The Mailbox Magazine Free Trial Review

I signed up for the free trial for one week it wasn't even 24 hours before they took the yearly payment out of my account. I'm stopping the subscription and requesting my money back. Contacted my bank 49 payment.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reason of review
Problems with payment

These Reviews Make No Sense

These reviews do not appear to be for The Mailbox, but rather for shady third parties who may be using its name. The Mailbox is a mostly digital subscription model that only costs $29.95/year or $2.99 month. It can also be bought via teacher stores. So whatever astronomical bills are being sent are coming from somewhere else. The company does not sell door to door and will cancel memberships through its fulfillment services long before any bills of this magnitude would be possible to be outstanding. Unfortunately, I think many on this board got scammed.
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#1167246 is not who people are posting about. Their issues, and mine, are with

A clever look-alike website name.

I can attest to what is being said here.

I was solicited, and bought their subscriptions with the intent the magazines would go to a charity like the Boys & Girls Club. But by reading these posts I was able to put a stop-payment on my check before they could cash it.

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Greensboro, North Carolina
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Fell for the sales gimmick myself

I was taken surprised and bought subscriptions to "donate" to the YMCA in Boston. Then I was told that night about the company and that I got taken. I have been trying to cancel the order starting the next day. No idea if it will work. The sales lady was not at all clear about what the deal she was selling actually was. I just felt bad for her. She showed me names of neighbors that bought from her. They were all lies. I got taken for $540 dollars. I contacted the credit card company and we shall see if they honor my cancellation. I will keep you posted.
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Northborough, Massachusetts
Reason of review
Preferred solution
Full refund

The Mailbox Magazine Review from Sandwich, Massachusetts

I was also taken in by mailbox media " sales pitch" and wrote a check however i reconsidered the same day and sent in by mail (the only option for cancellations) the required copies of paperwork. I also immediately put a stop payment on the check. I also further sent the company an email telling them of both the cancellation paperwork and the check stop. Hopefully this will be the end of it for me. Thank you all for the warnings about this company.o
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Did this work or did they try and deposit the check?


what happened? update?

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Sandwich, Massachusetts
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Mailbox Media magazine sales rip-0ff in Danville, CA on 3/2/2015

On March 2, 2015, Dave Buckins came to my door selling magazine subscriptions for Magazine Media. He said he was earning points to help underprivileged people to be able to work towards a career. He was a very pleasant guy and talked a lot about having been on drugs and how he was turning his life around. The points would also help him in his endeavor. I gave him a $100 check (#562) for a subscription to US magazine. I still have the cancelled check and the sales receipt (#122173). The check was cashed a few weeks later with a stamp from the bank: Pay to the order of Comefica Bank Scottsdale, AZ. 85251-**** 12113**** For deposit only Mailbox Media LLC 189492**** Address for Mailbox Media as shown on sales receipt: 3820 W. Happy Valley Rd. #141-199 Glendale, AZ 85310 I also called them in May and they said it takes a few months to process the order. I was going to try to cancel today but don't recall where I got the phone number. Contact me if you have questions: Linda Ruese Lruese@***.com
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I was hit with this scam. Contacted the Arizona attorney general.

they were useless. They know this operation is a scam and allow it to continue.

Marcus Hardrick #18995 sold me an Atlas for 100 dollars on 10-16-2016. Never saw the book , check cashed immediately and Mailbox media will not answer the phone or return my emails.

They are ***.

They are ripping you off. DO NOT FALL for this SCAM,SCAM, SCAM



Hi, I am in a similar situation as you were with the magazines. I purchased a set of 36 books for my daughter.

check was cashed and still have not received my books. I paid 80 and was told I would get a tax deduction of 64$. I emailed them and still have not received a response and after googling the company, I feel like I have been scammed out of money.

If you have any helpful info on how I can reach them, please let me know. my email is alisharosborne@***.com


Dave Buckins came to my door this past weekend, May 28, 2016 with the same story. He travels far and wide I guess.

