So happy they got what was coming

They got what was coming to them a lot of jail time and hard up the ***
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They do not act as careing doctors, nor do they treat people as individuals

In my time of going there I found that staff NEVER listened to patients, nor treated ANYONE as an individual. All patients are being harmed mercilessly without any regard for their health. Doctors are suppose to first do no harm, however, these doctors harm all first by cutting them off or back drastically on their pain meds then forces all to do physical therapy or take shots that too often causes more injuries to them. I've seen patients leave in tears, screaming and begging for help, eventually even me. They subjected me to masochistic tortures forcing me to do physical therapy after reducing my pain meds to a point that I was bed ridden for weeks. Then redefined pain levels so that once I said my pain level was a 10 and they said that 10 meant I was thinking about suicide they cut me off all meds and cancelled treatment completely after injuring me with shots in my back til I no longer could stand, wash, wipe or clean myself or clean my apartment or cook for myself. This came AFTER Xrays and MRIs showed that I was getting worse. Their attitude was one of total indifference because the CDC ordered such and they are amongst the only gamers in town now. They also made out paperwork to make it seem that I was doing something illegal or unethical by going to another doctor for help or insisting that pain meds helped and that I needed them. The CDC even change my nonnarcotic meds to a formula med to indicate that after 10 years it's now considered to be a narcotic, they said. Something must be done to correct this before they kill people. they have already crippled many including me and totally incapacitated me to a point I've suffered a heart attack from withdrawal, excessive pains, stifnesses and stress.
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Sounds like this lady expected the Pain Center doctors to be her drug dealer. And when they actually prescribed a multidisciplinary pain management treatment plan, she had no interest and goes on to fabricate all sorts of excuses as to why she didn’t want anything but the drugs.

So much so that the three her out for violating her opioid agreement contract. And now she wants $100,000 “damages”? LOL. You can’t make this crap up!

U believable. Thanks for the laughs.


She basically said that 1. The pain Center drastically reduces everybody’s pain medicines right off the top.

2. They pursue Non narcotic pain management strategies including physical therapy and ejections Because they are opioid sparing. 3.

She said that they ordered appropriate x-rays and MRI scans and either discontinued or discharged her because she was Dr. shopping.


I don’t know you so i will not attempt to rationalize or justify your post. As someone who had to recover from 3 lower back surgeries I will only comment on your post.

You need to realize that you can’t live on pain killers. You will ALWAYS be in pain. Some days will be better some will be worse. You cannot just stay on pills.

You need to learn other ways to relieve your pain. Hot showers, stretching, heating pads. You have to push yourself or you won’t get better. I know what I’m talking about here.

My surgeries were over 15yrs ago. I still live in pain. You need to wean yourself off of the heavy duty pain meds and move to OTC pain relief. Stop playing the victim because you are victimizing yourself.

You are placing the blame on the people who are paid to get you back on your feet because the work is too hard. Please take a few moments to look forward to your own potential future. Do you REALLY want to be treated like some drughead? Yes the pills kill your pain but they are doing far worse.

You either take them and veg or take them and overwork. Stop fighting the process!! You NEED to be off the pills, period. Once you are completely free of the pain meds then you can get back on them.

You are going to have to detox atleast every three months. I’m sure you can understand how tolerances work. I tell you all of this so you have the option of changing your future. If you dont do the work NOW you will NEVER do the work needed to get yourself even close to what you were before you were injured.

I was lucky and have a strong desire to not be trapped in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I had someone to help push me. At my lowest I thought I would never even get to 50% of what I was. Now I’m about 80%.

Yes I deal with pain, but that is life. Don’t get mad at them for doing their job. No one really wants to live in pain but the alternative is far worse then pain. If you dont get a handle on it now then you are going to be that person going to prison for possessing meds not prescribed to you.

Because I have seen what a long term pill user turns into and it’s NOT PRETTY!! Keep working and keep pushing!


True talk. Poor pain doctors.....

now they have all these people complaining and want the doctors who were helping them to go to jail. The prosecutor is not thinking of those who benefit from their treatment. The prosecutor uses these same people as witnesses. National emergency can be declared for a wall where there is no emergency.

Hmmmm I just pause and ponder and ask myself if it worth it to be a doctor for a million dollars per office visit. No.....


People forget that once doctors refused terminally ill patients adequate pain management and those patients sought death, However, after multiple deaaths doctors' opinions changed and every single patient that sought death and finally given adequate pain management to enable them to functionn in life normally all changed their minds and wanted to live. Many even lived longer than expected.


Tell that *** to the 2 people I saw die from being denied adquate pain mangement. Also you problably work for them.

Since that time I now had to retire, lost my home, my car and have to have a care giver because of pains. My PCP is pressed to keep my blood pressure under control and failed. wheres I've suffered 2 heart attacks. On my good days I can barely brush my teeth.

All due to stiffneses and pains. When you reach the level of stiffness and pains such that you give up living and die have your family say the asame *** you've said here.


Your opening statement is libelous hearsay. You have provided nothing to substantiate your accusations.

You are a weak drug seeker who is also lazy and disinterested in true pain management or physical rehabilitation. I have seen dozens of losers just like you over the years and they never make it in the end so I hope your martyrdom through suffering is worth the price of admission.


The government occidental the doctors of prescribing too much medications and she was complaining by then of being cut off. Hmm nice. She needs to complain to the US ATTORNEY GENERAL MATTHEW SCHNEIDER


You're probably someone capitalizing of this situation. And listen *** the death toll is increasing from this new action because it's drug dealers that have been pushing the death tolls.

And yes, there are many doctors that have been found over prescribing and even capitalizing from illegal acts, but due to this travisty many average everyday law abiding citizens have have are now committing criminal acts merely by going into the pain clinic parkinng lots and getting the drugs they need from such drug dealers. Now how is that that the dealers still have access to these drugs but not patients that need them?

You call me weak, *** I've helped build America and now I've had to quit, lost my home, cars and now I have to here *** from the likes of You who has no experiences with life enough to have a moral compass to not be insultive to people. If you ever reach a point in life where stiffness and pains get so bad you seek death then MAYBE you'll understand decency.

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pay for irrapable harm caused, and punitive damages


All they want is your money and don’t care about you at all.If you don’t let them put the shots in your back then you don’t get any medication.Even if you have insurance they still charge you.
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Poor customer service

Horrible pain after nerve block