Main reason is we need our problem fixed,we have an 85yr old Nana has to bath I.n the water,we have to wash our clothes in the water and also shower in it.We have to use bottled water to drink.

Poor customer service,our qater softener system has been messed up before February 23rd and they put new parts in the chlorine pump which didnt help.Plumber took pictures and videos and sent to his boss and said they would get back with us.
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Greenbrier, Tennessee
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Horrible experience

Cowabunga Candy, Rocking Ray and dude named Joe from surfin plumbers are all liars. I received a welcome to the neighborhood flyer advertising a free water heater flush among other things. It also promised a free $50.00 visa gift card for the visit. Well, Shawn, who claimed to be the only child of the late Dr. Head arrived and was supposed to have the gift card with him. Unbeknown to him, I worked with Dr. Head in the past and have met his son Aaron and daughter Ashley. That was lie #1. He proceeded to tell me about the basic service plan for $9.95 monthly. I bought into this plan because it included the back flow inspection. When signing up for this plan I noticed that even though the basic plan was chosen for $9.95, after signing my card was charged $39.95. That was lie or deception #2. Upon completion of the service Shawn attempted to give me a target card instead of the visa, which I later found out, it was his personal card. I did not accept that card. He told me he was going to a nearby store to get a Visa card. He never returned. That was lie #3. I called to speak with the manager several times. I spoke with Candy, Ray and Joe instead. They all stated they would make it right but never did. Some would say this is petty, but I say it is about principle. The flyer I received is still in my possession. After reading a lot of the reviews about this company, I decided to talk to a lawyer friend of mine about false advertisement. I would recommend anyone in need of a plumber or ac tech to tell surfin plumbers to keep on surfing. They are very deceitful and can not be trusted.
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Bradenton, Florida
  • Are liars
  • Falsely advertise
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

Short Review on March 03, 2017

Tab is a *** artist. When he was with clockwork home services he promised all the franshise oweners the moon, then watched us all collapse. I can only imagine how this new scam of his must be.
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The Surfin Plumbers will WIPE YOU OUT

This company charges more than any company I have ever seen. It's true that they work their employees overtime to the point of exhaustion and with no overtime pay. They allow you, lol, allow you, to drive their unreliable trucks all over kingdom come, and in some instances, the trucks are dangerous because they are not maintained properly. That is not a priority with this guy who owns and sorta runs things. He has the biggest ego I have ever seen and wastes your time every morning on mundane *** and ridiculous meetings talking nonsense and almost seeming like he's hopped up on something. All he cares about is sell, sell, sell all and everything you can even if the customer doesn't need it. It you don't do this, well, your out "not doing things the Surfin Plumber way". I tried it, but got fired because I don't want to be a "Surfin Plumber". I want to be able to live with myself and not rip people off. Get another company people because this one is out to screw everyone. I think The Surfin Plumbers will be going "down the toilet" very soon.
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Nashville Surfin Plumbers are the most unprofessional, cheating bunch of non-plumber plumbers I've ever dealt with! They charge outrageous prices for simple tasks and try to upsell everything.

I got them from Angies' List so I thought they were honest. NOPE! Charged me $3800 for a water softener in 2014 that is useless today. Actually had an odor like a dead rodent that went through my drinking water for weeks before I turned the system off and the odor disappeared.

They will not take responsibility. Can and turned the bypass knobs off and haven't heard from them since. Of course, they tried to tell me it was just old and that I should get a whole house filter from them at a mere $5600. WHAT?!!!!

I've been asking to talk with the manager for weeks. He won't call me. I am in the process of having the tank water tested. He should hope to goodness that there is no harmful bacteria in there!!!!

My whole family's health is at stake!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They're a joke!

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Owner will rip you off work you 80 hours and not pay you

Worked here and pay scale changes every month. If you don't up sell and rip off customers you'll get fired. Then when you get fired tab won't answer your calls and short you on your check $500. What a loser.his prices are outrages selling toilets for $800 when they cost $150. Like where do you get your prices at. Ellis who is the main *** man just acts retarded all the time so you never know if you can take him serious or not. They all think he is a big sells man but drives a broke down ford. Lol all these guys are losers and I'm sure all employees Live in trailers cause they work for next to nothing so if you have them out you should tip the service techs so they can feed their family cause tab and chad sure aren't looking out for no one.
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Bellevue, Washington
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This company should come with a warning label "RIP OFF!" They sent out a plumber that way over quoted us to unclog the main line. Thankfully we found another company right away! Even after declining the insane service they wanted to charge my wife and I, we still had to pay for the call. No thank you, we will stick with a regular Joe plumbing company that doesn't take pride in over charging for their fancy vans but rather takes pride in customer care. Don't waste your time and money like we did! Call Griggs Plumbing if you are in the Sarasota or Bradenton area.
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They overcharged us as well. In addition, a job that was supposed to take 2 days took 5, and they left the cover going under our home wide open..

My old hot water heater is STILL sitting there waiting for them to remove it, as they said they would do.

Avoid this company. HUGE mistake.