The Nation - Denial of Free Speech

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The Nation is an online publication. The Nations problems started when they acquired an online forum called Thaivisa. Thaivisa contains a moderated chat board forum. In general the moderators operate to keep discussions on topic, modify post formatting to make posts more readable, and sometimes help out by moving a topic to a more appropriate subforum. They also perform other functions to keep discussions running smoothly. Thaivisa has a news subforum where the news team sometimes posts topics that are political in nature. Unlike other subforums the news subforum is heavily censored through biased moderation. Many members have been suspended and several have been outright banned because they expressed a political opinion that went against the ultra liberal ideology that moderators want to see. The worst moderator uses the member name Scott. Scott attempts to bully other members into spouting the party line, threatening suspensions or outright bans, thus preserving the ultraliberal message. The result is that free speech is denied. The Nation is complicit in this since they own Thaivisa and do nothing to stop it. The Nations status as a legitimate online publication is a now a joke. They should correct the problem or sell off Thaivisa. No other action will work. The bottom line result is that the Nation engages in active suppression of free speech while at the same time masquerading as a legitimate news publication.
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Poor customer service

I've cancelled my subscription


This paper is liberal filth.


You understand don't you, that an internet forum can edit you or ban you or whatever they like, for and reason or no reason, it's their forum. If you don't like their politics you are free to start your own forum.

I expect you would also ban people who disagree with you.

Free speech is not absolute, you cannot say whatever you want to wherever you want to.

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He has every right to post the review. The Nation should sever its relationship with that forum.


Yes. It happened to me.

I was banned by Scott for absolutely no reason other than I did not agree with his view on climate change. It's hard to believe The Nation is involved with something as disgusting as ThaiVisa


Happened to me. I posted that global warming was open to debate.

Scott banned me that day.

He has no tolerance for difference of opinion. The Nation should be ashamed.

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SourGrapes L
map-marker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Nation Magazine

Who are these people? Apparently, I ordered a subscription from them and did not pay. They've now referred my account to a collection agency for payment. First of all, I did some checking on this magazine and it looks to be a liberal mag. While, I'm not very political, I do vote and I'M CONSERVATIVE! Why in the world would I subscribe to a political magazine, and especially one that I don't even agree with? Is this magazine in such dire straights that they have to fraudulently obtain accounts? How did they even get my name and address? The letter threatened legal collection activity, can they do this? They then mention that I can settle this before further collection, for $20. Plus, get this! I'll then receive the "remaining issues in my subscription"! Really? Like, I'd even think about subscribing to a magazine that is trying to strong-arm me into submitting payment FOR SOMETHING I NEVER ORDERED? So, should I expect a ding on my credit report? With today's technology, I have no doubt social security numbers can be searched out. I mean, if they are willing to go this far with a NON-subscriber, how much further are they willing to go? Does anyone have any experience with this and/or these kind tactics?
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