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I have a letter from the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau stating that the entire sum of $ in cash remains unclaimed. $5.00 fee to process.... What *** me off most is all the surveys i have taken in the last 5 years. Buying Products to reach the level to get the offers. $100s of dollars.

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Now why would one pay for a sweepstake entry that lets you know it's fraud. Especially if they ask for credit card numbers. There are companies that send a bogus check to find out ones bank account will hold one responsible for the amount if you deposit a bogus check. Now why hasn't the United Postal service prosecuted these companies?

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The just sent me the same letter as everyone. I looked it up first and found its a scam. It still *** me off just like anyone who tries to steal from me. My plan: everybody get a small box and mail them a turd. Whoa baby!!! You may think this isn't Godly but from what I understand, "You reap what you sow!" How fitting. Wild Bill

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I received the same letter with the same instructions for 5 bucks and as always I looked it up on the website 1st because of all the SCAMS. I took my letter to the postmaster and gave it to them to check out.

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I was just sent a letter on their sweepstakes of 12, 000,000.00 and they requested 5.00 when do they charge to enter a sweepstake, why are the authorities not investigating and prosecuting. This is a sign of fraud. Read more

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My husband sent in the $5 to this sweepstakes and now we find out its a scam...although it is only $5, I think it is *** that people have to pull scams like this to get money from people !! DO NOT EVER SENT ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS SWEEPSTAKES TO US !!! SCAMMERS !!!

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I had been a fool as well, not knowing that; nothing is free. I have sent $5.00's plenty times at the beginning and realize not recieving a doggone thing in return, knowing within months into a yaer, recieving constant letters in the mail by the pound from other companies that randomed raffle solicitations from this scam company.All of a suddeni been selected out the blue, that i won $12,000,000.00 to $52,000,000.00 from nether land to Austria... Read more

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