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Refused service

To the point, my mother and I were regulars, once a waiter refused to serve us because it was the end of his shift. Forgiven. The big one was when a waitress outright told my mother "I won't wait on you," then didn't. She spent a half hour chitchatting while the boy manager did the same. The owners didn't care. I'll post a second note on how the owner continually flirted with my female copatrons, if I can be given a reason not to charge him with sexual harassment.
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User's recommendation: Avoid them and their seafood.


THREE complaints from you, all about a single incident! You are trying to make it seem that others are complaining!


If you were refused service, you need to stop and think about your behaviour in the past (and your mom's too). I would venture that you are a couple of "Karens" and don't tip or don't tip well.

The rest of your complaint makes no sense. You are complaining about the manager sexually harassing other diners (but make no mention of you or your mom being sexually harassed) yet you mention taking legal action.

What? I think you are just lashing out because you didn't get your way.

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map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Complete disrespect of a Senior Citizen