I got suspicious when he showed me his log of subscription purchases that my neighbors signed up to receive.

For $440.00!

When I spoke to them after he left my house they said they purchased only $44.00 worth.


I put a stop payment on my check the next day. And Mailbox Media will get my cancellation notice this week.


Hi just order magazines yesterday is there contact number?


They are now in Rhode aware.


I just had this same scenario happen in WV on June 22. Anyone have any numbers? Or is this a waste of time ugh


Anyone have a phone number for this company? They scammed my husband out of $320.

Told him he was giving a gift of magazines to the VA. The salesman said he was struggling to get his life together after Katrina. Disgusting.

I called Reader's of the "magazines" the VA is getting. They were rude and unhelpful.

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Walnut Creek, California
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Over $150.00 GONE because of Mailbox Media

My 90 year old aunt was at home when a man knocked on the door. He said that he wanted to earn 500 points for this magazine company, Mailbox Magazine, to help his family to have a better life, especially for his children. He took advantage of her and convinced her to help him earn his 500 points. She then gave him a check for over $150.00 for the subscription to the magazines. After I had read these reviews I was convinced the company is unreliable. I had to shut down her account, making sure she wont be charged again. She had to learn her lesson the hard way but you don't have to. Please be careful with this company, DON'T TRUST THEM!
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I wish I would have read your review sooner, I was also scammed for $60 cash, I didn't want them to have my account number on my check. I went to verify my order on the website and my order number can not be found!

Guess its ok to take money from my kids to put you and your kids through school!! Never Again!!


How do u know that the company is a scam though i spent $385 watched someone graduate the program and know they are in college i follow them on Facebook

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Calabasas, California
  • Scam
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Mailbox Magazine misleads consumers

a friend is having trouble with magazine subscriptions, she is going through chemo and asked me to help. She thought she was making a one time payment, is receiving mens mags, muscle mags, etc. she tried to cancel, and they threatened her with bad credit, etc., refused to cancel, and is charging her card $75 monthly. This company does send the magazines, and did offer to change magazines, but misleads customer about what exactly they are agreeing to - getting 4 magazines for $75 monthly, for 3 years is uncalled for! I called, they were threatening and rude. Thanks to previous hits on this website, I will be helping my friend to contact the BBB, Attorney General, etc. Do not order from these people!!
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Mailbox media doesn't even except credit cards why are u slandering a company for no reason


Yes they do you must work for them, so why don't you tell us how to cancel these orders once and for all? Dirty *** bags.


Same thing happened to me, 59.80 per month, with various other 29.95 charges. Stopped payment and cancelled my card.

Filed a complaint with Attorney Generals office of Florida. Customer service at Mailbox Magazines hung up on me twice, stating they have a no cancel policy.

Always the same person I spoke to and I aske to speak to her supervisor, and she stated she is the supervisor. Never again.


I had the same thing happen to me but not through mailbox mag. I gave up and payed for the first year and let them know that I did not want anymore after thus year.

They called me and asked if I wanted to subscribe for another year I said no. Before I know it here comes more magazines and the bills. I called them and they played back the tape where they said I said yes. Some how they copied my time from before saying yes .

I fought them but got no where with them so change all my phone numbers and cards. They did quit sending me the magazine but now I have this on my credit score as not paid. This is all a scam and I am so mad I fell into it.

Once again I had to learn the hard way. Like I tell people that ask where I went to college I say the school of hard knocks.


Me too,, taken for first payment, $59.80. Assumed PChouse till diamond watch form came in mail.

Thought mailbox mag was a agent for PChouse, even mentioned prize pattoll in April. The number of months of the subscripion differed greatly form what I was told orginally. Phoned mailbox and they played tape back to me and suposively extended some of the subscriptions to match tape. They're so %^&*'ed they can't even make a order correctly form those bad tape recordings.

Or they just want to ram it a bit more into ya?

Sent in cancellation to Mailbox mag. for what that's worth. Canceled debit card. Collecting what I can from web if this goes to collections or court.

This is of course my opinion of Mailbox Magazines.

