I had my tires chalked at 8 15 am. on Watseka Ave. I left there without a parking ticket. The parking guy was 3 cars behind me. It was 11 15 am. I went and parked on a street a mile away. Later that day i found a parking ticket on my vehicle with the watseka address on it saying i offended at 10 54 am. I had my vehicle started on watseka. The parking didnt stop and give me the ticket but drove right past me. And I have a witness. That is just...
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I never paid a late street sweeping ticket until this year. 2 things went wrong. 1. They never placed a citation on my windshield. 2. I was never mailed the first notice. I got mailed a late notice saying payment was due for a citation. When i called they claimed they had send me a citation by mail but i never got it. I ended paying $100+ for a citation that i didn't even know about! I don't know who handles the mailing or paperwork but they...
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my license plate was damaged in an accident. I applied for a replacement plate from the DMV, they made me return the damaged plate along with the application and $20. I made a Xerox copy of the damaged plate and the application for replacement before I handed them over, and put them on my dash when I park. I have now received 2 tickets for not having a plate on my can this be!!! What more can I do??? Some drunk *** hit my brand...
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I confronted a citation officer just before he was going to issue a ticket to me, I explained the situation and he told me I was not being issued a ticket. A week later I got the citation in the mail! I was lied to and I am going to fight this!
I have confidential plates. I did not know that I had parking citations on my car as I never received any notices! Years car gets towed and they state it was because of past due parking violations....THAT I NEVER RECEIVED NOTICE OF! Some of these citations are from 2004! I never received notice from the DMV either! I never recieved any notice at home or my work. Now they are holding on to my appeal stating that they want a letter...
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NerdlingerSS A professional??? No *professional* would post *** like this on ANY complaint web site for all to see Just pay your tickets jerko, and quit trying to get out of it!!!GROW UP ...

on the day of the pre elections my mom when to vote, she parked on a no stopping sign, she did not see it but she understod that if she got a tiket it was her problem. she got a ticket for $45, so she tought. after she paid the ticket that was givent o her on the 2/5/08 she send a paymetn for $45 on 2/14/08, two months after she got a nother letter letting her know she did not pay the ticket in full, she was asked to pay an additional $25, she...
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Karla Arnold They did not write clear, did they? Well news flash; neither did you. I must agree with you on one thing; the City of Los Angeles is ripping off its citizens horribly. :x :?


Fireball My car was ticketed after being driven by another and the man driving the car was photographed speeding through an intersection.The other driver was verified by an independent...

I inquired the City of Los Angeles Mayor's office for assistance... four times over 2 months of period, they promised to get back to you... NONE as of today. I truly feel City of Los Angeles, especially Parking Violation Bureau uses non-democratic and unconstitutional tactic to get back to its resident. Ticket payment is RECEIVED DATE and not POSTMARK DATE. This means, if the mail is lost, made to other department or wrong address... GOOD...
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pissed88 :( Yup... too many bureaucracy - not worth our tax dollar!


jmac55 Used to live in L.A. -- hate it that they\'re so unresponsive. Our tax dollars at work!

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