The Knee Institute - QUACKS
This company is fake. They're not an accredited medical facility. One of the owners, a Joyce Willard is an RN (I suppose that' real) and she signed off for the quack Dr Korbys hospital admissions all the time! He lost his license for sexual misconduct and handing out roxicodone like candy and therefore could not accept any patient insurance.... so Joyce accepted hospital admissions on his behalf. That is FRAUDULENT! Just because she hasn't been found out YET doesn't mean she won't be! Steer clear of this place! Its full of cheese and QUACKERS!


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Quacks & Greedy Charlatans

* THEY HAD MY YELP REVIEW REMOVED* I definitely do not trust these people! Regardless of some of the good reviews the received on Google and Yelp. How do we know those reviews are not from the owner and his business partner(s)? I believe in researching all medical facilities and Doctors for MYSELF before using their services. I did my own research on Knee Institute and learned that one of their former Doctors has two sanctions against him. This was when the information was still available. Now it has mysteriously been removed. This same Doctor is also not being upfront about losing his license on another site I discovered him on, but is claiming he "retired" and moved out of state. I went to Healthgrades which is like my 'bible' for checking out Doctors and I learned that Dr. Gordon Korby who was the D.O. for Knee Institute lost his medical license in Ohio in 2016 before working for these people. He then lost his license again with Knee Institute back in June of 2018. That alone is cause for serious concern! Knee Institute opened in 2016 from what I understand which would mean Dr. Korby was hired in without a license and was allowed to continue practicing medicine without a license for two years before being found out? My question is how did Knee Institute's owner(s) NOT know they hired a Doctor who no longer held a license to practice medicine to work for them? Don't these people do background checks on their medical staff? What if some kind of malpractice or medical negligence was involved? This demonstrates a strong lack of moral character and responsibility and extremely poor judgment skills on behalf of Knee Institute's owner(s) in my honest opinion. I also learned that they charged Medicare recipients out-of-pocket and were made by MEDICARE to pay the money back. And that the owner(s) is not even a Doctor! That's a definite NO NO in my book. Totally unacceptable. It's a little too close to the all the Dentists who are now performing plastic surgeries on unsuspecting victims. People need REAL Doctors, not witch Doctors! I have to go with my gut on this one But the unsuspecting public is supposed to TRUST these people to treat knee pain safely and effectively? I have to say no thanks. I DO NOT like what I discovered about Knee Institute's highly questionable ethics at all. I wouldn't even feel SAFE going to them. Doesn't sound like a group of skillful caring professionals to me.
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Shame on YELP for removing REAL reviews. By removing TRUTHFUL 'negative' reviews they are helping the public not only be cheated out of their own hard earned money but are also leaving room for them to be put in harms way.

A medical facility that is not run by Doctors is basically a den for guinea pigs.

Let's not forget the unfortunate young woman who went into a coma and died a few days after a "routine" rhinoplasty. If only someone had warned her.


I think it's a shame that Yelp is helping shady business owners such as this deceive people, cheat them out of their hard earned money and and possibly put them in harms way by removing helpful GENUINE reviews such as this. They clearly are all about money just like some of the shady businesses they are out to protect.

The public NEEDS to be warned when a medical practice is not being run by an actual Doctor or group of Doctors. Remember the young woman who DIED back in February after undergoing a "routine" rhinoplasty?

If only she had been warned first. Yelp suck!

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I don't like the public being cheated or put in harms way