About three times what anyone else wants for the same magazines. Must be one heck of a watch?

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Germantown, Maryland
New Reviewer

I'm pissed also

They keep sending me a bill for something that I've not recieved. I'm on a fixed income and have no idea what it is that are wanting me to pay for. I have no idea what it is thatthey are wanting money for. If they would explain their self Imight could let them know something. If you get a bill for 956.80 you would expect something to show for it. I'm not gonna send money for something that I have no idea what it is for, would you. thank you for letting me let off a steam.
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Tulsa, Oklahoma

I too got, got!

Please contact the Federal Trade Commission! That' the ONLY way to shut them down and send them to jail!!! I had the exact same experience that everyone here is describing. Get the FTC involved! You may NOT hear what you would like but with enough complaints the feds can quietly investigate and catch these crooks! This is a form of extortion! Also, after 3 months of receiving magazines that you'll never read you begin getting renewal notices! If any one has their business address please post it, along with the PO BOX that they use! Again, please contact the Federal Trade Commission!
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3820 West Happy Valley Rd. #141-199, Glendale, Az. 85310


I work for Mailbox Magazine and why would you agree to receive magazines that you wouldn't enjoy reading? That makes no sense at all. Also, we are not crooks because we make sure you understand before anything is done and we even give you an opportunity to ask questions or state concerns.


Mail Box Magazine are Crooks! 1000 dollars for 0 mags, crazy :x


I Spent about an hour speaking to the sales person by the name of Trace Boyd and she told me a sad tale about her life. I told her how she could get her life on track by applying for collage federal aid and grant money.

I then proceeded to give her a check for $140.00 for 2 magazine subscriptions. I did this in 10/14, its now 2/15 and still no magazines. Now mind you, my check cleared the band 10 days later, so they have MY money. I called a Mr Sanders at 217-202-**** and all I got was his voice mail.

The address that is printed on my receipt for Mailbox Media is, 3820 W. Happy Valley Rd. #141-199, Glendale, AZ 85310. I plan to drop them a lovely note and then contact the Federal Trade Commission and report them.

After reading sooo many glowing reports on this company.

I feel the need to spread the love and the word about how this company does business. Thank you for your wonderful work at such a great organization ;)

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Arkansas City, Kansas
New Reviewer

Active Periodicals,Mailbox Magazines,Personal Periodicals,CRC of Tamarac ect......

Any name they go by its the same company owned byMelissa Sentz, Pres, Annette Spencer, Admin Assist, and Joan ***, Vice President info came from BBB. These woman have quite a scam going for them. They have done the same magazine scam with thousands of people. Everything you read here is true for all of us. Same scam different unsuspecting honest consumers. I am Pissed, you bet so far they have $179.40 of my money and say I owe 777.40 more. Lied on the DiscoverCard queery, Lied on the phone, refused to cancel, violating my legal rights. STOPEMNOW
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These 3 ladies need to get a life! and get a real number a real email and a real address, maybe even a website?

for their fictitious/Assumed/Fake business! Don't think for one second if Magazine warehouse/Mailbox-Magazine decides to respond that I don't know what a Fictitious business is.. Though it is def. a sign of a SCAM!

You guys covered your butts good but Guess what You are being found out!

Also if their collections company decides to call you might want to look into them as well! Talk to your banks Credit companies and the police and make sure you, as the consumer also covers your own butt!


Its now 4-4-12 mailbox magazines is clearly in trouble with the Florida tax departments for things like unpaid unempoyment taxes, and sales taxes unpaid along with other taxes and the federal government for unpaid withholding taxes, that is money they took from thier employees and were supose to turn over to the IRS in behalf of the employee, that is all fraud charges but no one is charging them or getting any money out of them. I had tried to sue them in my hometown court for this and they hired a local lawyer, never paid him to represent them and never showed up for any hearings they were in default but my town could not find them and through the mail let things drop instead of persuing for justice to be done on my behalf cause it cost too much too go after them.

