The Residences At Slatersville Mill Apartment Rental Review from Woonsocket, Rhode Island

RUN! Just. Run. PLEASE READ!! If you are thinking "this looks like such a nice, easy going place", reconsider, and keep looking. That's what I used to think, and oh my gosh I am so glad my lease is up and I can just get the *** out of this place. Anything you think is nice about this the residences, all goes downhill after four months. I made the mistake of signing twice with them, thinking things would get better, and oh my god i was so wrong. Their rents are always going up and up with notging much in return. The woman, Nicole, in the office just loves to belittle the residents and talk down to everyone and act like she is doing you a favor for even speaking to you. In the year and a half that she has been in the office, at least ten people have quit. I knew three of the staff members who were just wonderful, and they just couldnt stand her anymore. They kept almost $300 of my first deposit because they said I didn't vaccume(which I did) and the toilet seat was dirty. For the second apartment I had to give a $500 deposit, a $300 non-refundable pet fee, and a $150 (now a $175) "amenity fee" to use all the accommodations that the mill boasts about whenever I want. Halfway through the year they starting asking for $100 deposit per room(lounge or media) if you were reserving them "just in case" something got damaged, even though I paid to use them freely throughout the year. Then in 2016 they just started changed the fob code so you HAD to ask to go in and leave a deposit. My fiancé fixed a pocket on the pool table because it was always broken, and they yelled at him saying he wasn't allowed to do that. The media was ALWAYS inaccessible(even though I paid the amenity fee) and if they weren't in the office that day, you were *** out of luck if you wanted to get in there. I saw an EGG splattered on the carpet left there for a week before anyone cleaned it, but the mill will fine you if you put you garbage bin out on the wrong day (even though you pay a monthly fee for that too). THEY LET SOMEONE INTO OUR APARTMENT. First we told them to call us before they let maintanence in so we could be home because we have a dog, then they just went in anyway(this happens to many residents). And a BIG issue, they let people into our apartment that wanted to STEAL from us into our apartment, no questions asked. Luckily my fiancé was home to get them out, but the told they office they were our pet sitter without a key, and without calling us to check, they just let them in. The "locked" exterior doors are also never locked. I never felt safe there again. They always yelled at us for our off leash dogs (well behaved, trained, under strict voice command) when we played on a piece of land that they didn't even own, when the dog law in N Smithfield is your dog must be on leash OR under strict voice control and you must pick up after them. When I moved into my second apartment, the carpet already had stains, but they wouldn't replace it. But when they did a walk through of my apartment (as I was trying to move in to a smaller apartment because there rent was going up AGAIN) Nicole made snarky comments about the vaccuming, and said they would have to replace the carpet because it was too dirty, when they didn't even try to clean it. She tried to give us a $1300 bill for the carpet, including paying for padding which we didn't have under OUR carpets at the time (maintanence guy told us so), but said "we would have to put it in anyways, and it's only a $200 difference". They tried to make us pay for all of that AFTER our deposit. Even though our deposit, pet deposit and 12 months of extra pet rent($500+$300+$600) is $1400, which is plenty for the carpet. But they said if we didn't want to pay for it then they wouldn't approve our transfer to a different apartment. So we hauled *** to look for a different apartment so we could get the *** out of that place. We hated it there so much that we settled for woonsocket, just so we didn't have to sign with them again. Now I'm playing less than a one bedroom there, for a small family home w a garage and a big yard. In the month that we moved I saw at least 5 different residents moving out all saying the same thing, the just couldn't stand it anymore!! All of my friends from there are looking for different apartments as well because they want OUT. Just keep looking, don't settle for the Residences at Slatersville Mill. Run far away, and don't look back.
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Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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Pricing issue

Do Not Live Here!!!

Attention !!! Read This if you are thinking about living in The Slatersville Mill. First things first i am a tenant who is still living here as of 7/21/15 i will no longer be here. I have lived here for 4 years so if you want to know exactly what it is going to be like when you move in keep reading. If you are looking for a place to call home this is not home more like ***. You can hear everything from your neighbors, when i say everything i mean in the middle of the night when there is no noise (if their is no noise) you can literally hear neighbors phones vibrating. Any normal conversation you will hear it. I hear everything from phone calls to sex to walking, talking, dogs, tv's. This is if you have normal working everyday human beings next to you. If you get the other well good luck i have had them all from people on house arrest to wanna be american idol blooper rheel country singers. If you want peace and quiet RUN !!!! ASAP i cant even begin to explain this is just the tip of the iceburg. You can hear the neighbors dogs and the neighbors neighbors dogs... like 6 to 7 apartments down. Maintenance is usually quick but if its anything even remotley complicated good luck they will have to come back again and again. Next we will move on to smells if any of your close neighbors smoke you will smell it if anyone within 2 or 3 apartments smoke illegal substances you will smell those. I can't express enough that everything i am saying is true to a T. I should have wrote this a long time ago but i was just trying to be a good resident that kept to himself but after the fact that i have lived here for 4 years and paid my rent on time... never late not once and only complained a few times about the people who lived above me because their kids scream and yell and jump around every day I asked to be let out of my lease early because i purchased a house. Well my answer was a big fat No and i have to pay for a whole month of me not living here. So if you have read this far heed my warning you will regret moving in here trust me. My last thing is the office. They hire incompetent people here let me explain. When i first applied for the apartment i was told i would be notified in 10 days if i was approved and got the apartment. I never heard anything, 1 month later i get an email that says we still have not received your move in date and you have 10 days left to move in. So i should have taken that as a sign not to move in, just recently when i signed my shorter lease because i knew i had to get out of here they needed us to come back 3 times because they kept making mistakes. They could just care less about their good or bad tenants obviously. Anyways i hope you read this and it helps other than everything i said the apartments are nice to look at but that is about it. Thanks One Happy Tenant
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Bad quality

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