learn how he used trickery to convince his people that he was a fair, honest, and loving dictator. Also read up on the very good philosophy called Objectivism by Ayn Rand (1905-****).
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I go to UT and I've had a great experience. All of my professors have been nice. Some I like more than others, but you're never going to love EVERY single professor you have.

I think the person posting here is a little bit touched in the head to be honest.


Ron Anderson is very much like Prof Wilcox...stay away from him. The PR kids don't even know why he is still teaching..


Made very similar experiences. Mobbing is performed on very high level. UTPD is corrupt, and so is student judicial services.

Avoid Martha Compton, Marc Shook and Regins-Lilly at all times!!


LOL! The loons are definitely centered in UT Austin!!!!

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