Shows me that if you never show up for a law suit and you change your name enough times you can operate in the business of ripping people off without ever having to defend yourself in court, just don't show up, don't pay your lawyers and they will not show up for you either. I forgot all about this I had an entire notebook filled with evedence to bring on a class action suit but my husband who was the one ripped off died and I let it go without him I had nothing. He was mentally disabled and did not have the authority to give anyone any credit card numbers but when he was asked for one his memory kicked in and he gave a memorized account number he used when he had his mind. I explained that to these people on the phone and went around in circles.

But hey I live near them now I think I may look into them again!!! Thank you pissed off for reminding me.

New florida resident and I still have the notebook full of evedence. Maybe being in the same state now I can put them out of business.


These people got me. Get a Voucher if I subscribe to magazines.

Well the voucher turned out instead of 250 it was $25 and before you get anything you had to fill out all these papers and send back. You then would get your magazines and the 25 dollar vourcher. Well they started charging my account and I had nothing. No Voucher or magazines-I tried to cancel and they said I could not.

I had the charge go into arbitration through my bank. They tried to call the number on the account.

They got hung up on, or no answer. Be careful, if you stop payment on the charge, they come back the next month with a charge a little less than the original charge and under another name.

I caught it and got that stopped too.

My bank pays me back so they are going to hunt them down until the charges are retreived! I have learned a valuable lesson.


I used to work for this company. They advertise that they pay $13 an hour on craigslist & in reality pay 8 bucks.

WTF! Yeah they record everything and go through quality control but they say things like "publishers clearing sweepstakes" which of course anyone would confuse with publishers clearing house at the spur of a moment. Total scam! I don't even think they send a watch.

I never saw one watch leave the office. They make it up to sound something that it is not. The script is ridiculous and the manger still owes me my last check and wont hand it over!

I would steer as far away from these people as possible.

Sincerely- pissed former employee


They are afilliated with a so called "Publisher's Clearing Sweepstakes." It is a shell corporation, under the same ownership, that does nothing but provide these girls with a means of infringing on Publisher's Clearing House's trademark. The purpose of this infringement is to confuse comsumers into believing they are dealing with PCH, and thereby profit financially from said confusion.

This is a clear violation of the Lanham Act. You need to file complaints with the BBB, The Federal Trade Commission, as well the Fort Lauderdale office of the Florida Attorney General.

Go after them under the Lanham Act, and you should get favorable results. Also, don't give up after one try, it may take several.


Luckily for me, in my state they can't get my consent for a non-cancellation as there is a cooling off period, even if I actually give it. I have turned it over to the police since the refused to cooperate.

The police say there is a very strong fraud case here. Their so called recorded consent from me also contains segments that differ from the actual conversation, and the police have my recording.

also, there sales rep clearly said Publisher's Clearing House, with I have dealt with. They knew this and lied.


Congaulation 4 free magazines. Hardly can makeout names of those freebys, the first and last were 60 months.

so you think the others are 60 months too.

The last they asked for payment in order to help out. I chose TV guide thinking it was for 60 months. told I could change any of those at anytime for other magazines in the 60 month period.

TV guide was a 12 month subscription in real.

So I gave you $59.80,, deal done. Send my *** watch and magazines, not a bill for 15 more payments.


Every comment on this thread is from a customer who agreed on TAPE to a magazine service with monthly payments.. The conversations are taped by a 3rd party company and the customer must understand the amount of payments, total cost of the service and cancellation policy before thier order is processed.

We cannot submit an order without a graded validation from this 3rd party company.

We understand buyers remorse, however, do not understand attacking a company that made sure you clearly understood what you were purchasing before anything was billed to your credit card. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDER FOR ANY PRODUCT UNLESS YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO.



What a lie. Your company and you are a bunch of thieves. May you get back what you put out sooner than later.


neka T

the girl on the phone, didn't know anything about it. they read a script.

unless you are going to google every company you ever work for you are not gonna know and a young girl reading a script is probably not going to do that. not everyone is out to get one over on you.

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Nashville, Tennessee

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