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RE:Tattoo Learning Center Scam Alert

As consumers I am a firm believer in an uncensored platform. However we all must take into consideration that with this freedom comes the ones who will miss lead the public and abuse our privilege and right to free speech. We need to all use a little critical thinking and consider the source of blatant unfounded accusations. It is very difficult to consider the source when the source is hiding behind a computer, not using their real name, and doing their best to plant seeds of doubt. THE TATTOO LEARNING CENTER IS NOT A SCAM. I am proof that with hard work, much dedication, and guidance from Lisa along with a little talent one can achieve their dream. The old dirty ways of tattooing is over. For those of you concerned with finding a shop that will hire you believe me that is the least of your worries if you are a good artist. There is a studio is Florida that only hires from TLC and with new laws becoming predominate in many states things will only get better for the educated artist. Maybe current shop owners are all up in arms because they are threatened. I would ask why? And where did you receive your training on cross contamination and airborne pathogens? The answer "I've been doing this 20 years" is just not good enough any longer. As a community we want shop owners to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. The only way to do this is to regulate the industry. YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT TATTOO LEARNING CENTER. KEEP MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE!
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The Tattoo Learning Center - Scam Alert

Please do not patronize this 'school'. It is unaccredited, unregulated, and provides a very real danger to both the 'students' and the general population as a whole. There is no feasible way to obtain the proper education to become a professional tattoo artist in two weeks time. Because hundreds of tattoo studios have 'blacklisted' students from this school, the employment opportunities for these 'students' are all but non-existent, making attending the Tattoo Learning Center a complete waist of time and money. Please do not give Lisa Fasulo or The Tattoo Learning Center $4800 of your money. This is most certainly a scam.
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To Lisa it's all about the money. School gives you basics and that's about it. If you're not pushing and learning as soon as you leave , then you will still think that all tattoos can be done with 3 or 5 liner and 8 round shader.

She has no preference as for equipment or needles which is either bs or she has no clue. Never did a portrait in her whole career. Nobody is yet to see any work from her on a Master scale such as Mike DeVries, Nikko Hurtado , Anil Gupta - just to name a few of them.

Once upon the time she had 3-4 Good people working there and now she is stuck with former Guinea Pig now 'teacher'... known as Laura aka butcher since she is very heavy handed and tattoos done by her take months to heal.

Someone said it's fun - No it's not fun if you're being watched and whatever you say or do gets reported back to Lisa.

Further more, if happens you show true talent your own mentor is a cockblocker plus prejudice. She won't say anything but she'll make sure to play you down and don't expect any solid advice or help from them unless she can charge you for it.

2 weeks - $4800 = major rip off. Portrait class day and a half - $1800 = now . that's a rip off especially when the teacher instead of watching students - has to do stuff for Lisa. Now, compare that with Florida TLC location for Animal Portrait class , 7 days - $1800 = seems like a nice deal to me. Plus the teacher is awesome.

If you can, don't deal with her at all. This school is a cash cow nothing else. She doesn't care for art as she knows nothing about it. All of you who think you know her, think again and ask yourself what is that she ever did for any of her students unless took their money. It is very true that many tattoo shops blacklisted students from this school.


Tattooing will never be the same.. I like to give a big thank you to the yuppies, hipsters, and over privilege Americans for yet again ruin something sacred...


This is not just some *** fad, this is not your chance to be some rock tard celebrity, theres no possible way a course at some god *** school will prepare you for that future.

Waste your money, learn bad habits, and prepare yourself to not be respected.

Take my advice.


This school gets my 5 star review! I've been involved in the arts for 20+ years now and this course is packed full of useful knowledge and most of all a fantastic instructor!!

I've apprenticed a tat shop years ago and had my flash stolen,picked up nasty habits,and swept floors. If your artistic and looking to LEARN tattooing, I highly recommend TLC!!!

P.S. it's fun too!


Ne :x i ve been trying to find a tattoo school everywhere and i came across this school. Im sure its all bullsh$t people always tend to knock down the one on top.

Of course i didnt plan on going home after it and thinking im the *** ive learned enough no of course not but this would get me started. One thing i would like to know does the school except veterans school benefits any info wood be grrrreat


I totally agree with the artists who are entering this medium. The haters are just afraid to lose their rock-star status, lose their slaves.

Press on artists - these guys think we are living in medieval times when you to apprentice. Welcome to the 21st century haters. And by the way, why don't you people get off your high horses and offer more fair apprenticeships? Real learning situations.

Why? Because you are into control - but health and not art.


Okay so I know one or two people who have gone to the TLC and now are excellent tattoo artists. I'm from a country where there are NO tattoo apprenticeships.

Trust me, I've looked. Where there are apprenticeships, it's absolutely disgusting and way more dangerous than Lisa Fasulo's school. What happens then? What happens now to me, a foreigner to the United States and Canada, who can't live in your country as an illegal immigrant, doing an apprenticeship for free.

I can't get a job either way. How is it that I do anything? This is the most logical, practical and legal way of beginning my dreams as a tattoo artist without starting on my own illegally and being known as a scratcher my entire career. From what I know about the tattoo industry, it needs to lighten up.

It's 2012, and not everyone can afford to clean garbage for a year before learning anything about tattooing. It's a stuffy community that needs to take the stick out of the *** hole.


:cry basics that's it but its enough to start I did by learning out of my house I'm going but its my and ur responsabilty to take art annd computer. Software don't niece I'm sorry that let people like u into chat rooms try to be American and dream or have u forgotin


we are all born not knowing anything someone taught us everything from walking to wiping ourselves.i feel that it is commendable for someone to offer their knowledge of their trade,education is valuable so a fee is to expected.apprenticeships are also costly,time and often humiliation are the cost.i personally would rather pay for a set course within a set time,rather than have someone drag it out and make things seem harder than what they are.furthermore no matter what field you are trained in it will be difficult to find employment straight out of school.experience is more easily acquired with a good understanding of the fundamentals of your chosen profession.


I have been in many classes, Computer classes, 3d classes first aid classes and many many more. Many of them classes are LESS then 2 weeks and you get deploma from it.

Calling a respectible artist a scam is ***.

I have been offerd from a tattoo shop where i live to pay them 5000$ and he would teach me all i need to know in less then a week. There is not a doubt in my mind that it takes more then 2 weeks to become a pro in tattoo-ing but you have to start somewhere.

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