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Just a typical low-class paper picking thief consortium. They will call on debts no longer valid or owed that they have acquired for low cost, and immediately begin all contact with threats. When asked for any proof of debt validity or to contact your -actually legitimate- lawyers, the woman (singular. Pretty sure it's a very small operation with no legitimacy) will insult you and hang up abruptly. My attorneys have advised me the following: "DO... Read more

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I got a call from them, they said I owed money. I tried to talk with the person, find out what this money was from, who did I owe and for what reason? She told me how valuable there time was and that I would have to do some research and find out, giving me a company name that I could not get anything but dead ends from, and she did not have time to just sit here on the phone with me while I figured things out. She quickly said something about... Read more

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I got a phone call from one of the employees or law agents as they said from "law offices of crystal moroney" the person I spoke with told me I owe their law firm 840$ I had to laugh and ask oh yea how is that? they said I owed them for college text books I rented from 2013 been out of school for 3 years and my school/administrations office never notified me of anything outstanding I took the info and did my research about them, if they try and... Read more

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SCAM, an attorney called me telling me I owe $400 for 2 books from a year ago. The school never notified me of any outstanding debt...well I HAD FINANCIAL AID that covered all my books AND all my classes and on top of that I received a refund...RUN RUN RUN from this business. If they call you tell them you will call them back. Don't give them any money and just google the name Chrystal Moroney. Read more

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She is coming up on my credit report and I have never used her. I would like this off my credit report or I will call the police I have never heard of her and my attorney is joy yanagida in Maui Hawaii and she's been paid in full. I want this off my credit report as I am trying to but a home in Maui. I have lived in Hawaii 15 years. Before that Seattle. I have never heard of this person and plan to go to any length to expose this fraud. ... Read more

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Pulled monthly credit report and found 3 claims for bad checks to C.V.S. I have never written any checks to named Pharmacy. I believe that these women see a claim about a male and proceed to reporting false claims. I firmly believe that they are sexist. And enjoy doing this false reporting knowing That in our society a women owned firm knows there is NO recourse. When making an attempt to speak to some one at the boiler room firm, I was met with... Read more

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These types of operations routinely make unsubstantiated demands. They don't even know if it's the right person or if they even owe money. This office is connected to another scammer Rephen. Sending these types of operations money is pointless. They are just taking advantage of people. They just call people until they agree to pay money they don't even owe. People who owe money get called from a real collection agency. Not some boiler... Read more

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Scam Alert! Contacted twice by these people at Morney. They were very rude and were persistent that I owed a company I've never even heard of. They claimed they would take me to court over 176$ bill to a service station not even in a state I've ever lived in nor used. I use my husbands automotive repair shop which we do own and operate. I am very Leary and skeptical of this type of TELE threat demanding money basically at any and all costs with... Read more

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My parents had a message left on their answering machine at 330 for me to call this number back by 5. He did not identify the firm he worked for and sounded like he was using a voice over box. I do not have any outstanding debt. I have worked in banking for years and worked as an intern for white collar crimes, so I am very aware what fraud looks like. My father did call this number back and when they didn't like what he had to say, they told... Read more

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I received a call from a representative by the name of Natasha Owens at 888-217-2677. She refused to provide me with any type of documentation supporting that I had such outstanding debt, that I owed this amount of money, to the company -Workout World. She told me over the phone the only documentation she could send me was a payment arrangement. I refused to give her any of my debit, credit card or personal banking information until I received... Read more

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